We Want to Be FREE, Not Right

The other day one of our FREE PEOPLE heard again the comment, “I hope you’re wrong” (about Martial Law, foreign troops, Swine Flu, detention camps, etc.).  “SO DO WE,” was their response.  Look, we’re not TRYING to be RIGHT!!  We’re trying to prevent a collective disaster from happening–needlessly! 

We’re not trying to dazzle anyone with our brilliance.  Or ask for donations, or, really, anything.  Our ideas are given freely and may their value stand on their own merit and not any one person’s “certificate” of merit. 

We do feel, however, that our ideas are difficult for folks to grasp either from their simplicity or their boldness or both.  But the truth is, you can’t fight fascists the “Republic”-an way.  In other words, Fascists don’t care about:  1) our petitions (What, your ballot wasn’t enough wasted paper for you?  Did that do you any good?); 2) our phone calls (they have an unlimited budget to apply to staffing those phones); 3) our protests (all they need to do is call up their buddies who are Chiefs of Police and ask them to check your IDs, keep their cameras rolling and then tell the media not to cover your efforts) and the usual things good people of a Republic would do to reign in their government.

Why should they?  They came to power by complete force, full court-press, and other devious means such as extortion, manipulation, payoffs, guerrilla voter registration, online overseas donors, unprecedented media contributions for campaign ads (to save a the dying network channels from certain death and now they owe you).  And we’re not just talking about Obama here either.  If we really had the truth, we might be surprised to see this same type of manipulation has been going on for some time.  But in this last election they were able to really excel in both the illusion of legitimacy (through help from the media) and their level of fraud (through help from online technology companies).

Over the last two weeks we the people have seemed to make some progress on finding other ways to resist:  1) fewer phone calls to Washington; 2) fewer people at the Tea Parties (we think–hard to determine); and less talk about the Birth Certificate.  Though the “Audit the Fed” Bill seems to have some new life blown into it as their members fall for the “controlled opposition” ploy again of being able to WATCH the debate in the House or Senate.  Think again.  There was no feed we could find to watch it!!

Oh, and while we’re on that.  While auditing the Federal is certainly needed and a noble idea for sure, how can you expect an ignoble group of thugs to execute a noble idea faithfully, transparently and truthfully?  Please!!  Reminds me of all those IAEA inspections of Iraq’s and Iran’s nuclear facilities.  Really, are we going there again?  You are looking for legitimate action from an illegitimate government.

But its even worse than that.  Unless we disown the Federal Reserve, we will pay the price for their global fraud upon our soil.  Why do we want to even be associated with them?  Why not just disassociate and set up local monetary and exchange/barter systems?  If there is 60% of our population still relying on their government paychecks (and there is when you add up both federal and state employees and retirees), those who don’t get these paychecks need to work independently of those who do and let them feel the pinch of staying on the illusional “gravy train.”  We need to start showing them how they can live without that paycheck so they will be on our side when the balloon goes up (if and when it does).

Can we just call “uncle,” admit the government is illegitimate and get on with the business of REALLY beating these thugs?

So, what are you saying we SHOULD be doing then?  Well, thank you for asking us to elaborate here. 

Its simple really.  Like all good 12-step programs, you must first acknowledge you are powerless to stop your addiction (even though this addiction is good because you are sooooo optimistic).  So, repeat after us:

“Hi, my name is _______ (fill in the blank) and I’m a recovering Sheeple.  I have been doing everything right for several months and, even though it hasn’t produced any noticeable results, I just can’t seem to help myself.  I still want to pick up the phone or email someone in Washington.  Just the other day I unloaded on a Senator’s staffer for 45 minutes and it felt so good.  I felt like I had really accomplished something.  But the next day, the Senator still voted against the HR Bill # ______ (fill in the blank) and we the people lost another freedom.  I am so ashamed to think that I started trusting them again.  Why can’t I see that with a Democratic Supermajority we now have a One-Party system and anything the Federal Reserve, the Bankers, the fascist corporations want, the ‘President’ just has to sign it into law.  Why can’t I see that there is no room in the new government system for my opinion to count,?  Why can’t I find some new way to REALLY change my country?  I guess that’s why I’m here.  I need everyone’s support so we can truly beat these thugs before they take our homes, our farms and food and our children, etc.”

 We say, “Thank you for coming here.  We know it is hard to admit that all of our actions have been useless and that’s why we need each other’s support.  But you have taken the first big step towards overcoming your addiction and rebuilding our Republic.  So let’s see what ideas we might have for making that happen.”

First thing we need to do is figure out what the fascists’ new plan is.  Not the one they show on TV, but the real plan behind the scenes.  You want to ask yourself why they took over our government in the first place and why can’t they tell us what they really are doing?  Could it be its not a plan we would like?  Could it be if we had known their real plan, we would never have legitimately voted them into office in the first place?  I think we have to make that assumption since all of our efforts have fallen on deaf ears.

