Martial Law Alerts – May/Jun

June 29, 2009 – “Mass Evacuation Bus” Cruising Down the Highway
  CA – Los Angeles County, June 15, 6:00pm PDT, CH-53 Helo:  BTW, spotted a CH-53 helicopter today (Sunday June 15th) at approx 6:00 pm. It was west of the 5 fwy in Commerce flying southbound. Not close enough to see any distinct markings. Typically this aircraft is used for Navy and Marine operations. 

 Central Traffic Division Sobriety Checkpoint NA09174ab
News Release
LAPD Online

What: Sobriety Checkpoint

When: Friday  July 3, 2009, 7:00 p.m. – 12:30 a.m.

Where: York Boulevard and North Avenue 46

Who: Central Traffic Division Officers

Why: The purpose of the Sobriety checkpoint is to reduce the number of traffic collisions involving intoxicated drivers, as well as the number of hit-and-run traffic collisions. The Los Angeles Police Department seeks to achieve these goals through enforcement and public awareness.

This checkpoint will be implemented in response to the high incidence of DUI traffic collisions that have afflicted the area near York Boulevard and North Avenue 46 past three months.

Funding for this checkpoint comes from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. We can all help make our streets safer. Report Drunk Drivers – Call 9-1-1.

For further information contact Sergeant Richard Lockett, Central Traffic Community Safety Unit, at 213-972-1864, or Los Angeles Police Department Media Relations Section at 213-485-3586

Nighttime Black Hawk Helicopters Explained
Zach Behrens
June 25, 2009

There have been some questions recently about all the helicopter activity in the Echo Park area. The Eastsider LA was trying to figure it out (and eventually did!) and even the LAPD’s one media relations officer had no clue despite the information being published last week on their blog. The urban training missions began June 15 and will continue through Saturday. “The operations will be routine training exercises conducted by military personnel, designed to ensure the military’s ability to operate in urban environments, prepare forces for upcoming overseas deployments and meet mandatory training certification requirements,” the LAPD wrote. “Training sites have been carefully selected so that activities do not interfere with the daily routines of the local populace.”

Light shed on stealth choppers
The Eastsider LA
June 24, 2009

It appears that the mysterious stealth helicopters spotted buzzing over Echo Park and downtown at night are part of a joint training exercise between the military and the LAPD. One reader, named Echo Park Gal, spotted this information on the LAPD blog:

“From June 15-27, 2009, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) will be providing support for joint military training exercises in and around the greater Los Angeles area.

The operations will be routine training exercises conducted by military personnel, designed to ensure the military’s ability to operate in urban environments, prepare forces for upcoming overseas deployments and meet mandatory training certification requirements.

Training sites have been carefully selected so that activities do not interfere with the daily routines of the local populace. Safety precautions have also been taken to prevent risk to the general public, as well as to military personnel involved. The training is not open to the public.”

LAPD SWAT officer Steve Scallon, however, disputes reports by numerous residents that the helicopters are flying in the dark without lights. While the choppers may not be using their spotlights, the other lights are on, said Scallon. “It’s just regular training,” he said.

Stealth choppers don’t take good photos*
The Eastsider LA
June 24, 2009

Blackhawk helicopters buzz downtown in military exercise
Richard Winton, Dan Weikel
LA Times Blogs
June 24, 2009

The mysterious helicopter that has been flying over and around Echo Park at night without any lights on made another appearance Tuesday evening. Kevin, the Angeleno Heights resident who reported the aircraft to The Eastsider, tried to take a photo of last night’s flyover. As you can see, there is not much to see except some blurry downtown skyscrapers. Says Kevin’s wife:

“He took a few pictures tonight but they didn’t show much, what with it being dark out and no lights on the helicopters. I’ve attached the best one below. Note the dark blotch in the sky… “

It’s kind of difficult to tell where one dark blotch ends and the other begins. Could the Echo Park Stealth chopper be a military-related “black helicopter” or, more likely, part of a prop in some over-the-top Hollywood movie? Anyway, keep those cameras, preferably with a fancy night-vision feature, aimed at the skies tonight. Snap a photo and send it in.

