Wean Off $$$s

Ithaca, NY Sets the StandardIthacalogo Thank you to Bill Thornton at www.1215.org for pointing Ithaca Hours (the name of their money) to us Free People.


dard in a Local Currency that dovetails perfectly with a larger trading and exchange system, such as Copper Cards. 

City or County (depending on the size so that it makes for a nice self-sufficient economic entity) currency is the simplest level to begin to understand how a new monetary system WITHOUT INTEREST would operate.  This is precisely the level we need to work at in order to rebuild our Republic. 

As recommended by Copper Cards, the local “bank” monitoring the currency system is really just a Board of local people charged with establishing, controlling and monitoring the process.  It must be a non-profit entity in order for it to operate WITHOUT INTEREST.  Just as your School Board or Chamber of Commerce functions the Local Currency Board would be similar.  But it MUST NOT have affiliation or “ownership” by a larger entity.  Counties should cooperate but not organize about the higher level.  When Copper Cards is able to facilitate that an exchange system between all local currencies, these local currencies will still retain control but just use the Copper Cards “tools” to facilitate their intercounty, international exchanges. 

In other words, it is important that the county level not become subservient to a regional, state or national entity.  This is where the control goes away from the people and it is hard for the people to hold them accountable.  Copper Cards will merely be like a financial Wikipedia where these local entities can interface with other local entities around the world.

If local boards manage the local currency, there is far less chance for corruption and there is NO REASON FOR POVERTY!!

Ithaca rightly calls their currency the “Hour” because your currency is essentially your “time” turned into an exchange rate.

The Local Currency Board would recruit local businesses to honor the new currency and eventually phase out other currency forms.  Working with neighboring counties, they can work out an exchange rate to honor each other’s currencies across County borders.  Its very simple and everyone can participate without having any existing “wealth” as their “wealth” is their future ability to produce.

For those who are unable to perform any service or produce a product, the County would begin to put systems in place that provide for these citizens.  That is for the County and City Boards to decide along with other community entities (once dollars are no longer accepted).  Its an undertaking, but you have time to phase it in and we have the will to create a better system than we’ve had in the last decade and far better than the option presented by Washington for the next 20 years.

To Get Started:

1) Find Members – Ithaca Hours charges $10/yr (or 1 HOUR) for individuals, $20 (or 2 HOURS) for small businesses and $40 (or 40 HOURS) for big businesses

2) Establish a Mission – Ithaca Hours’ Mission:

“Ithaca Hours is a local currency system that promotes local economic strength and community reliance that will support economic and social justice, ecology, community participation, and human aspirations.”

3) Members Elect the Board – Ithaca Hours’ Board serves 2-year terms and they are elected by the Members.

4) Board Establishes Procedures, establishes Loan and Grant Application and Approval process, Recruits Volunteers and others to promote the HOUR currency to local businesses and new members.

Doesn’t sound so tough, now does it?  Go give it a try.  Its easier than you think.  Our Banks have led us to believe it is difficult!!  People have been doing this type of currency exchange for Millenniums!

Read all about Card Coppers: HERE


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