1) Turn Off ALL MSM


A)  Mainstream Media requires a national market to stay competitive, but  We the Free People need to focus instead on local needs and politics.  By watching only national events we are inflating their importance and therefore their power.  Reduce their power, instead, by turning them off your radar screen (yes, even Fox news).  When you realize that they are satisfying their ratings needs which are generated from their corporate owners and backers, you should feel very motivated not to “tune in” to their mind mush.


B)  If they can’t access your mind, they can’t control it!!   Most Patriots are too smart for most forms of Mind Control, however, slanting the news by means of what gets reported and what doesn’t can skew it falsely and allow the Fascist/Globalist to predict your response.

C)  Listen to alternative online radio and TV.  Stretch your mind, but don’t just follow one person’s ideas without running past your own filters.  Even with alternative sources, question everything.  It is inevitable that once a person and their show become popular enough, the Fascists will start investing  in them, often times without their direct knowledge, when the time comes, they will threaten to reveal they have “sold themselves out” in order to gain control of their message.  Controlled opposition is often very useful, so they allow them to continue to offer a slant that is very deceptive to the listeners.  For this reason, going without any media for several days (provided you have contacts who will notify you when situations are changing around you), is a good way to gain perspective.

D) Fascists requires two things in order to increase their power:  Money and Fear.  The media is the means they use to spread the “illusion” of their control, the means they use to distort the message based on what they tell you and what they don’t tell you, and the means they use to distract you from things they are really doing as well as outright mind control.  You CAN, however, cut off their necessary access to your mind AND to your pocketbook.  This will cripple some of the media companies and sow discord within their ranks.  People caught in the fascist government will  be able to leave it if the people rise up enough to make it safe for them!  By “rising up” I do not mean violence, but rather non-violence through the resistance to leave their ways behind us.


E)  But don’t be fooled into believing you can play in the “gray” area when it comes to Fascism, because that is how they trap you.  Your best defense is to be more like our Founding Fathers and refuse to be led by ego.  If you decide to take part in a movement, be sure you let the movement’s message become more important than anyone who is pushing it.  In other words, to avoid the “ego trap” of media and celebrity, be sure to keep your movement based on ideas and don’t have a “face” associated with it.  Brand your movement by ideas, but not people.  Just like celebrity endorsements, people can let you down.  People can get off point, but good ideas do not.  Remember, the Father of our country was indicative of how they selected leaders in those days–they looked for someone of integrity and someone who didn’t desire the spotlight.  Washington’s example is what we need in the Patriot movement in order for us to avoid the “ego trap” of “anchormen,” etc. 

Free People Action Statement #2




5 Responses to “1) Turn Off ALL MSM”

  1. In protest of MSM, about 4 months ago, I threw out my TV. I called the city trash collector, to come and pick up large TV. I read more books, more reading online, more music listening, the radio is strongly connected to MSM TV, it not as much, less imagery. I read the local newspaper, still very slanted. I can see a major difference in how I look at things, since stopping TV. They continually bombard you with sound,images,and those subliminal messages. I am so much more informed now, than I ever have been in my life, thanks to the internet. I do believe the internet was created by the military back in the 50’s. The military communicated with it, to each other. Then, the colleges got in on it, communicating with each other. I think now, who ever they were in the military, were thinking ahead for us, ultimately. I myself, would love to kill TV. They have abused their right to Freedom of Press, through their corruption. Just some thoughts. Be Safe. LoveandPeace, Mylene

    • freepeopleontheland Says:

      Thank you, Mylene, for proving the Action Statement. We need pure minds so we can better communicate with one another. We here at FPOTL believe that it is essential to turn off the national level interferrence and tune into local situations. Thanks for sharing with us.

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  3. I worked in the construction of American Sky Broadcasting in Gilbert Arizona. I have seen with my own eyes the noose on the neck of the freedom of the press.
    Most US nationally broadcast media has to pass through the largest satellite farm in the world Located in Gilbert Arizona.
    This place was completed in 1998. It didn’t come online until 2000.
    Pipes mental poison from brainwashington district of criminals.
    After seeing the psychotronic weaponry the American Public is up against
    I have to say Not Guilty by reason of INSANITY regarding my countries behavior in the last decade. God help us.

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