* Update: So, while an LAPD spokewoman said earlier today that the Media Relations department had not been informed of any aerial training, a reader named Echo Park Gal found information on the department’s own blog that might explain all the nocturnal helicopter flights. Thanks, Echo Park Gal.

 Night-time military helicopter flights over downtown Los Angeles this week are part of training exercises to familiarize military personnel with urban settings and prepare them for future assignments overseas, according to authorities.

The helicopters, which have appeared nightly for almost a week, have attracted the attention of residents as they hover over downtown landmarks like City Hall, or maneuver quickly between office skyscrapers on Bunker Hill. While many residents speculated that the diving and climbing helicopters were part of a movie shoot, authorities confirmed Wednesday that they were part of a joint exercise.

A short notice saying the LAPD would be supporting an urban military exercise was posted on the department’s official blog.

The notice says the exercises started June 15 and are scheduled to end Saturday and that they will occur throughout Greater Los Angeles.

Authorities said training sites and times have been selected so they do not disrupt the daily routines of businesses and residents. Safety precautions have also been taken to protect the public and military personnel. The training is not open to the public.

Downtown Los Angeles scene of military exercises
Tad Cronn
LA Headlines Examiner
June 24, 2009

Military helicopters that have been startling Los Angeles residents with night-time flights downtown are just part of an ongoing exercise to familiarize troops with urban operations in preparation for deployment overseas.

Local TV, radio and other news outlets had received calls from several residents reporting helicopters darting between skyscrapers and carrying armed troops over City Hall.

Some speculated that the maneuvers were part of a movie shoot, but a notice on the LAPD blog revealed that police would be assisting the military in a group of urban exercises that will end Saturday.

In addition to the downtown flights, other activities are planned around town, so police said residents should not be alarmed if they happen across military units in uniform or carrying weapons.

Dear Eastsider: What’s up with the stealth chopper?
Kevin from Angeleno Heights
The Eastsider LA
June 23, 2009

Kevin from Angeleno Heights reports seeing a helicopter flying over Echo Park at night without any lights. He spotted and heard it last week and again last night at about 9 pm dashing over Elysian Park.

“It had no flashing lights. No spot lights. No nothing. You would think that anything flying at night would have to have a light for other aircraft.”

Since it was too early for Margarita Wednesday, The Eastsider assumes Kevin was thinking clearly when he spotted the stealth helicopter. Now, has anyone else?

LAPD Supports Urban Military Training Exercises NR09285rf
News Release
Los Angeles Police Department
June 15, 2009

Los Angeles: From June 15-27, 2009, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) will be providing support for joint military training exercises in and around the greater Los Angeles area.

The operations will be routine training exercises conducted by military personnel, designed to ensure the military’s ability to operate in urban environments, prepare forces for upcoming overseas deployments and meet mandatory training certification requirements.

Training sites have been carefully selected so that activities do not interfere with the daily routines of the local populace. Safety precautions have also been taken to prevent risk to the general public, as well as to military personnel involved. The training is not open to the public.

Questions or concerns may be directed to Officer Steve Scallon at 213-305-4685.

Note: While sobriety checkpoints are currently “legal,” SCMLA does NOT support the idea that they are Constitutional, as they are in direct opposition to the 4th Amendment to the Bill of Rights & therefore an unConstitutional law is void at its inception & may be protested at will. The information below was taken directly from the LAPD website & we are providing it is a service to you.


CA – Pico Rivera, June 11, 11:15pm PDT, Police Checkpoint:  I was pulled over for no reason down the street from my house in Pico Rivera. I went to the police station and filed a complaint on the officers.They try to have a check point at least once a month . Pico Rivera is preparing for Matial Law:(

We must go to our local police stations and file complaints any time we see any Martial Law activities! Always try to remember the cops names.

CA – Glendale, June 10, 5:20pm PDT:  The billboard is on the 5 south right after 710 fwy. 

