Government “Of the Media”

If this is a bit redundant, please pardon us for it.  We believe some things bear reiteration. 

If our cornerstone video, “How to Defeat the Fascists” we discuss a number of things:

Selling the Illusion

How a Fascist Government starts is through an “illusion.”  Just as the Wizard in the “Wizard of Oz” can direct the sound effects with smoke (chemtrails), thunder (weather manipulation) and mirrors (staged events) all behind a curtain (a green screen), this government is trying to sell us the illusion they are all powerful.

And as time goes on, if we choose to believe their charade, they will be able to coerce more folks over to their side.  Which they did starting with the Super Delegates of the Democratic Party, the Federal Reserve (before, during and after the Economic nosedive of Sep 08), the media throughout the campaign with unimagineable campaign dollars, the Congress during the Bailout Hold-up, the Supreme Court and others through extortion, threats, etc. 

And while the Media continues to “sell” his agenda (now right from the White House because ABC was being a bit too “rogue”), we need to tune out and take real stock on what they ARE doing or CAN do in our local communitie/counties. 

Still every once in a while, a little gem of reminder falls into our laps and we can laugh for a moment about the extreme steps he/they must take to push his plans through (on behalf of the internationalist, elitists, thugs, etc.). 

For instance:  1) Remember how the “cool one” when on Jay Leno’s show AFTER being elected?  No real President would see that as a suitable option for someone with REAL power and authority; 2) Remember the Berlin speech where he spoke before a HUGE crowd while the media failed to mention they were there for a concert and he followed that; 3) Remember how he is so great with a teleprompter, but not without one; 4) Remember how he doesn’t like to be seen with the military because their lukewarm, at best, response is unfavorable to him; 5) Remember how he has to appoint “Czars” so as to avoid a public Senate appointment hearing; and you can likely name many others.

But this latest ad placement is priceless.  While I won’t knock Craigslist completely (though it is the number one place for pedophiles, pornographers and prostitutes–the REALLY health-conscious folks, right?), it is hardly the forum one expects the US President’s public campaign to be seen on.  And yet, this is where this was found:


Now as TBS would say:  “Go ahead, give it a Full Belly Laugh.  This is VERY Funny!!”

When you save the image, the file is titled ACORN.  Yes, now we can see how easily it ended up on Craigslist.  ACORN is destined to be the next league of “brownshirts,” right?  The funding is there for them to be, but have you noticed how these future “brownshirts” are the O-bots of today?  The Presidential “Geek Squad.”  They haven’t seen sunshine in about 5 years.  They do their best work in the warm glow of a computer screen in the middle of the night.  While history can easily repeat itself, and usually, does, we can’t replicate the legion of physically-fit young people from this bunch. 

They would need our military to do that and we Free People are betting they won’t.  We are betting many are “Oath Keepers.”

Still, it bears repeating that the tricks that ARE within their easiest reach right now are:

Their Tricks

1) Spreading Swine Flu through international flights (see that article below) and the old-fashioned way of leaking vials from the government lab to public places.  Though they likely can’t enforce mandatory vaccines yet if we watch their other activities in our own counties.  (The threat is there, but NOT YET COMPLETE.  Still plan for the worse and work towards the best–keeping them from getting the folks they need to enforce it.)  Just imagine what a government “of the media” can do with great footage.

2) Bank Holidays (and this is a doozy).  Unless we have food on hand, water ready, and people prepared, this can cause the sheeple around us to go a bit wild, leading to civil unrest, leading to foreign troops for martial law and leading to much greater difficulty.   Just imagine what a government “of the media” can do with this great footage.

Plan for bartering in your counties and make every effort to ensure your county is self-sufficient and has a team of folks ready to secure resources you need to protect your citizens.  If you can do that, the sheeple will follow YOU and not the government.  Map out your resources and think ahead for what every citizen is going to need and how you can get it to them and recoup their “barter” later.  Don’t give it without committment they will work to pay it back in one way or another. 

3) False Flag Terrorist Attack – specifically blamed on us patriotic “terrorists.”  So many people still live in fear of Muslim Jihadists and yet they haven’t attacked us since never (please review the 9/11 material).  And then you will know why they can’t USE that excuse again.  They will have to pin it on US – the patriotic terrorists.  With sheeple really afraid of us, they will have an easier time creating chaos around us and weakening our efforts.  Just imagine what a government “of the media” can do with this great footage.

So plan ways to reach out to sheeples in your county en masse with some goodwill so they will turn to the patriots instead of the government.

There are more things they can do:  put chlorine gas in your water reservoir (see episode of “The Unit” on CBS; interrupt your food supply; take down your power source; and on and on.  So plan ahead to secure resources you need in your county (with or without the Sheriff’s office if they won’t commit to keeping their oath).  They will keep it if you take bold action and provide them cover from the feds. 

Remember, DHS, Border Patrol, FEMA are all on their payroll and likely to have difficulty deciding which side to play on.  These are the folks who control the airports including those closed where they can bring in foreign troops, the 100 mile radius around our borders (2/3 of our population), 600-800 detention camps, and the airspace above your county.  Plan accordingly.

Remember:  Their END GAME is Martial Law so they can take away your guns (or worse).  At that point, their “illusion” of power becomes real.  But NOT until then.  THIS IS NOT YOUR GOVERNMENT.

In the meantime, look for every opportunity to laugh at their lame attempts to control everything when they ONLY control the media (and granted lots of technology and the banks).  We want everyone else who works for them to come to our side when THE balloon (or any balloon) goes up in your County.  Bring them to your side now or as soon as you can.  Look for every opportunity to reach out to them.

Liberty relies on neighbor to neighbor relations.  Just as the militia is nothing more, or less, than neighbor helping neighbor.


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