False-Flag & Janet Ready

You know, the “endgame” was always to put us under UN/international/global government control, right?  So looking at this document only confirms a belief we have that they may stage a “takedown” of the guy in the Oval Office so that Janet can step in and put us immediately under UN control.  DHS was ALWAYS the initial Shadow Government created in the fear of 9/11 for this express purpose.  They wanted us afraid so we would turn over our liberties in exchange for security.  DHS came in (from UN roots) and began the process of coordinating the intelligence of ALL federal entities.  Before DHS, the information was compartmentalized.  Not ANYMORE.  See the info on the new FUSION CENTERS.  Fusion Centers are where our national information gets turned over to the international supercomputers for their control of our every thought, word and deed.  But, poor Nancy.  She won’t get to ascend the throne as she would have liked.  Janet will be the next leader ahead of her.  And the Czars will become the new ‘cabinet’ members.  America is gone.  It is time for the 2nd Republic of America.  Sign the Declaration of Independence Ver 2.0 HERE (PS – Don’t sign, just acknowledge to yourself.)


http://www.whitehouse.gov/the_press_office/Memorandum-from-the-President-to-the-Secretary-of-Homeland-Security/ (Don’t visit here either, this is just confirmation of where the document came from.)

So their goal is to take him out, blame it on “right-wing terrorists,” create “civil unrest” and a “national emergency” and turn us over to foreign troops flying the UN Flag (as seen during FEMA’s National Level Exercise in July).


One Response to “False-Flag & Janet Ready”

  1. […] always considered this a possibility that would instantly start racial riots.    According to a document Obama signed on August 6, 2009, Janet Napolitano would take over as ‘president.&#82…  One might wonder why they would want to do so right after Obama becomes President of the United […]

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