CA – West Los Angeles, June 10, 8:25pm PDT, UD-1 Helo:  One black UD-1 Utility helicopter was seen flying West on 10 fwy near Robertson Blvd exit.
June 10, 2009, 3:00pm PDT, Los Angeles County, FEMA Bus
I just got home and today has been full of suspicious activity.
I have photos today of a FEMA/Homeland security bus, and military helicopter following the 605 north and south. the helicopter was going
 back and forth up and down the frwy, soon
 UD-1inairafter a LA County Sheriffs helicopter appeared going the opposite way of the military helicopter. i have pics but cant find the place to upload to.  
June 10, 2009, 4:00pm PDT, Santa Clarita, Courtesy of SCMLA
 This is nuts. I’ve got helicopters buzzing around like bees.      Note from Organizer: This is occurring in a low-air-traffic area due to high-power lines.
June 10, 2009, Iowa, Two Weeks Ago, Black Helos
A couple weeks ago I noticed all black military helicopters flying over Des Moines, IA. I noticed them several times in a weeks period. These were flying kinda low and were not dual prop. Looked more like some sort of special op type helicopter.
June 9, 8:45pm, PDT, Los Angeles County, Humvee
I observed a military Hummer or Humvee eastbound on the 10 fwy around 6:15pm Sunday. I’ve been driving this route every week for 15 years and have never seen a military vehicle. I couldn’t get the vehicle ID because I was going westbound. 
June 9, 2009, 8:39 PM EDT, Queens, NY Courtesy of SoCal Martial Law Alerts:  A brief note: with the long periods of drills within drills coming up, I’ll be posting Drill Reports from across the nation. If there is a major drill overseas, I’ll list that, too. The important thing to be informed. An informed populace is the thing they fear the most, so educated and and informed we shall be!

June 9, 2009, 8:55am, PDT, West Los Angeles, UD-1 Helo

 This morning a helicopter made me jump out of bed and run out to get a visual (working late, ok!).  The noise of a helo this low will wake you up!  I was afraid I had missed it when all of a sudden it was returning to right over my head between my building and the one next door.  I do live right beside the 10 fwy near Robertson Blvd.  But it was a UD-1, Military Utility type helicopter–I know from years in the military.  I looked to be sure it didn’t have any media copter markings, it could have had a white number on the right side, but it was clearly black and clearly a UD-1.  While I stood there, it made 4 more tight circles coming again right between my building and the next and turning over my building.  So it made a total of 6 circles (5 which I observed) and then flew off to the East.  It came from the West.  Still, the tight circles were away from the highway and there are only homes and apartment buildings in the area it circled.  When I checked the morning traffic report, there were no accidents reported anywhere near my location this morning–just the usual congestion.  If it was watching something, it would have hovered a bit, but it didn’t.  It may have been taking a GPS signal of a location.  The only thing that scares me is the amount of money they are using to accomplish some ridiculous mission.  Who has granted permission for military helicopters to fly over parts of the city AND circled around an area?  Its clearly a new set of rules we are operating under.

June 8, 2009, Charlotte, NC, Explosion part of Military Exercise

June 8, 2009, Southern Oregon (June 3, 2009) Military Truck

I have heard about other people who have seen military type vehicles in the mountains, but on June 3rd I saw a cam truck with a canvas back driving VERY fast going west on hwy 199. I made a u turn and floored my truck for miles before I could catch up to it. When I got to within 3 car lengths of it, it suddenly turned off and crept between two deserted buildings and slowly, very slowly crept out the other side and then took off VERY fast again. Again I followed it for about 10 more miles. We have a speed limit of 55 on hwy 199. I am guessing he was going about 70 or75 mph. We have heard VERY loud and large aircraft taking off and landing here for several months and now I don’t hear it any more in the day time. Many people have heard them at night around 2 or 3am. This is so unusual because the normal aircraft that we see or hear is an occasional small airplane or an occasional ultra lite on a nice day.

June 7, 2009, 2:35pm, PDT, West Los Angeles, UD-1 Helo


Traveling West along the 10 Fwy at Robertson Blvd, one UD-1 Utility helicopter (black).  I have heard these many times before.  I can distinguish this helicopter from news choppers because of the lower sound of the blades–many years listening to them, but today was the first day I made it outside to spot it in time (between two tall buildings). 

