Season Premiere Line-Up

Next week is usually the start of all the new Season Premieres for our favorite shows and new shows.  It is the week to stay at home and get hooked on the entertaining ride of the likes Dr. Dreamy, Criminal thrillers and, my favorite, The Unit.  We can usually count on losing ourselves in the drama and roller coaster ride they provide as a break from the mundane life of work.
However, this year, the Season Premiere Week could look very different; though certainly drama-filled.
Our Season Line-up will go something like this:
1) Starting on Sunday night, Sep 20th, the Chinese flag will be flown somewhere near the White House (across the street).  While NOT right on the White House lawn, there seems to be some ominous symbolism that it will be flying anywhere.  Could it be foreshadowing the significance of Tuesday’s event?
2) Monday night will be the Fall Equinox and we may start to see the Cast of Characters arrive to attend the G20 Summit starting later in the week.  No doubt, some will want to attend tomorrow night’s event, as well.
3) On Tuesday, September 22nd, ‘president’ Obama is to be sworn in as the Chair of the United Nations Security Council.  Surely there will be some drama, symbolism and plenty of talking head banter to accompany this.  But its real significance has yet to sink in to most Americans (or folks formerly known as ‘American’).
4) On Wednesday, September 23rd, all eyes will be focused on the start of the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh with leaders from around the world attending.  Security is at an all-time high and primed to strike back at any of those ‘right-wing terrorists’ who will surely protest it. 
5) On Thursday, September 24th, we will likely have plenty of press conferences telling us about the fate of our Dollar, economy and market and how we will now have a new Global Currency.  This is a real cliffhanger.  Watch for bank holidays to follow next week if the news is truthful.  If not, the illusion will continue for a bit longer.
6) On Friday, September 25th, the Global Powers That Be (PTB) have cooked up a great treat with a Muslim Prayer March in Washington.  While this is the right of any group according to our Constitution, the ‘jihad’ illusion, created by the PTB, has been working overtime to ensure the Christians and the Muslims see this through their own prisms and fear is re-ignited.  Keep your heads folks.  They have been just as manipulated as we have been by the PTB.
7) By the last day of the week, besides the Czars dancing on the grave of America, we will probably see 24/7 coverage of some event that erupted as a result of this week of climaxes.  It might be civil unrest after the ‘right-wing terrorists’ erupt into violence.  It might be a false flag event, blamed on a ‘right-wing terrorist.’  It could even be that a tragedy befalls one of the key leaders visiting the US.  And let’s not forget that Israel could decide to strike Iran while all the world leaders are away from home.  Some really high drama for sure is very likely. 
So looking at the line-up, what other assumptions might be made regarding this amazing set of circumstances?  If the US ‘president’ serves as head of the key arm of the UN, what could that mean?
It would mean that the US ‘president’ has control of all assets within the US for the purpose of the UN’s agenda.  It would mean that the Global Government has merged with the world’s Superpower.  It certainly means the end of our Constitution and national sovereignty.  The act itself is unConstitutional.  The UN will have the final authority it has been waiting for.
Symbolically, it means the ‘capstone’ has been put in place.  I am the last person to discuss this with any real authority, but my understanding it that according to the Freemasons the ‘eye’ above the pyramid on the back of all of our Dollars would now be firmly seated on the pyramid.  What better time to ‘end’ the Dollar with this capstone in place on the pyramid! 
It should be obvious to most by now that the Fed has ‘Ended’ itself with any help from the Patriots (unless we count their ignorance and inability to stop their actions).  They have already transferred the US assets over to the IMF following the market collapse last fall, the TARP buyout from the international bankers for pennies on the Dollar, and likely using our own Bailout money to buy it from us!
So our ‘president’ turns over the country on one day and then seals the deal on the death of the dollar a few days later.  Thus, the completion of the New World Order as many have longed for.  All the world leaders will be on hand to observe it. 
If Americans even think to raise a fuss, their ‘president’ will have full authority to mobilize all military (domestic and foreign) and law enforcement within the US to implement Martial Law.  However, he can also easily enforce the WHO’s Pandemic Level 6 authority for Martial Law allowing him to exterminate and/or ‘chip’ (as in RFID) a number of us more easily. 
This racist new global leader will try to unite inner city blacks and muslims through his own mixed loyalties to the chagrin of the American Constitutionalists.  Don’t buy it.
And all of this in just the first week of a 24-week season.  Talk about cliffhangers.  Talk about thrills and chills.  This week will offer a full array of excitement and the now worn-out drama of ‘change.’


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