Free People Are Defensive Only

As we hear more and more folks talking about ACTION against this government, it bears reminding that such action is exactly what this illegitimate government wants. 

While we have the right to keep and bear arms, they are called ‘arms’ because they are for defensive purposes only.  Right now there is no one to ‘attack’ anyway.  Hitting federal property makes a patriot just like the unabomber or Bill Ayres of the Weather Underground and others. 

We Patriots MUST ignore the propaganda/psychological warfare machine of the government-controlled/owned media.  Make them try to exert their power towards each of us using our own citizens.  It will not work that way.  But if patriots take violent action, everyone serving in law enforcement will be forced to respond in concert with the illegitimate government’s wishes. 

Prepare defensive measures for your home, your neighborhood and your community that will allow you to remain as free from martial law as possible.  That means planning for food and water which they will seek to lay seige to. 

Do NOT make the first move.  We are strongest at defense because we know the terrain and know their routes, etc.  Let them talk ad nauseum about all their tyrannical plans, it means nothing unless they can CLOSE THE DEAL.

Mr. Nonviolent says it best HERE


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