June 7, 2009, Berkeley, CA, Black Helos

There has been continuous helicopter traffic over Berkeley, CA since we were in the trees (2 years) at Memorial stadium on the UCB campus and this included black helicopters. We have even seen Apache gun ships over Berkeley which is against the law (city ordinance). There are alot of police on the ground too including a BART swat team, What does a transit system need a Swat team for?

June 3, 2009, Vandenberg AFB, CA

As part of this site’s efforts to get “Eyes” and “Ears” on the “200 Closed Bases and Regional Airports” around our country, here is an article that reinforces the URGENT need:

Security Beefed Up At Vandenberg Air Force Base

Put this tidbit of information together with potential FALSE FLAG exercise starting ON MONDAY (see CWID below), and you have a recipe for a Terrorist Attack perpetrated by our own government in order to pave the way for a new government between Canada, US and Mexico!!!

Watch the Skies, watch the Military Ground Movements and Let’s Start to Strategize with other neighbors ways you can frustrate this threat!!

June 6, 2009, 7:50pm PDT – Black Helicopters over Hollywood

From a Prison Planet Forum member:

So far today, in the last hour; three black twin propeller helicopters flew over my house very low. […]

Around 7:50 PM over North Hollywood (San Fernando Valley).

I’ve (seen) green ones, US ARMY on the side, I’ve seen grey ones, again – US ARMY marked on the side.
I’ve NEVER seen black ones WITHOUT markings before; that is until a little over an hour ago.

June 6, Small Community in Southern Oregon

Thank-you for this site. The more information, the better! For months, our small community here in Southern Oregon has wondered what was with all these planes heard around 2pm each morning. For many weeks we all knew something was going on but no one could really get any answers. There have been several people now who have stumbled upon military type units in the wilderness area around our community. They were all dressed in black as well as the vehicles. I sometimes feel like a cast member in the middle of a Steven King novel.  (Maybe those same OH-58s mentioned below?)

June 5, 2009, in CO, Prison Planet Forum Members Targeted

 In the past week there have been two members of the Prison Planet Forum that have been illegally harassed by governmental authorities without grounds.

From SCMLA:  If you need any more convincing–NOW is the time to become friends with YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF!  If you haven’t heard of Oath-Keepers, check them out and get your local law enforcement educated about what is coming.

June 5, Los Angeles County, SOCAL MARTIAL LAW ALERTS         

Follow them on Twitter so you can get Alerts ASAP!!

June 3, 2009, Central Texas (Observed 3 months ago)

Excerpt: “I was on my farm in central Texas at the end of the day on a Saturday when I saw 6 OH58D Kiowa helicopters in echelon right formation over my farm. They caught my attention because they had infrared radar pods on top of the rotors. The were about 1000 feet AGL and appeared to be on approach to our local airport about 5 miles away. Indeed they were, because when I drove by the airport on my way to town I saw these same choppers on the tarmac. I turned into the small airport go get a closer look and saw a WO2 pilot at the trash dumpster and decided to ask some questions.”  Read more… 

“I later researched and discovered that these same model choppers are used in National Guard units in 32 states that are specifically designated for drug interdiction in CONUS. These units are called Reconnaissance and Aerial Interdiction Detachments (RAID).”

June 3, 2009, near Belmont, AZ

“Yesterday I had to head from Kingman to Flagstaff Arizona to get some Dental work done. Imagine my surprise at reaching the main rest area (rest area for east and west bound traffic) near Belmont Arizona (where there is a Navajo national guard station), very close to Flagstaff. Both sides of the road contained nearly 100 Police cars (Split about 50 on each side east and west bound) and what appeared to be a swat team on the east bound (toward flagstaff) side. They also had up signs that said all Commercial Vehicles are to stop. That’s going both into Flagstaff and away from Flagstaff (which makes no sense at all). They were basically pulling off all trucks (and it appeared tour buses as well) and having them open the engines for inspection and were using the big mirror carts to check the whole underneath portion of all rigs and it appeared they were opening the containers as well. Any truck that did not pull off was run down by a car and pulled over, nearly 15 trucks were pulled over for about a 10 mile stretch heading into Flagstaff, presumably because they ignored the signs and went past the check point.

