Clergy Response Teams and NLE

FEMA has said they are incorporating “faith-based entities” (their latest release has dropped this and now reads “private sector entities”) into NLE (which starts tomorrow).  This video is a year old but describes how some clergy see their role in helping a government “approved by God” to accomplish their social objectives such as they did in Katrina: house-to-house gun confiscation using our military.  This KSLA channel is from LA, TX and AR – three of the states central to NLE.

So looking at recent headlines, we can see where they have been receiving cooperation:

1) Unholy Alliance  – 3rd gun surrender between United Churches for Service and Lynchburg Police Departments and;

2) Church Organization Refuses to Divulge if Pastors are on FEMA Payroll)

and where they haven’t:

1) Pastor Ken Pagano held an “open carry celebration” day at New Bethel Church in Louisville, KY;

2) Like Pastor Pagano, above, Pastor Warren of The Church at Kaweah site other scripture and history to show where the Church should uphold gun rights laws for the sake of protection against tyranny.

Would our government be trying to drive a wedge between different Christian churches and their beliefs?


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