No Election in November?

From, March 19, 2010

I just figured out why the administration from hell and the demonic democrats, et al, do not fear repercussions from an election come Nov. Even after witnessing the smackdowns the dems and administration have been getting in the latest special elections they do not care. They do not fear this coming Nov. Why? Because there will be a national/world state of EXTREME EMERGENCY that will cancel the elections. That is the final piece in the puzzle to me. It looks like the much talked about Plant X/ Nibiru/ The Destroyer/ Gabriel’s Fist is indeed inbound and the increasing effects of massive Earth quakes, Volcanoes, meteors, coronal mass ejections, EMPs, YOU NAME IT must be about to come to enough of a crescendo that the powers that be just don’t care what we think. I suspect the details of this health (so called) bill are so horrendous on top of the other legislation already enacted that we will be hog tied and slaughtered, OR SO THEY THINK! You see Steve we (the true Americans that care) have been practicing, drilling, studying, buying preps and filling sand bags if you will. THIS IS GOING TO GET INTERESTING I SUSPECT SOONER THAN LATER.

Your Friend in Jesus, Dave


One Response to “No Election in November?”

  1. Wow thats some twisted stuff! You never know though, strange things they are a happening!

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