Now I’ve been in the military long enough to know a bomb search when I see one, there were no drug sniffing dogs that I could see anywhere. This was not a drug/contraband search, it was a bomb search of some kind and it was one of the most massive I’ve ever seen for Arizona.  Read more…

Well to add to that, after I got my dental work completed, I went to wall mart in Flagstaff to get some items for my Mom, and guess what I see? 7 US ARMY Airborne troopers in the store. There is no Regular Army Base anywhere near Flagstaff Arizona and the base at Belmont Arizona is a National Guard Navajo base only. I know the Regular Army Airborne when I see them (was one myself nearly 40 years ago). This adds up to nothing I can see that’s any good for the folks in this country.

Just a heads up for you, as I know you are trying to keep track of this type of information. I have a feeling that sometime before July 4th, we are going to be in really big trouble.”

June 2, 2009, New York, Police Barricades

On the Verazzano Bridge that connects Brooklyn to Staten Island NY, they have had barricades up for about 1/2 mile from the bridge into Staten Island’s Expressway.

They say this is “construction” that’s been going on for 6 years with no observable work resulting.

They have a police set up right in the middle. They are extending these strange orange barricades further into Staten Island.

I’ve also noticed they are sending out arrow trucks more and more that go to no particular destination.

These arrow trucks get into two lanes during rush hours of morning and evening and slow th ings down for about 60 miles from NJ into Staten Island and from Staten Island into Brooklyn.

I’ve actually witnessed the continual back up of cars from the NJ Turnpike Exit 11 all th e way over the Goethals Bridge, through Staten Island, snaking into Brooklyn over the Verazzano Bridge. This back up must be 3 hours long. This happens on normal days, too; no accidents, nothing. But the presence of police and barricades was there along with Arrow trucks. Even during mid-day!!!

I’ve also noticed these strange orange barricades (they claim for construction) all up and down the Rt1 central NJ corridor where I’m from originally. They extend them further and further up and down rt 1.

There is also a much more noticable police presence at these sites everywhere.

Another thing I’ve noticed all throughout NJ and Staten Island NY is that they are putting up road blocks to do “construction” which 9 times out of 10 turns into them putting in all new stop lights at each juncture with cameras on them.

The police on the Verazzano Bridge every single day pull more and more people over in the EZ Pass lanes.  The NY police are using EZ PASS readers to “legitimately” pull people over and interrogate them (even those whose EZPASSes are completely up to date and functioning properly).

It seems the police use this as the reason to pull people over and illegally search them. This is how they are getting away with things.

At least 2 to 3 people a day I see each day getting pulled over. This has been happening since about January.

 June 7, 2009, 6:15 p.m, PDT, Los Angeles, 10 Fwy

The fema/homeland bus was exiting the 2 at glendale ave. this morning about 10am. on the front of the bus it said FEMA on the front what first caught my eye, didnt have my camera ready in time, then on the side as you can see “HOMELAND TYRANNY” and the windows minus the drivers were darkened beyond belief.

Next around 245pm this helicopter was cruzing the 605 in the Norwalk area making rounds of about five miles then turning around and going again against traffic, did this at least 4 times that i saw sitting in traffic. then when the military heli was out of sight a fast moving LA sherrifs helicopter was flying past in some hurry.

Welcome to Shreveport: Your rights are now suspended.
According to Cedric Glover, mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana, his cops “have a power that [. . .] the President of these Unites States does not have”: His cops can take away your rights.

And would you like to guess which rights he has in mind?

Just ask Shreveport resident Robert Baillio, who got pulled over for having two pro-gun bumper stickers on the back of his truck — and had his gun confiscated.

While the officer who pulled him over says Baillio failed to use his turn signal, the only questions he had for Baillio concerned guns: Whether he had a gun, where the gun was, and if he was a member of the NRA. No requests for a driver’s licence, proof of insurance, or vehicle registration — and no discussion of a turn signal.

Accordingly, Baillio told the officer the truth, which led the police officer to search his car without permission and confiscate his gun.

However, not only does Louisiana law allow resident to drive with loaded weapons in their vehicles, but Mr. Baillio possessed a concealed carry license!

