WHO Level 6/Martial Law

US Schedules Trials of the New Swine Flu Vaccine, Jordan Times, Jul 24

N*W*O Depopulation Document,  Initiative for ECO-92 Earth Charter, Sep 20, 1991

WHO Moves Forward in Secrecy to Accomplish Forced Vaccination and Population Agenda 

The WHO has refused to release the Minutes of a key meeting of an advisory vaccine group – packed with executives from Baxter, Novartis and Sanofi – that recommended compulsory vaccinations in the USA, Europe and other countries against the artificial H1N1 “swine flu” virus this autumn.

In an email this morning, a WHO spokesperson claimed there are no Minutes of the meeting that took place on July 7th in which guidelines on the need for worldwide vaccinations that WH0 adopted this Monday were formulated and in which Baxter and other pharma executives participated.

Under the International Health Regulations, WHO guidelines have a binding character on all of WHO’s 194 signatory countries in the event of a pandemic emergency of the kind anticipated this autumn when the second more lethal wave of the H1N1 virus — which is bioengineered to resemble the Spanish flu virus — emerges.

In short: WHO has the authority to force everyone in those 194 countries to take a vaccine this fall at gunpoint, impose quarantines and restrict travel.

There is verifiable, clear and unambiguous proof that WHO supplied the live bird flu virus to Baxter’s subsidiary in Austria, which was used by Baxter to manufacture 72 kilos of vaccine material in Febuary.

Baxter subsequently sent this material out to 16 labs in four countries under a false label designating the contaminated product as vaccine material, so nearly triggering a global pandemic.

Because Baxter must adhere to strict biosafety level 3 regulations when handling a dangerus virus such as the bird flu virus, the production and distribution of so much pandemic material cannot have been an accident but must have been done by Baxter with criminal intent.

The Austrian police are now investigating after I filed criminal charges in April.

It is increasingly clear that WHO and Baxter are just elements in a much bigger criminal organisation that is moving forward in a synchronised and coordinated way to fulfil the “elite” agenda of global population reduction in the coming months and years while putting in place a global government of which WHO will be an arm.

WHO, a UN agency, appears to play a key role in coordinating the activities of labs, vaccine companies and governments to achieve the goal of population reduction and political and economic take over of North America and Europe:

– First, WHO gives funds, support and cover to labs such as the CDC to bioprospect for pathogens, bioengineer them to make them more deadly, and also patent them.

– Second, WHO gives those same deadly bioengineered pathogens to companies such as Baxter in Austria, so that Baxter could use those viruses to deliberately, systematically contaminate vaccine material. If the contamination of the 72 kilos had not been detection on time by a lab technician in the Czech Republic, millions of people would have caught the “bird flu” from the injections.

– Third, in the event of a pandemic, WHO orders a compulsory vaccines for all 194 countries, following “recommendations” by an advisory vaccine group on which executives of Baxter also sit.

– Fourth, WHO awards Baxter, Novartis, Sanofi and other companies lucrative contracts to supply those vaccines.

Furthermore, WHO acquires new global authority on an unseen scale in the event of a pandemic.

Under special pandemic plans enacted around the world including the USA, in 2005, national governments are to be dissolved in the event of a pandemic emergency and replaced by special crisis committees, which take charge of the health and security infrastructure of a country, and which are answerable to the WHO and EU in Europe and to the WHO and UN in North America.

If the Model Emergency Health Powers Act is implemented on the instructions of WHI, it will be a criminal offence for Americans to refuse the vaccine. Police are allowed to use deadly force against “criminal” suspects.

Through their control of these special pandemic crisis committees with the power to enact legislation to be set up most countries, the WHO, UN and EU become the de facto government of a large part of the world.

Mass murder and death will also bring economic collapse and disruption, starvation and wars – and these events will lead to a further population reduction.

To sum up: WHO helps create, distribute and then release the deadly pandemic virus, and this pandemic virus allows WHO to assume control of governments in North America and Europe and also order forced vaccination on populations by the very same companies that have distributed and released the deadly viruses in the first place and all under under the pretext of protecting populations from a pandemic they have created.

The corporate mainstream media owned by the same “elite” group which funds WHO is systematically concealing from the general public the nature of the real danger of these H1N1 jabs by withholding from them key information concerning the interrelated activities of this group of organisations for their mutual profit.

As a result, most people still believe that the H1N1 virus is a natural swine flu when even WHO has officially dropped the term “swine” in tactic acknowledgement of its artificial origin.

Most people still believe the vaccine companies can deliver a cure when the vaccine companies are preparing a lethal series of shots containg live attenuated virus, toxic metals and other poisons.

The two-dose H1N1 shots are designed to disable the immune system and then load that system with a live virus in a process that mirrors the one described in two of WHO’s 1972 memoranda where the technical means for turning vaccines into killers is outlined.

The Strecker Memorandum also reveals that WHO has been actively searching for ways to weaken the immune system.

The best protection against the H1N1 virus that has now been released and that will inevtiably become more lethal as it mutates in autumn is colloidal silver and also vitamins to strengthen the immune system, face masks and other such measures.

