The 12 Free People’s Action Statements:

 1) I WILL TURN OFF ALL Mainstream Media NOW and question EVERYTHING I see and hear!  Ask yourself what information they are editing out and why.

 2) I WILL Study the history of our Founding Fathers, our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

3)  The Feds set up an un-Constitutional banking system—I WILL let them pay their own bills!   I vow to get off their money system NOW and establish local monetary systems for exchange of goods and services.

 4) I WILL donate $10 in cash to and in 6  months we will have a new interest-free Constitutional economic system for a free people. 

5) I WILL Take the Oath Keeper Oath to defend the Constitution.

 6) I WILL Contact my County Sheriff and get him to confirm his commitment to the Oath to defend the Constitution. 

 7) I WILL Join the Constitutional local militia.  I understand the local militia is our greatest Constitutional deterrent against a tyrannical government and I will no longer hold them in disdain, but will serve in any capacity even if I don’t have a gun.  Let “Don’t Forget Katrina” be your battle cry!

 8) I WILL Teach my children their Constitutional rights by standing up for these rights at every turn.

 9) I WILL Leave a legacy of Liberty and Freedom for our Children and future generations.

10) I WILL Prepare myself and my family for tough economic times and times without power and other amenities. 

11) I WILL Start a Victory Garden and GET OFF THE GRID!!

12) I PLEDGE, along with ALL Constitution-loving, Free People on the Land my life, my fortunes and my sacred honor to one another and will attack any “brownshirts,” or thugs, who come to my doors in the middle of the night.


4 Phases to Regaining our Republic Starts from the Ground Up:

1) Recognize THIS IS NOT A CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT and as such, no amount of calls to Washington or your state is  going to change it until we change our focus to the real problem at hand.

2) COUNTY FIRST!!  Until we know our Sheriffs are going to defend our Constitutional rights, we do not have local security against the Fascist’s tricks: martial law & quarantine for Swine Flu, false flag terrorist attacks, power, internet and cell phone outages, generated severe weather, EMP, and more.

3) STATE IS NEXT – When our counties are functioning Constitutionally again, we can focus on making our States free of Fascist control.

4) FEDERAL IS LAST – If, and when, our States are free of Fascist control, we can form our Republic again.

To try to organize across the entire US right now leaves all of us without the ability to live freely in our neighborhoods.  We are easily divided and conquered.  Your REAL social network lives in the building and/or apartment next door–not at the other end of a phone line on the Internet.



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