What does such behavior demonstrate, other than transparent political profiling — going so far as to use the infamous Department of Homeland Security report on “Americans of a rightwing persuasion” as a how-to guidebook, no less?

Mr. Baillio made no secret of his political affiliations: An American flag centers a wide flourish of pro-freedom stickers and decals on his back windshield.

In fact, when Baillio asked the officer if everyone he pulls over gets the same treatment, the officer said no and pointed to the back of his truck.

Baillio phoned Mayor Glover to complain about this “suspension of rights” only to find that his city’s morbidly obese “commander in chief” was elated at the story: According to Glover, Baillio got “served well, protected well, and even got a consideration that maybe [he] should not have gotten.”

Thankfully, Mr. Baillio recorded a good bit of that phone call. You can watch a video with the transcriptions here. I’ve reproduced a chunk of the call below:

Baillio: (in the context of being asked about the presence of a gun) Well, I answered that question honestly, and he disarmed me.

Glover: Which would be an appropriate and proper action, sir. The fact that you gave the correct answer — it simply means that you did what it is you were supposed to have done, and that is to give that weapon to the police officer so he could appropriately place it in a place where it would not be a threat to you, to him, or to anyone in the general public.

[. . .]

Glover: My direction to you is that, had you chosen not to properly identify the fact that you had a weapon and directed that officer to where that weapon was located; had you been taken from the vehicle, and the officer, in the interest of his safety, chose to secure you in a safe position, and then looked, found, and determined that you did, in fact, have a weapon…then, sir, you would have faced additional, [inaudible], and more severe criminal sanctions.

Baillio: So what you’re saying is: I give up all my rights to keep and bear arms if I’m stopped by the police: Is that correct?

Glover: Sir, you have no right, when you have been pulled over by a police officer for a potential criminal offense [which would be what?! – DB] to stand there with your weapon at your side in your hand [Baillio’s weapon was nowhere near his side or his hand, and Glover knew that. — DB] because of your second amendment rights, sir. That does not mean at that point your second amendment right has been taken away; it means at that particular point in time, it has been suspended.

Saw two Chinooks fly right over the Las Vegas strip about three days ago. Pretty odd. Never seen that before. They were low, going east to west.

NOTE:  There is an Air Force Base 15 miles North of Vegas, but Chinooks are usually Army.  This Air Force Base is where the “gamers” control the unmanned drones used in the War on Terror. 

ArmedGhost1984 – Check this out… While out on the road this morning I came upon a very peculiar vehicle. This “Mass Evacuation Bus” is obviously owned and operated by a local county E.M.S. department and was being relocated to an undisclosed location. An immediate phone call to a local Patriot informed me that this bus was, in fact, heading in the opposite direction of where this county asset is typically maintained and stored. Perhaps, the county was just taking her out for a spin to “clear out the cobwebs”. Or, perhaps out on a training exercise over at the local “Emergency Containment Area” (see related video).
In all fairness, I must note that this particular county is rich in potential disaster-related scenarios, including: hurricanes, nuclear power-plant facility issues and a large military munitions loading terminal. Still, the timing of seeing this bad-boy out on the road raises my eyebrow.

You make the call… Check out this link:…

June 10, 2009 – Illegal Detention Center in Denver in the News   From an older article in 2008 and recent video – “Gitmo on the Platt”
Definitely a Sheriff to Watch!!  
May 30, 2009, Military Vehicles on Hwy 5 in Los Angeles

Military Vehicles in LA

“Those look to be like Intelligence/logistics vehicles……..the Hummer OR hummvv is not armored rather Airconditioned for the computer it holds. The larger vehicle (the trailer) could be used as an ambulance or hold weapons or even more computers.”

See More SoCal Martial Law Alerts videos HERE


June 5, Los Angeles County, SOCAL MARTIAL LAW ALERTS         

Follow them on Twitter so you can get Alerts ASAP!!

Regarding upcoming drills:

There are several drills coming up all month this month (June 2009) and next month (July 2009). The first drill, which will begin on Monday June 8th, 2009, is a Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID). The CWID is under the US Joint Forces Command and is part of the cyber division of the military (which has existed for awhile now, but they’re only getting around to admitting to us underlings now). The CWID has counterparts in the UK and Canada.

