DHS Steps in for Local Police!

In just two days, Erie-Times News, a Pennsylvania newspaper has written two articles that are very revealing as to how the “FEDS” are CLOSING THE DEAL!  We must pay attention and stop this–through working with the County and City boards. 


Funds, Changes Lead to Stepped Up Traffic Enforcement    “Efforts by local law enforcement to make area roadways safer by hunting down traffic-code violators are continuing in earnest this year, thanks to the availability of federal and state funds to pay for the extra work.”

This is just loaded with the reality of what is going on.  First, our Income Tax was not providing enough money/control for the Fascists so they had to ask for “Bailout Money” and in doing this, they circumvented the County and State and took the next 20 years of the people’s productivity and put in the Federal coffer.  Now the States and Counties are supposed to “beg” for the money from the FEDS!!!!

So if 60% of our population works for the Federal or State Governments, what percentage are now being paid by the FEDS when you add in all Police Departments and other City and County employee?  Do you see the picture forming here? 

And just try to complain, because the Fascist banks own our tax base through ownership of all your home mortgages.  So no one at the County Level can do much about it–AS LONG AS THEIR OWN CITIZENS ARE USING FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES!!!  AND STILL PLAN TO PAY THEIR TAXES!!

So the FEDS reach YOU and YOUR MONEY AGAIN by paying the Police WITH YOUR BAILOUT MONEY for overtime to TICKET YOU and send THAT money back up to the top.



Big Brother Flies into Valley with “Crime Fighting” Eyes:  DHS is going to looking for “aggressive drivers” in Lancaster, CA.” 

Oh, there’s no subjectivity implied in that now is there?  Only gaping holes with which they can reach through and DO ANYTHING THEY WANT TO IN YOUR TOWN if it is within 100 miles of ANY US BORDER!!!  It is all beginning.  First the Congress, then the banks, then the businesses, then the states and counties and now YOU are UNDER TOTAL FEDERAL CONTROL IF YOU LIVE WITHIN 100 MILES OF ANY US BORDER!!

See Come One. Come ALL; UR Invited; Its Martial Law on this site to view the map of 100 miles from any US border—that accounts for 2/3 of the ENTIRE US POPULATION!  And don’t think the heartland is safe, they have Constitution-Free Zones coming up through the NAFTA Superhighway Plan that is ALL OWNED BY FOREIGN ENTITIES YOU WILL BE PAYING TOLLS (aka TAXES) to!!

Then, add in the “Eye in the Sky” equipment DHS is giving to Lancaster, CA and the fact Border Patrol (part of DHS) ALREADY uses this surveillance/monitoring equipment OVER 2/3 of OUR COUNTRY and you see where this is all going.  See SKY EYE 350 Surveillance Aircraft.


Are you still looking for a check from a government that wants to declare Martial Law on you?  Wants to take your guns away?  Wants to pay cops overtime to set up traffic monitoring for you or to use high-end surveillance against you?

Is THIS the check you are cashing each month?  Exchanging it for good ‘ole BS/BOGUS/FIAT Federal Reserve Notes!!

If the First World War was basically fought between the First-Borns and their Siblings (think about it because in monarchies the inheritance went to the first born leaving the siblings without rank and position), then THIS revolution (non-violent we pray) will be between those cashing some bogus GOVERNMENT CHECK for the next 2-3 months (before they collapse the dollar) all the while exchanging EVERYONE’S freedom for a few thousand bucks.

When they finally realized THEY HELPED THESE THUGS commit TREASON and other CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, it may be too late!

If you work for the government, but love your freedom; find a way OUT of that unholy alliance TODAY!  Choose which side you are on, NOW!  For you will have blood on your hands if you wait too long.  The FEDS ARE MAKING YOU COMPLICIT IN THEIR CRIMES. 


But if you choose the right side now, we can overwhelm them.  YOU MUST DECIDE whether you will leave your children a LEGACY OF LIBERTY or the chains of servitude as THEIR INHERITANCE!!

See Free People Action Statement #3 (Let the FEDs pay their own bills)

Remember, “love thy neighbor.”  What CAN you DO to feed your family and protect them and your neighbors at the same? 

1) You can turn all current cash assets (even 402k’s which are essentially valueless right now, they just don’t want you to know it) into durable goods which will retain their value over the next year.  Durable goods include:  canned/storable food, water (1 gal per day per person), batteries, gas, candles, water treatment tablets, essential vitamins and homeopathic supplies, toilet paper, etc.  Basically everything you really like to have in your life.  Do it NOW.  Start with 1 month’s worth until you have 12 (if you can).  Or start a garden in the ground or pots.  USE CASH TO BUY EVERYTHING and do it slowly as their cameras may pick it up.

2) Buy some silver coins that won’t show the government and others watching that you are taking this action.  Have someone do it for you. 

3) Begin to work out where are the goods in your county that you rely on and determine how you might barter for them when the time comes.

4) Don’t worry too much about next tax season, we will be lucky to get their without martial law.  And if enough of us stop paying them, they will have trouble enforcing it. That’s why we need YOU to take these actions.

5) Read the rest of the stuff on this site (especially 12 Action Statements) and wean yourself from their “crumbs” as soon as possible.  You owe it to your kids, your family and your neighbors.


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