Definitely NOT Mainstream

From the Hawk and his “Backside”:  Read More HERE

Early this am 8/21/09 the Q-Files klaxon horn sounded general quarters in several locales. Reports from radio experts began to flood in regarding an extremely long 200+ characters Emergency Action Message likely sent from a Spaceborne Command vehicle via Offut Air base to space, air, and naval vessels in the Atlantic region. Apparently, an interdiction operation involving high probable multiples of Russian submarines operating in the deep Atlantic ocean was ongoing which probably involved a TR3-B spacecraft, multiple P-3 Orion subchasers, and other Naval assets most likely including U.S. Navy submarines.  (Follow link above for more)

Free People has followed Hawk’s threat assessments for some time and there is a high-level of accuracy to them.   However, we can not independently verify this information (few can as they are so secretive) as we do not have the internal military contacts that Hawk has.  Keep in mind, much goes on below the surface and we are usually only seeing 10% of the “iceberg.” 

“How does this sort of military activity fit into the picture for today?”, you might ask.  The answer is that the Global Elites have been responsible for every war for more than the last 80 years–some say 200 years!  Their plan, according to Albert Pike in the 1860s, was to create 3 world wars.  This also fits in with the Bible timeline and today’s events are revealing the parties behind the bear, lion, leopard, eagle wings, fowl wings and the 10-horned beast for the first time in our history. 

We have yet to have the 3rd World War.  This is anticipated in many circles.  Hawk, rightly so we believe, is saying our current administration may be leaving the front and/or back door open for just such an event.  It meets with the depopulation objectives of the global elites and will create the chaos they want to take advantage of.  If the Gulf War is any indication with its 73,000 deaths (see article below), then they can usually count on wars to be very deadly–a world war even more so with millions dead. 

This site is dedicated to analyzing the threats and giving you solutions for them:  Electro-Magnetic Pulse (read about the threat HERE) from any nuclear explosion above surface or on the surface will wipe out most of our electronics:  Prepare yourself HERE.  A nuclear attack can be withstood by following these steps (provided you are not too close to the epicenter and that is dependent on the size used).  Prepare yourself HERE (“11 Steps to Survival” and plan for the contingency).  But keep in mind, Free People believes there are folks in our military that will do everything they can–including surrendering their lives–to stop a nuclear bomb from hitting here.  Hawk suggests they may hit us with too many for them all to be blocked. 

The more immediate threat may be the Bank Holiday and/or Swine Flu (see Current Bank Holidays alert below) vaccine, but WWIII looms ahead in the mist and cloak of the global elites’ media games.  IF Israel hits Iran, we are at that moment at war with Russia AND China due to our treaties with Israel and Russia’s treaty with Iran and China’s treaty with Russia.  This could be days, weeks, months or years away.  Think about it now and have a plan. 

Remember, you have 35 seconds from the flash in the sky to seek cover from a ground detonation.  Then you have the time it takes for the fallout to reach your location to dig in and wait the two weeks for the radiation level to decrease enough to be safe.  It would seem this moonlight dance bought us some more time to prepare for the eventuality.  Pray for the delay or removal of this threat against our country


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