Their 2009 drill will test the interoperability of the system (meaning how well the super computers talk to each other and how how well the human counterparts follow their orders) in a series of drills that will begin on Monday. It will go through June 26th. Based on the schedules on the Internet (which is about all we can get), the drill will commence fully after the 13th of the month. The 26th is a wrap-up day. The 8th through the 12th is testing and prep work (rehearsal).

  • You can see the US schedule HERE on the Federal Business Opportunities website (scroll down the list, it’s buried in there).
  • You can view the UK drill dates HERE at the UK CWID website.
  • You can visit the US CWID site HERE.
  • You can visit the Canada CWID site HERE.
  • You can visit the NATO CWID site HERE.
  • You can also view the CWID 2009 brochure HERE on SCMLA’s Files page. I uploaded the PDF from the US CWID website.

Based on lordssyndicate and Anti_Illuminati, two excellent researchers on the Prison Planet Forum, they have gotten information from others on the inside about this drill. The current drill will be testing the power grid among other things. It is during these CWID drills that false flags can happen. They involve the computers that run programs such as PROMIS (which was used in 9-11) and from companies such as Booz Allen Hamiliton and Ptech (both with connections to 9-11).

Your observation of increased activity of military aircraft is worrisome for a multitude of reasons. First, while many forget, we’re still under Level 5 WHO pandemic emergency powers (they were never revoked, remember?). This means the safety is off for hot martial law.

Second, within the discussions on the Prison Planet Forum regarding the CWID drills, there is discussion of how it coincides with North Korean activity. There are rumors of the US military being put on DefCon 2 this past week and a half for the rising tensions in North Korea. If the military is sitting at DefCon 2, then there is much cause for alarm, because then the military is only one step away from being in full war mode (assuming that something happens with North Korea). When you add to this the huge cyber-drill that is going on, then things get much more complicated. Like 9-11, there can be information that gets missed, or lost, in the myriad of drill material. Your observations support the current rumor that the military is possibly at DefCon 2.

Third, if CWID’s test of the power grid were to go “hot” (as in false flag), which the current tensions in North Korea suggest, then it would be easy to find a fall guy now wouldn’t it? There is also a long history of the US doing false-flag hacks on its own power grid and blaming it on China.

Fourth, this is entirely speculation in many ways, but I’ll throw it out there. This CWID drills falls within the time-frame of the London Telegraph’s “op-ed piece” Operation Blackjack. If you haven’t read it, please do so now. The artists and writers, etc., involved in the creation of this “op-ed piece” have since died. Knowing how much our overlords love to brag, this “op-ed piece” should not be taken lightly. Included in this slide show are nuke attacks on major cities in the UK, the US, and Canada (hmm…the same countries that have CWID teams…what a coinky-dink). The dates in the slide show are for June 20 through June 22, 2009. The resulting mess after nukes hit (one which supposedly hits Los Angeles) is the founding of the North American Union, the Amero, hot martial law, state-licensed journalism only, the end of alternative news media on the Internet, forced vaccination through a chip, forced national ID to buy and sell with RFID chip. Now, I’m not saying that all of this is going to happen, but it is possible, especially when large international defense supercomputers are running drills during that window. Scott has linked a video to watch and I highly suggest that you do so. It mentions other bits and pieces that point to them possibly going hot with this scenario.

Fifth, as movements such as End the Fed are becoming more successful in getting legislation such as HR 1207 to Audit the Fed, as well as movements on the ground such as Oath Keepers and county militias, people are quickly waking up that something is very amiss in this country. Moreover, they are getting out of their chairs, out from behind their computers, outside of their homes and they are doing something. Political revolution in a peaceful manner is very tangible at the moment, despite the widespread propaganda from the corporate-controlled media. All of this is happening after the G20 meeting, the Bilderberg meeting, and others that have basically made the final plans to bring forth their beloved “New World Order” — a one-world government and one-world currency to rule them all and in the darkness bind them. Their agenda is facing opposition — viral opposition that isn’t going to stop and is quickly gaining strength. In short, the elite need a crisis to bring forth their solution. We, therefore, are ripe for a true false flag operation to bring compliance and unified goals. The Swine Flu and the current Korea situation are examples of the constant fear mongering they are marinating us in, so that when the real false flag hits, when the real danger is around, we’re going to stand down and let it happen. There is far too much information going on out there to simply listen to Alex Jones or Steve Quayle to get the bigger picture. Psychologically, they are going for full shock and awe, which means that they always have to make it bigger than it was before. Thus, there is more information and more attacks on your civil liberties than you and the people you listen to can keep up with.

