Restored American Republic

We are wondering about your thoughts on this version for a new Constitution.  Of course, you would need to sign the new Declaration of Independence first.  Which you can do HERE



Post Collapse America: The Restored American Republic Pt. 1

July 2, 2009
Doug McIntosh

There comes a point when it is prudent to look ahead, to spy out the new land beyond the horizon of what the USA has become. The fix is in; the game is afoot and the result is rigged. After having studied the cause of the fall of the American Republic, the murder really, it is now time for concrete actions to be taken. Print this essay up. Give it to people you know. Perhaps after the anarchy, the bloodshed it will help to put things back together. We are either going into a new dark age, ruled over by the thugs and feudal elite of the New World Order, or we are going to, after a period of chaos, restore the American Republic. You roll the dice and you take your chances. I have no idea which will prevail. I will have died by that time.

The first thing the Restored American Republic will need is a Constitution. I will start by reworking the Amendments. Maybe we will do better next time.


“A well regulated militia, being vital to the security of the American Republic, the right of the people to own, possess, carry and shoot their personal weapons shall not be regulated, restricted, banned or infringed by any city, county, state or federal government, or any corporation or school. Nor shall the possession of, purchase of and ownership of ammunition, shooting supplies, reloading supplies or other things needed be either. Further, the armed militia shall consist of all men and women citizens of the USA over the age of 18 being of sound body, mind and moral character. Non citizens, felons and lunatics may not possess weapons. This Amendment does not grant the right to own weapons, it merely acknowledges the existing one flowing from the dignity of a free people.”

NOTES. I have long thought the only thing wrong with the Second Amendment was the fact it was not the First Amendment. Other than that it was perfect. I have merely explicitly stated what was implied in the original. In my opinion when the US Constitution uses the word people it is the same in every amendment. One of the things that rankles me about liberals is they think the word people in the right of free speech for instance isn’t the same people who are not to be infringed upon for owning weapons. Hypocritical NWO slugs the lot of them.


1. No city, county, state or federal government agency, or Congress shall make any law mandating a state religion or state prayer. Nor shall any of the above prohibit, restrict, regulate or harass the free exercise of religion, including prayer at public events. Nor shall any of the above regulate, restrict or abridge freedom of speech by private persons, or of the press in either print or electronic form. Further, the right of the people to peaceably assemble in order to petition the government for a redress of grievances is absolute and is not to be restricted or regulated.

NOTES: Clear enough from the original


1. The US shall have no central bank, nor Federal Reserve. The US shall have a balanced budget every year and shall not have ANY deficit spending, except in time of declared war and voted by 75% of both the Senate and House. All levels of government in the US, city, county, state and Federal shall balance their budgets every year. Nor shall they run deficits, or spend more than they take in revenue. Gold and Silver are not to be despised as money and are to be fully accepted as a form of payment in all private and public transactions. Further, the US government will not borrow money, rather it will issue its own after abolishing the current federal reserve.

Anyone in the political, economic, media and corporate sphere who advocates a central bank is to be tried for treason and then executed.

NOTE: Again so obvious only a few words are needed. If I had to pick ONE reason the American Republic was murdered I would say the insolent, corrupt banking cartel called the Federal Reserve. They are traitors and worthy of death.


1. No lawyer shall hold political office of any type, at any level of city, county, state and federal government. Nor shall any member of a secret society, like Yale’s Skull and Bones, or a member of a globalist society, like the Council on Foreign Relations hold any political office of any type and at any level. Further, any US citizen who accepts foreign honors, like British Knighthood is to be stripped of their US citizenship and exiled for life.

NOTE: This is based on the “lost” amendment banning persons with “honors” from holding office.


1. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, vehicles, living places, papers, both electronic and printed, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated. No warrants shall be issued, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation and with specific instructions relating to the place to be searched and the people or things to be seized. Further there shall not be any search without a warrant unless it is a matter of life and death an there is probable cause to think this is the case. No technology may violate these limitations in any matter. Strip searches are banned without a warrant. Non US citizens are not covered by these restrictions.


1. The borders of the USA are to be secure at all times. All containers and materials entering the US are to be scanned. Illegal immigrants are to be deported and those that hire them are to be fined and thrown in jail. Further, there will be no work visas issued without cause and proof. Nor will any US citizen give aid and succor to illegal immigrants. Smuggling illegals into the USA will be punishable by death.

NOTES: Again a no brainer.


1. All US Citizens are equal under the law. For legal purposes a business corporation is not to be accorded the same legal rights as a US citizen. Nor shall corporations be allowed to lobby or donate to any government body except as individual citizens. Further hate crime laws are explicitly banned since all US citizens are to be treated the same under the law. For criminal purposes legal aliens are to be treated the same as US citizens. For civil issues, assuming a US citizen takes advantage of a legal alien, the US citizen is to be exiled.

NOTE: The other major reason the USA is the way it is stems from the 1886 Supreme Court decision giving corporations “personhood”, or giving them the same legal rights as US citizens. This is a disaster from which the USA has never recovered.


1. No Person shall be held to answer for a capital offense, or otherwise serious crime, unless presented with an indictment of a grand jury, except while on active duty in the military or National Guard, or the armed militia when on official business during war or public danger.

Further, no US citizen shall be tried for the same offense twice, or be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, or be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. Finally, no private property shall be taken for public use without just and fair compensation and provable in court. However, any government official at city, county, state or federal level who is involved in a corrupt seizure shall be charged for that.


1. No government official at the city, county, state or federal level shall be charged for actions taken in the performance of their duties, unless a crime is committed. They may be charged for the non performance of their duty. Further, they may be charged with abuse of authority, corruption, rape, murder and negligent manslaughter or homicide as the conditions indicate.


1. No soldiers shall be quartered in private homes unless war is declared and payment made. No American soldier shall be deployed overseas unless war is declared. No foreign soldiers are to be deployed inside the US unless for training. Further, the US will not permanently deploy any ground or air forces overseas for any reason after a war is over. Nor any permanent bases overseas, or expect the US taxpayer to pay for the defense of a foreign country. Naval and Marine forces are exempt from these restrictions. Marine and Navy forces are not to be used for any other reason than the defense of US citizen lives, property or official government interests.

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