Second, lets consider what steps our “President” has taken since his inauguration: 1) he cozied up right away to our formerly hostile enemies; 2) he allowed sensitive information to be leaked to Iran (the blueprint for Air Force One; 3) he allowed Janet Napolitano to call our veterans and gun owners terrorists while dropping the same name for Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah; 4) Oh, yes, all that money that he “spent” to get us out of debt or to save the market or something and we haven’t seen any new jobs, instead we keep losing more (we think he did that one to prove to his international backers that he had the trust of the American people to lead us through this “regime change” they were demanding); 5) he wrote an order for “pre-emptive” and “indefinite” detention of anyone who could be a perceived threat to the government; 6) he gave the Federal Reserve MORE powers while allowing the Congress to make a show of moving forward with an “audit”; 7) he kissed the Saudi King’s ring, put his hand over his heart for the Russian Anthem while never doing the same for the US anthem; 8) he has appointed “Czars” to control every aspect of our lives and these Czars did not have to be “confirmed” in the Senate as other appointees would need to be; 9) he has ignored the charge of treason against him from Retired Navy Officer, Walter Fitzpatrick, III; 10) he has failed to show his birth certificate; 11) he is promising a civilian paramilitary force (funded with as much money as our military) to work within our borders; 12) he has allowed the military to operate within our borders which is a violation of “posse comitatus”; 13) he has not brought our troops home from Iraq, but instead has asked the Russians to allow us to use one of their “routes” into Afghanistan; 14) he has disapproved the F-22 program which is essentially surrendering our air superiority even over our own country; 15) he has allowed our military secrets to be handed over to the Chinese; 16) he allowed Hillary Clinton to promise the Chinese the right to “imminent domain” for any US property should we default on our loans (which we WILL very soon); and you can fill in the blank here with any more ___________________________________________.

But if you look at some of the agreements Bush signed into law via an Executive Order, you can see that FEMA, DHS and the Czars are really supragovernment entities under the authority of the United Nations/ International Bankers/ IMF / WHO, etc.  And as their authority grows with each stroke of the pen and as these global elitists behind these international entities continue to salivate over getting their hands on US lands, we are acting as though we have a legitimate government in place.  

Look, put simply:  “The Federal Reserve SOLD our country and in order to transfer the property, they had to take over the government.”  They were able to take over our Congress and Supreme Court because everyone is so bought into the mighty dollar as our lifeline, they are willing to do anything to keep it pumping in their direction.  EVEN THOUGH THE DOLLAR IS ALL FIAT MONEY ACROSS THE WORLD!!!!  Will YOU surrender YOUR future liberty and the liberty of your children for the next few month’s pay?  It is time to quit “going along to get along” and it is time to REALLY LIVE FREE!!!

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Our actions are making their plans very easy to implement.  If you can’t see where all these actions are leading to (and did we mention the selling of our mortgages and municipal bonds–essentially our entire tax base–to foreign/international entities) they have essentially sold our country right out from under our feet.  And if we “default” which we surely will, we will take to the streets.  With civil unrest, they can “legally” put foreign troops on our land (which they plan to on July 27th anyway as part of FEMA’s NLE Exercise, see fema.gov), and these troops will do to American citizens what our troops did to the Iraqi citizens–storm into their houses and take away their guns.  Yes, even in a country where Saddam was dictator, he allowed each family an AK-47 to protect themselves in the event Iran invaded. 

Third, we need to look NOT at what actions we would take as citizens of a Republic (as we clearly DON’T HAVE a Republic anymore); we need to look at what actions we should take as people whose government has been hijacked and is illegitimate.  Different rules apply when you view things in this light and not in our drunken stupor of media mind control.

Those actions are to rebuild the Republic from the ground up.  County FIRST, if your County is salvageable.  If not, break off a piece of your County that WANTS to stop this madness from Washington and beyond.  Read the FREE PEOPLE ACTION STATEMENTS  and if you are doing those things, you will find people to work with that will defend your home and your family:  1) Turn off MSM TV NOW; 2) Study Founding Fathers; 3) Let the FEDS pay their own bills with their FIAT money; 4) Donate to Copper Cards a new online banking system we can build that is interest-free; 5) Take the Oath; 6) Contact My Sheriff; 7) Join the Militia (there are many roles you can play without a gun or violence); 8) Teach my Children about the Constitution; 9) Leave a Legacy of Liberty; 10) Prepare for the Fascist’s Tricks; 11) Start a Garden; 12) Pledge NOT to cooperate with Brownshirts.

We are NOT taking pre-emptive action.  We are simply putting a stop to their power grab until such time they realize the price to take over/ enslave or destroy the American people is simply too great a cost for their time and money!!

They are ready to take over our farms so they can control our food supply all the while you have been talking on the phone to Washington instead of talking to your neighbors

They have been building “camps” for displaced people who haven’t paid their mortgages (or who have but they don’t care about the paperwork) all the time you have sending emails to Washington when you should be finding a way to barter with your neighbors for food and supplies, etc. 

They have been bringing in foreign troops all the while you have been organizing TEA PARTIES and such when you should have been having tea with your neighbors while planning your militia’s defense of your County or working in your garden.

So WE HOPE WE’RE WRONG!  Wrong about YOU and your willingness to take action that will CHANGE this course of events. 

We DON’T WANT to be RIGHT; We WANT to be FREE!!!  Are YOU with US?



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