Owning the News

As we were trying to find an online source for a story about 18 DEA Agents and Sheriff Deputies being put under guarantine in Louisiana, it became clear the news is “owned” lock, stock and barrel.  We knew this, of course, but the fact that you can’t read a “newstory” (because there is no other way to hear it unless it is presented in the right way) and relate the news without permission from one of two sources (Associated Press and Reuters) tells us something.  This is precisely why we are dependent upon the few of us who are awake to share what we see through channels like this site.  If anyone has first-hand knowledge of this story, or from a local paper, please share it here.  It sounds like something involving NLE and accomplishes two things: 1) suspicion of big trucks crossing the border and 2) getting folks used to “guarantine” by putting our law enforcement under it first.

And that brings us to a circular from the Michigan Dept of Community Health that is, in a most clever, caring and professional fashion, planting the seed for the eventuality of the flu pandemic and keeping folks in their homes.  Titled, “Preparing Your Business,” this brochure opens with: “In a pandemic flu, Michigan businesses will play a key role in protecting employees’ health and safety as well as limiting the negative impact on the economy and society.” 

Because our government cares about us, right?  Or might they be ensuring we are all good citizens and teamplayers policing one another because we are on the side of “good community” behavior?  We thing that latter as later on in the brochure they encourage, “Share your pandemic plans with insurers and local health care facilities, and become familiar with their plans.  Participate in the planning processes of federal, state and local public health agencies, and share your pandemic plans with them.” 

Yep, now everyone is pulling together to help this government pull off another fraud against the people.


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