Call to Americans

Please step up and Follow the Military!

Regarding the “Call to the Military” to stand up and defy their orders to the Usurper “Commander in Chief,” and another former Marine who is requesting Oath Keepers to help Major Cook get his job back, I would like to add (as a private American citizen):


Dear Friend,
Thank you for sharing this.  I would like to share with your Marine friend a few thoughts regarding all that is going on.  As a Global Business Development Consultant, I know how the tentacles of “fascism” can ensnare us and corrupt everything about our lives.
While it is easy to call on the military to do their duty for the people and not follow unlawful orders (and mind you, I do call on the military to do just that as I am an Oath Keeper and former military), we are letting off those who contribute maybe even more to the fascist government who is backed or in bed with the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). 
This monster of the MIC is like a superorganism that sucks everything into its web.  If you produce even one widget for their new technologies, are you not just as guilty at helping them as a soldier in uniform?  Or maybe even more so as that soldier can make the right decision at the precise moment to follow the Constitution and not orders.  But that widget can be used in anyway the government determines to use it.  And YOUR WIDGET HAS NO CONSCIENCE!  And it is now being manipulated by a rogue, fascist government!
How do you think the media and technology companies got so caught up in the fascist web?  They have give everything to the web and in return (especially right now) the government is offering them guaranteed contracts and bailout money while the government devours ALL their competition.  How do you think this works?  The rogue elements behind this new “President” is “buying” everyone’s cooperation through favors.
In my opinion, the Orders Board did Major Cook a favor.  To truly stand on our principals we must look at every action in our lives that feeds the MIC monster.  This “government” which has taken over every last semblance of our previously republican (not political party, but “republic-an”) is illegitimate for at least two reasons:  1) the “President” is guilty of Treason for using the military in Alabama in March (assuming he is a legitimate President); and 2) even morely likely Obama aka Barry Soetoro is ineligible to be our President and is therefore a Usurper and everyone involved in allowing him to be “inaugurated” is complicit and therefore guilty of treason.  Those complicit includes (but is not limited to): Secretaries of State for each State; Congress who certified the Electoral College vote; Dick Cheney who did not call for a challenge to the Electoral College vote, but rather certified the vote without this step and the Supreme Court for not granting standing to any voter in the election who wanted proof of his citizenship, birth, etc.  That is pretty much the entire government.
And given what we know about fascism, that they use extortion, manipulation and threats to coerce everyone to cooperate, just about every company, law firm and an entity inside the beltway is complicit as well.  We can NOT touch this existing government again.  If you engage this government, you are legitimizing an illegitimate government and become part of the corruption.  They know this and put on a media charade to keep you hooked into thinking you can CHANGE things back.
What we have now is a blueprint for building a Republic and we can rebuild that by starting with our neighbors and our Counties FIRST.  Everyone who is collecting a FIAT government paycheck needs to prepare themselves to get OFF the payroll of those paying other American citizens to enslave us through martial law, surveill us through all the technology and otherwise destroy our freedoms USING OUR OWN CITIZENS AGAINST US WITH NOTHING BUT FIAT MONEY.
WAKE UP, AMERICA!!!  This is a bogus government pulling a HUGE SCAM over your eyes and you are cooperating.  You are doing the same thing our shameful legislatures did in allowing the Usurper to be “inaugurated.”
So while I believe the military needs to stand up.  We can’t HAND people their freedom.  They have to WANT IT more than wealth.  They have to leave the filthy hand that feeds them and choose to make it on their own.  Choose to barter in their local communities and foresake the desire for wealth in a system so corrupted it defies description.
Our Founding Fathers risked everything for their freedom.  They did not have retirement funds, social security, disability insurance, government contracts to rely on.  They had only a will to place LIBERTY over TYRANNY.  To a man, every American will face the moment of truth in the very near future:  “Give me liberty or give me death.”  Even if someone plays along with the fascists hoping they will be spared, they will NOT.  They will simply be making the fascist’s job easier and faster.
When will American citizens do what they ask their own military to do?  When will they risk their lives for the freedom of others?  Unfortunately this is the war that is raging around us.  It is not just about the military and law enforcement keeping their oath.  It is about everyone standing up for their own and their neighbors’ unalienable rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” 
I have every confidence in the large bulk of the military showing our citizens how to fight for liberty.  But will our citizens stop building the war machine for the fascists at the same time?
Stand by our military as they STAND FOR YOUR LIBERTIES!


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