Where Are Our Heroes?

NOTE:  A warm thank you to Oath Keeper Larry for presenting this historical piece of the puzzle regarding General Butler. 

About two weeks ago, I woke up with a sudden realization:  Robert E. Lee was right to choose Virginia over the Union.  And Lincoln, loved as he has been throughout our history, opened the gates to Fascism in our country.  While his intentions were noble–maintaining the Union–and he may have even represented in some way a silent majority in each southern State that did not have the right to vote, he had to leverage the North’s industrial core to win the war.  And thus began the conception of the military industrial complex as well as a merging of business and government which equals fascism. 


In truth, for a Republic, it is essential that the Federal Government routinely be knocked down when they become too big, too powerful which is essentially too corrupt.  I had always admired Robert E. Lee and wondered what had made him turn down Lincoln’s request that he command the Union Army.  Today, as I look at the depth and breadth of our Fascist government, it is suddenly very clear.  State Governments MUST have more authority than the Federal Government and County Governments MUST have more authority than State Governments.  The highest authority is the people.


If you look at the businesses that flourished in the North following the Civil War, you will see the evil seed was sown in that unholy alliance of business and government achieving a common goal.  Thankfully Lincoln did sign the Emanicipation Proclamation and for that he should be heralded.  He can not be held responsible for the corruption of these gentlemen in the future.  But the core businesses required for the war, and which flourished from the war, were steel (Andrew Carnegie), oil (John D. Rockefeller, who transformed the industry with his shrewd, “thug-like” business practices) and banking (J. P. Morgan) and we know the outcome here.

Riding on their new “cartels”  in each industry, J. P. Morgan bought Carnegie Steel in 1901, making Carnegie, as Morgan claimed, “the richest man in the world.”  It is from here that their philosophies diverge greatly.  Carnegie several years later writes a book titled, “The Gospel of Wealth,” and in it says: 

“The day is not far distant when the man who dies leaving behind him millions of available wealth, which was his to administer during life, will pass away un-wept, un-honored and un-sung . . . Of such as these the public verdict will then be: ‘The man who dies thus rich dies disgraced.'”


As we know, the Morgan and Rockefeller dynasties would not share his true philanthropic sentiments.  For it wasn’t long after that, in 1910, representatives from the Rockefeller family and Morgan family meet in private with representatives of the Rothschilds family and Warburgs family.  From this private meeting came the plan for the Federal Reserve; the Federal Reserve Act.  The legislation leading up to it was referred to as the “Aldrich Plan” as Senator Nelson W. Aldrich is responsible for the Act passing.  Guess who Senator Aldrich’s daughter was married to?  Yes, just as Alex Jones is always saying, “their (the Global Elites) marriages are arranged like dog breeders and such,” she was married to John D. Rockefeller, Jr.


But the telling piece of history this article means to highlight was the link Larry sent me regarding Marine Corps General Smedley Butler, who was the most decorated marine in all of our nation’s history with 3 awards for heroism (Marine Corps Brevet Medal, highest award for any officer, and two Medal of Honor awards for separate actions) and served 34 years.  That seemed to be long enough to convince him America should be anti-intervention as he would advocate the rest of his life.  He also wrote a book called, “War is a Racket” which exposed many of the inner workings of the military industrial complete.  Further, according to Wikipedia:
“In 1934, he alleged to the United States Congress that a group of wealthy industrialists had plotted a military coup known as the Business Plot to overthrow the government of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The allegations were controversial and hurt his post-military standing. 


Today, as we watch the power of the Fascist banks and government merged, it is little wonder how they might have shut down MG Butler’s claim with any amount of bad media coverage, etc.  In today’s environment, he likely would have turned up dead or imprisoned for such a claim.  But his story can serve to shed light onto how the ultra-wealthy, using the Federal Reserve and private banking, have bought out companies lock, stock and barrel and been intent on overtaking our government to meet their own objectives.  We are, today, experiencing the culmination of their efforts and significant success.

But where are the “General Butlers” today?  Who, at the top echelons of our government, will stand up, break away from the corruption and call this government exactly what it has become:  Fascist, Illegitimate, Treasonous and unAmerican. 

As a history teacher for a number of years, I never imagined I would begin to hold Lincoln’s actions in contempt; though certainly not the man.  And I never thought I would believe my own government was to blame for 9/11, but I do on both counts now.  Our Republic must be rebuilt.  There is no saving, changing or accommodating any corner of the Federal Government, any participating State Government who has taken the Bailout money, played along with the Federal Government’s unConstitutional Dictates (aka Executive Orders).  Its all built on the worst type of nepotism, extortion, greed, depravity, etc.  And it sucks in every individual or small group that seeks to change it.  You MUST OPT OUT!  Anyone in Washington DC at this time is guilty of Treason.  There is no other way to slice it. 

RON PAUL–STAND UP, COME HOME AND LEAD FROM A RIGHTFUL POSITION OF POWER–LOCAL GOVERNMENT!!  Let Campaign for Liberty promote County Sheriff elections across the country!!

Our Republic must starve the head of the beast by NOT PLAYING BY THEIR FASCIST RULES!


–Don’t try to engage ANY OF THEM!  It won’t work.  Liberty is the antithesis of Fascism.  There is NOT ONE thing they have in common!   Where ever you see favoritism or “influence,” more commonly known as “brownnosing,” etc., call it what it is–the first step in Fascist thinking.  Taking shortcuts to power rather than creating a better system, having a better answer or solving a problem; these are all the roots of fascism.  These are the schoolyard bullies–not legitimate representatives of the People!


–Let’s get our own money system in place for local, national and international trade and exchange–Copper Cards  (BTW, Free People on the Land DOES NOT make money from this).

–Let’s stop banks, and their enforcers from taking anyone’s house or car or other property due to non-payment of FIAT money!  Let’s stop the Chemtrail Pilots from flying.  We can do non-violent things to get back our Republic.  Don’t buy anything from a Fascist company!

–Let’s hold our County Sheriffs accountable to the Constitution!!  We can work our way up from there.  In a Republic, the Federal Government is supposed to take care of Foreign Affairs.  There is NO ONE who can step in there and clean up the mess they have left us.  Let’s just take care of our own streets and neighborhoods.  When we are ready, we can extend the olive branch on behalf of a Second American Republic. 

–It may not make sense to you yet, but the sooner we extricate ourselves from their outrageous acts, the sooner we can become whole again–the America we remember and love!!  America the Home of the Free and the Brave!  BE BRAVE and BE FREE; All US Americans.

America can rise again–under a banner of renewed freedom.  Carry “America” in your heart and mind and let it be your guiding light to FREEDOM and LIBERTY!  Bottom UP!

Republics are built from the bottom up and should NEVER become top-heavy!  Prune the Kudzu that is overwhelming us–before it is TOO LATE!


Kudzu (according to Wiki) “sometimes called foot-a-night vine, mile-a-minute vine, or the “vine that ate the South.”



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