However, none of the governments in North America or Europe have stocked up on colloidal silver or announced sensible health measures to contain the coming lethal wave.

Instead, there are growing signs, they will use the panic to terrify people into taking the toxic vaccines which are sure to cause injury or damage because of the presence of heavy metals alone.

This mass vaccination will moreover alllow ever more lethal strains to emerge and also provide a cover for a release of bird flu virus or other pathogens.

This is why steps need to be taken now to stop the mass vaccinations anticipated in autumn by taking legal action to block the distribution of vaccines and/or laws allowing govenrments to force people to take vaccinations.

An investigation into this international corporate crime syndicate has to be conducted in every country because it has its tentacles in every country, and to try to initiate this in the USA, I filed charges with the FBI against WHO and the UN among other defendants in June. I included President Obama among the defendants because I believe the time has come to identify and isolate the core members of this international corporate criminal group which has annexed high government office in the USA, and put them in prison once and for all, and there are reports that Obama has direct financial links with Baxter that need to be investigated by law enforcement.

There is evidence the Austrian Health Minister and other officials have been helping Baxter to cover its tracks.

Also, there is clear evidence that elements of the Austrian media are involved in actively spreading lies and misinformation to lull people into a false sense of security concerning Baxter’s manufacture and distribution of pandemic material in Austria this February.

Vital is for individuals and local authorities need to take effective measures to protect against the coming lethal wave of the H1N1 virus to minimise its impact.

To find to out about the charges I have filed so far in German and English in Austria also with the FBI, please check the wakenews website.

WHO declares influenza A(H1N1) ‘swine flu’ a pandemic – Level 6 – Ultimate Executive Emergency Powers!!

 Citizens For Legitimate Government
11 Jun 2009

Breaking: WHO declares influenza A(H1N1) ‘swine flu’ a pandemic — 11 Jun 2009 An emergency meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO) has ended by declaring the influenza A(H1N1) or “swine flu” outbreak a global pandemic. According to the world’s peak health body more than 28,000 cases of influenza A(H1N1) have been reported globally and over 141 confirmed deaths. In at least two regions of the world the virus is spreading, with rising cases being seen in the UK, Australia, Japan and Chile. [See: Flu ‘Oddities’.]

W.H.O. Raises Alert Level as Flu Spreads to 74 Countries — W.H.O. raised pandemic alert level from phase 5 to 6, indicating a global pandemic outbreak 11 Jun 2009 The World Health Organization has told its member nations it is declaring a swine flu pandemic — the first global flu epidemic in 41 years, news services reported. The move came after an emergency meeting with flu experts here that was convened after a sharp rise in cases in Australia, which reported 1,263 cases on Thursday, and rising numbers in Britain, Japan, Chile and elsewhere.

Last Week –

So what does it mean when WHO’s Director General declares a Pandemic, but doesn’t stop international travel and commerce?  This is the second time they have ratcheted things up quickly, made an announcment and then pulled it back a bit. 

The last “scare” was clearly targeted at Mexico’s economy and brought about Calderon’s surrender of his monetary to the IMF so they didn’t need to do any further with their levels here in the US.  So again this time, they call it, but not really.  What is the purpose of all this?  Its a bit like the boy who called, “Wolf.” 

They are conditioning us to that being the new “state of affairs.”   But since we can’t feel any difference after they call it, will we be watching when they really DO decide to go to Level 6 which is FULL MARTIAL LAW?  What are they doing even now at the top levels of planning for when they really DO shut down travel and shipment of goods? 

We know they have CWID exercise going on across the planet with mostly Western countries which started on Monday of this week.  We have heard of little instances they could be using as little tests of the system:  bomb in Charlotte, power outage in Austin, etc. 

Still, something has shifted recently, in a very ominous direction.  This is not for us liberty-loving folks to be afraid of–just prepared.  For anyone who loves liberty respects their neighbors rights and is basically a solid, moral person.  But for those behind tyranny, it is the opposite.  I don’t know about you, but there does seem to be a battle on for the hearts and minds of folks. 

Will we accept bondage as our new condition?  Is this our this social experiment initiated more 250 years ago has brought us to expect?  How will we begin to discern the difference between compliance to the “laws” (I’m using the term very loosely here) and the need to resist each tyrannical step?

For that is the issue at hand.  Are we just thankful they haven’t shut down travel?  Are we just thankful it looks like we can still drive around for a few more days? 

Could it be this test right now is really targeted more at another country or countries?  Personally, I have heard of sensors in the airports in the Middle East since the crisis in Mexico a month ago.  These sensors determine if someone is running a fever.  If they are, they don’t fly.  Sounds like really good conditioning.  And, yet, doesn’t it make sense?  No one wants to make anyone else sick.  The hive mind is dominating our culture.

Now, even when they do go to a real Level 6 (with full martial law) how will we really know?  What will it mean?  Can they really execute it across the globe at the same time?  Certainly not without the help of very sophisticated technologies and foreign troops in each country.

Are you prepared?  Should you be prepared now?  Or is this just more conspiracy?  Its always been your call to decide.


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