Just Call it a “Divorce”

We FREE PEOPLE, as you may or may not know, have been calling for a Declaration of Independence, Ver 2.0.  However, it doesn’t seem that the people, with all their true authority “vested in them”, are ready to do that yet.  Right now, the people are still acting as if they are “married” to Washington and hate to see all those years spent together just go down the tubes.  The process of grieving needs to end and it goes something like this:

What about all the “children” we have birthed together?  What will we do next year on the 4th of July?  We so loved watching the fireworks together with lots of friends and family.  Will I still get to stay friends with the State Representative I have come know so well (they were my favorite relative on your side)?  How can I look at all those old photos of me wearing my wedding outfit (aka military, law enforcement uniform)?  We were so happy then and I was so proud to be your spouse.

Its seems though we are finally coming through our phase of estrangement and moving into a quasi state of “separation.”  You know we hated to take the first step, but you were still sharing our bed while declaring US “terrorists.”  We really should have seen it coming.  You paraded your mistresses around the world and all over the media.  But it wasn’t until that very moment that we could admit to ourselves that you must have been unfaithful.  Even then we were hopeful you had put that “affair” behind you and were willing to make amends.  That you would retract the “terrorist” statement and be loving again.

We’ve even surprised ourselves by the fact we have been looking at our prenuptial agreement and reading our vows almost everyday wondering where it all went wrong and what a “divorce” might mean for the entire family.

When we look at the prenupt and vows, its evident that we entered into this marriage with the best of intentions to give each other our freedom while honoring our relationship as a sacred one.  We put no others before you.  We loved you “through good times and bad, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others,” but you have broken those vows.  Still we tried to forgive you and renew the vows, but each day we see another infidelity.  So it appears we are the only ones who haven’t yet come to terms with the truth:  the marriage is CLEARLY OVER. 

We heard you already had an attorney and were moving money out of our joint bank account and still we stayed.  Its evident that if we stay this way without taking the appropriate action, we will have nothing left regardless of the prenuptial agreement.

So today we have decided it is time to file for a divorce.  There are clearly irreconcilable differences here.  And the old saying of “you can’t kiss someone who is leaning away from you” is the final proof we need to end this relationship for good.  And it will be good now to end it.  It will give us back our dignity and remind us that we can move on without you and that we will be ok.  We can find love again and one that will be truthful and faithful and will keep our vows.

We guess we are ready to sign.  All the efforts for reconciliation have been for naught.  Nothing has changed and you have your new lovers by your side.  You have moved on without us.

So let me say this very clearly:  “We DIVORCE YOU.”  We tried our best to make this marriage work, but we can find another love and likely one who will be more faithful to their vows and honor the prenuptial agreement.


Sign the Declaration of Independence, Ver 2.0

It is time.  This marriage is over.


2 Responses to “Just Call it a “Divorce””

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