4) CopperCards Monetary System

If 1,000,000 ( 1 million) of us donated just $10 in cash each, we could have a new online (actually on-satellite) banking system within 6 months that is Interest-Free and Constitutional for a FREE PEOPLE.


FULL PRESENTATION CopperCards_-_InfoTelesys_Get_IT_Bank_v2_SHORT

You can mail your “cash” to:  Copper Cards, C/O Beth Bridgman, PO Box 68, Rudyard, MI  49780. 

Be sure to provide a “user name” with a 3-digit number in it so you can easily identify yourself on the CopperCards site for confirmation your money was received.  Let’s get FREE of the FED!

quillDeclarationFree People Action Statement #5


Sign the Declaration of Independence Ver 2.0


4 Responses to “4) CopperCards Monetary System”

  1. Jct: Good for you.
    When the local currency is pegged to the Time Standard of Money (how many dollars per unskilled hour child labor) Hours earned locally can be intertraded with other timebanks globally! In 1999, I paid for 39/40 nights in Europe with an IOU for a night back in Canada worth 5 Hours. U.N. Millennium Declaration UNILETS Resolution C6 to governments is for a time-based currency to restructure the global financial architecture.
    See http://youtube.com/kingofthepaupers

  2. […] because they have far less national interference there.    Read about Copper Cards solution HERE and HERE.   Our Constitution DOES NOT support usury or interest charged for borrowing of money.  […]

  3. […] A 1000 Potential Hardins, Pt 2 So many events have evolved to just a perfect state of ‘chaos’ that it is hard to even untangle the various tentacles to make sense of how we got here.   Prisons in the United States have led to a ‘kudzu’ effect on our civil liberties.  Those not familiar with ‘kudzu’ in the south, also known as “the vine that ate the South” and “mile-a-minute vine,” it is an excellent example of how fascism and the overreaching of private business, when it starts rubbing shoulders with political power and influence, quickly smothers liberty to death.      To illustrate the point, let’s examine a graph prepared by a friend, Clive Boustred, at LibertyForLife.com.  Free People may know Clive better as the designer of Copper Cards, Free People Action Statement #4.  […]

  4. […] CopperCards TeleInfosystems for a Global Exchange System HERE […]

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