FREE PEOPLE ACTION STATEMENT #4 – Donate $10 to Copper Cards Bank


Over the last few weeks, we have found it hard to find news worth sharing or even caring enough about to analyze.  We are being inundated with bad news from every direction:  Honduran coup, Iranian Revolt, multiple federal exercises across the country, more power to the Federal Reserve, North Korea threatening with a nuke, etc.  It really makes you wonder how even these lying mediacrats can keep track of the lies they told mixed in with a bit of truth.

And since our country is hardly recognizable any more, what does it all matter anyway?  So how can we find some sanity with which to stake our future on? 

We FREE PEOPLE want to make changes daily in our own lives that will secure our future.  Let Washington “own” their corrupt banks and debts and markets.  We can show them OUR POWER OVER THEM by simply NOT TAKING PART!

So why do some of us still look for Washington and our states to work these issues out?  Could it be because we are afraid of what it means if our retirement, our bank deposits and investments disappear overnight?  We can’t face that thought.  And they know this. 

But how long do you think they can continue this charade of printing valueless money?  We think just long enough until they can declare martial law and collapse the entire economy at the same time.  At that point, WE THE STOOGES may finally realize the joke was on us!  But by then we no longer have the freedom to change the tragic direction we face today.

Right after the market collapse in September, 2008, we FREE PEOPLE could see that it was engineered for political purposes.  At that point, we began advising friends and family to quit making their mortgage payments.  Why?  Because the market was being fraudulently manipulated and the only recourse a citizen has against the “illusion” of owing these banksers our lives’ blood and the blood of our childrens lives was to bow out by no longer playing the game.

Let’s say you were playing a game of monopoly and you discovered someone was cheating, would you continue to play or end the game?  82% of us are still playing THEIR game.  (Though a few of us realize our houses’ current value is far less than what we owe.)  Most are still paying their mortgages regularly.  When some folks were forced to court by their banks, judges were kicking the cases out because the bank could not provide the documentation showing they really held the mortgage.  Why didn’t more of us challenge the bankers this way?  We might have been able to show them the real power of the people.

Our “banking and monetary” system is in such disarray and yet WE THE STOOGES are still pushing the lever to get our pellet.  Heaven forbid they destroy our credit rating!!  Ha!  What good will a good credit rating be when our state and/or our country’s AAA rating starts dropping–through the floor? 

Today’s article at www.infowars.com, “California’s Empty Wallet: Turning Crisis into Opportunity,” offered the first glimmer of hope that we FREE PEOPLE have seen in a long time:  the truth about how our economy SHOULD WORK if we were being stewards instead of stooges!  Here’s the best snippet:

“…California is facing “poverty amidst plenty.” The state has the eighth largest economy in the world, larger than Russia’s, Brazil’s, Canada’s and India’s.  It has the resources, labor, and technical expertise to make just about anything its citizens put their minds to.  The only thing lacking is the money to do it.  But money is merely a medium of exchange, a means of getting suppliers, laborers and customers together so that they can produce and exchange products…

…”Just understanding the problem is enough to see the solution. If a private bank can create credit on its books, so can the mighty state of California. It merely needs to form its own bank.”

Read the above article and the CopperCards_-InfoTelesys_Get_IT_Bank_v2_SHORT Power Point for Copper Cards Bank.  While it would be good to see California create its own bank, it may not be inclined to do as many states are already under the thumb of the Fascists.  It could happen, for sure, but the plan for Copper Cards is laid out in the above article almost exactly, the only difference is that Copper Cards and Info Tele-Sys banks can be managed online (or satellite) for anyone in the world.  Counties would be encouraged to establish their own interest-free (non-profit) banks to run on the online exchange system. 

Start thinking now about how you could market your billable labor if you could post it digitally on, for instance, an online portal comprised of the New York Stock Exchange (international), Ebay (national) and Craigslist (local).  Your goods or services would be paid to your bank account giving you “credit” for anything else on the exchange.  County “banks” can tie in local businesses that aren’t online.

Copper Cards is an idea for a Constitutional Monetary System that is interest-free, publicly-owned and placed out of the reach of the thugs who now have control.  Within 6 months, we could enable a global banking system for anyone who wanted to take part in it across the globe.

But what about if they take down the internet, you ask?  Well, they can only take down a small portion at a time.  And the folks who can build Copper Cards can rebuild the internet within weeks.  So let them try.  IT Tip of the Day is to record the IP address of everyone who know online, everyone site you visit, etc. as that is how you would need to find them if they take down aspects of the internet they CAN interfere with.

If you have already started to work with your County Sheriff, then get to work on your County Commissioner and Board.  With their assistance, you can get your entire county out of the corrupt government controlled by private banks, Wall Street, Federal Reserve and global bankers. 

The county could decide to keep everyone in their homes for the short-term and keep everyone in their cars until a fair market value can be established.  With that, folks will know what their mortgage payments would be to the new county bank and decide to stay or move.  How can they begin to operate this way?  Get everyone to stop paying their Federal Income Tax to the Federal Government.  Instead, let the County hold it and pay only to another other level of government if they are operating Constitutionally.  The Federal Income Tax is unConstitutional.

It is time that our counties started ensuring our self-sufficiency for the future.  We can no longer rely on a global market to provide us our daily bread.  We need to look close to home.  That is why FREE PEOPLE advocate taking your businesses locally or online to moms and pops shops, if you must.

Break the back of the fraudulent private bankers who have stolen our government from us.  Do you want them to take your land next? 

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” Thomas Jefferson

FREE PEOPLE have selected Copper Cards, under the leadership of  Clive Boustred, Retired Sheriff Richard Mack and others, as worthwhile organization for building the second Constitutional monetary exchange system that is interest-free and allows you to work around state governments that are corrupt or other entities that are interfering with your liberty. 

With just $10 million, we can build an entirely new monetary and exchange system built on the Constitutional principles with NO INTEREST charged.  Donate $10 in cash TODAY to Copper Cards.  The receipt of your $10 can be verified online with your user name.  This cash will be used to build the system.  If only 1 million of us donated $10, we could be on our way to economic self-sufficiency.

The Republic of Lakotah‘s founder, Russell Means, serves on the Board of Copper Cards as well.  They have declared their independence and established their own government. 

This freedom is available to all who believe in our inalienable rights before God.  We have a blueprint to create a new republic where poverty has no place.  Their is no need for economic decline if there is no interest charged for “credit” which is nothing more than placing an immediate value on their worth of your work today.

How about focusing on your own economy recovery and leave the DRAMA to Washington and Hollywood!


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