Free People Money System

FREE PEOPLE Money System:  CurrencyHowto (presentation)

  1. Local Currency (Does not preclude metals, but supports EVERYONE regardless of current means)  Sample By-Laws HERE (make any changes necessary to this document to eliminate USURY)
  2. Time-Based Credit (Currency Board can extend credit TODAY based on your work NEXT WEEK and all can continue to subsist) Example “Ithaca Hours” HERE
  3. NO INTEREST Loans (All loans are INTEREST FREE so there is no economic slavery and payback times are liberal)
  4. Taxes Stay at the County Level (You will ensure your County is honoring your inalienable/Constitutional rights first) NO FEDERAL TAXES ARE PAID due to this government’s unConstitutional stance)
  5. CopperCards TeleInfosystems for a Global Exchange System HERE

These are the ingredients for an urgent, just and equitable money system to see us all through the perils in the days, weeks and months ahead.  If you can start a Currency Board in your community, you will be providing a service to everyone regardless of race, class or political affiliation. 

It is single-handedly the most helpful way to ensure folks can get by and to avoid the chaos the elites hope to create for us.  Yes, you must not fear the loss of your ‘lifestyle’ as living free on the land is far superior to living as a slave.



But the branch connected with exchange is justly discredited, but involves men’s taking things from one another. As this is so, usury is most reasonably hated, because its gain comes from money itself and not from that for the sake of which money was invented. For money was brought into existence for the purpose of exchange, but interest increases the amount of the money itself; consequently this form of the business of getting wealth is of all forms the most contrary to nature.   Aristotle, Politics, Book I, Chapter 3 (H. Rackham, Loeb Classical Library, 1950, 1998, p. 51)

Free People – Contrary to nature implies contrary to our Natural/Inalienable Rights and is, therefore, contrary to our Declaration of Independence and subsequently our Constitution (in its more original form).


3 Responses to “Free People Money System”

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