Sixth, it is important to note that as of June 12th, 2009, all TV stations must broadcast digitally (HDTV), which will open up the 700-800 MHz band of frequencies for the new inter-agency radios for federal, state, and local authorities. When that happens, federal agencies will have the ability to quickly take control of local and state authorities and first responders immediately after a disaster or during an emergency.

In conclusion, based upon the synthesis of this information, I cannot tell you when a false flag will occur, only that it will, and SOON. The agenda’s support is grinding to a halt, Obama is losing momentum with the people, and people like Rockefeller are drooling to get started on their meal made of humanity’s suffering.

Response from Organizer Martial Law Alerts SoCal

There are all manner of interoperability drills going on nationally
(& I think internationally) this month, not to mention the ongoing
ramp-up to WWIII.  Learn more from these organizers by signing up at

June 3, 2009, 7:27am, Ontario, CA

Okay, I posted the above about an hour ago, but am now convinced that what woke me up was just thunder, as similar thundering is going on right now. I’ve just never heard thunder like that, and I’ve lived in So Cal for 51 years. However, I am also still hearing these frequent military jet flyovers every 5-15 minutes. I know they are not passenger jets flying out of the airport, as they are much louder and faster. So, would still appreciate any news pertaining to this.

June 3, 2009, 6:42am, Observed in Ontario, CA:

I am hoping someone could get us some news on what I’ve been hearing
all night and continue to hear this morning. I was woken up at 2:15am, 06/04/09, by what I percieved was either an earthquake, crazy thunder, or a fighter jet, that shook the house and set of car alarms and dogs barking for as far as I could hear. Since I was half asleep I still don’t know what it was and can get no news off the internet.
However, for the rest of the night and on to this morning I can still hear  that same sound about every 5-15 mins which sounds like fighter jets only not nearly as loud as at 2:15 am. Heavy cloud cover this morning so I have no visual. Anybody got any news on this?

May 31, 2009, 11:20pm PDT

I’ve noticed increased helicopter activity over Burbank during the day — it’s ALL DAY LONG with the helicopters now — it feels like ‘Nam during the war! It used to be that I would RARELY hear the Burbank PD ‘copter overhead AT NIGHT (only!), but now I see & hear all manner of helicopters all day long — PD, news, black, military, etc. I also saw a low-altitude, unmarked blimp going over Burbank about 2 weeks ago, but I didn’t think it was significant since it was flying low … But now, thanks to Steve, I know better.

May 31, 2009, 2:30pm PDT

I have been noticing strange helicopter formations for months now in the W. San Bernardino county area. (Ontario) I have no clue whether or not these are military or police vehicles, but they seem to travel in pairs. Also, about 3 months ago I did notice what could only be described as a high-altitude blimp. In case you don’t know, high and low-altitude blimps are preferable to satellites for ground surveillance. FYI

May 30, 2009, 3:20pm PDT

North on the 101 past the 46 junction. 3 military vehicles in transit. 2 military trucks and 1 hummer.

May 30, 2009, 1:25pm PDT

4 Military Vehicles. Headed N on 5 Freeway before exit 253 Stockton Road (?). 1:25p 5/30/09. Yet again our military is in BDUs.

May 30, 2009, 10:00am PDT

4 Military Vehicles pulled over on the side of the 5 freeway. Headed North. Saturday, May 30, approximately 10a. Near San Fernando, between Osborne and Terra Bella exits. 


CA – Westlake, June 11, 10:00am PDT, 3 Large Military Veh.:   Saw 3 large military vehicles headed toward los angeles on the 101. Passing through westlake around 10am

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