Controlled Opposition or Progress?

To the eternal optimist, it is certainly the latter.  Each slight movement towards reversing some of the tyranny, quiets their heart and they keeps them longing for the next little glimmer of hope.

But to someone skilled in strategic thinking, that same little “success” is viewed quite differently.  (I wanted to say “with dread” but I can hear the naysayers already, so I have retracted that for a more palatable stance.) 

As a tree in the forest, you might see the loggers drop a few trees far away from you and think, “Oh, they will put the road over there, so I am probably safe.”  Little do you know they aren’t clearing a path for a road, but are instead looking for a particular type of tree.  You, see, unbeknownst to you, while you have been soaking up the sunshine and some rain and successfully fighting off any bugs that would cause you to rot a developer has been waiting to identify the perfect wood for his hotel atrium—and you are just his type.

What happens when we make assumptions based on old paradigms and haven’t accounted for a new paradigm?  Usually change we didn’t see coming.  And even the first few stages of that paradigm can seem to line right up with our old paradigm until the next move is totally unexpected.

Tired of the forest metaphor?  Let’s switch to our situation here in the Good ‘Ole U.S.A.  I think it’s safe to conclude you smell what I smell—something just isn’t right in Washington.  Maybe, you even know where it’s coming from—White House and Federal Reserve, for starters.  And you have started doing your patriotic duty—calling Washington, emailing friends to call Washington, sending emails to Washington, appealing to your State Government for help and you go to sleep each night wishing you could do just a little bit more to bring about that little bit of “success” in your endless fight against tyranny.  And just when it looks like you could win a minor success, such as getting the Press to finally cover your efforts, at the very least, some other fire breaks out.  Still, you keep soldiering on.  It is how a republic should work, right?  You voted for these guys, they let you down by inaugurating an ineligible President, but they should eventually listen, right?

And it’s not to say that some “progress” hasn’t been made.  Sure your message was heard by someone halfway across the country who agrees with you.  Hurray!  Now I have a friend I can chat with and helps me feel good about myself.  If we just acknowledge that this particular government (Super Majority of One Party, ineligible President, Opposing Party all but decimated, Economy in Shambles and a Heist of $20 Trillion+ down the tubes with it) isn’t going to do anything to correct it, your message is still reaching a few other people watching your fight—I’ll give you that.

Still, the strategic thinker is pulling their hair out watching the dog chase his tale; the tree tell all his friends they’re safe because the road is going in somewhere else all the while the government is plotting according to their new paradigm that was part and parcel of their “Super Majority” illusion/sham, etc. 

You see, the strategic thinker has been watching what the compilation of the new government’s moves mean in practical terms.  What does it show about them?  How are they now operating?  Who is calling the shots?  What is their next move?

The strategic thinker is pulling it all together.  It shows there are many people behind the new “President” because he could never pull it off alone.  It shows the money had to go somewhere and it would seem it went straight to his backers—corporations, media outlets, overseas entities (by verification of the strategic thinkers own global network of friends), party leaders pet projects, Congressional pet projects, ACORN, etc.  How are they able to so swiftly pay off their supporters?  Well, they didn’t even have to take time to READ the “Bailout” Bill—its clearly been their wishlist for years or they told everyone give us a project you want and threw it all together and viola, we have a “bill.”  A strategic thinker knows what a business “hostile takeover” looks like and is not fooled by the media spinning it like it real legislative behavior going on. 

From all of this, and years of watching human behavior, a strategic thinker has already put the pieces together to figure out what the compilation of their actions must be leading towards.

If only that strategic thinker had a way to reach the Patriots and share with them some of the new paradigm they need to begin to grasp before it is too late.  But the strategic thinker wonders if they will ever understand in enough time to change their actions to something that can be very successful.  The Patriots are so busy doing what they know how to do—protesting with their pens (really more like keyboards, keypads, etc.).  I know pens are mightier than swords, but not mightier than a good strategy of staying a step ahead of the adversary?  I don’t think so.

Maybe the strategic thinker could get the Patriots to think just a minute about their new adversary.  An ineligible President, with hardly any real experience in government, much less the business world, can hardly be managing all these things on his own.  So who is pulling his strings?  When you can get close to that answer, you can begin to realize all the phone calls and emails to Washington isn’t going to give you the win you need.  (Yes, even IF they remove him from the White House.  It will be a big plus for the Patriots’ morale, but it could also cause its own problems:  1) Those who voted for him may NEVER believe he was in fact ineligible and that will suit the objectives of the powerful elite behind the “President” as it will sow more hostility between factions of the masses; 2) They may just take him out (appearances only) themselves and get more “sympathy” from his supporters; and 3) Give them plenty of reason to bring in International troops to “quell” the civil unrest. 

Don’t think this could happen?  Just check out the agreements Bush signed authorizing Canada to send forces into the U.S. in the event of “civil unrest.”  This is a GAME CHANGER—the new paradigm. 

The new paradigm is:  What if you are doing EXACTLY what the Fascists/Global Elites who want to destroy America want you to do?  What would that mean?

It would mean that they are doing something else while you are busy beating your head against the wall.  It would mean that those with the access to all your digital information, including: reactions to certain events, hot-button issues, local security vulnerabilities (such as will your law enforcement folks be likely to see you as Patriots or unruly hordes of angry folk threatening their safety?), local food stockage levels, medical capacity, bank accounts, guns, etc. They have a better idea of what you will do than you do yourself.  They have been studying this data for years now and know what they can get away with and what your reaction will be. 

They know that if you have a small victory, you will probably get back to normal living for a few weeks.  It’s called “controlled opposition.”  They are counting on you to fight so hard the way you “used” to.  They know that the American people have greater relationships with people online than next door.  That we are less likely to discuss political issues with folks we see everyday.  That’s why we go to “” to find some folks like us—folks within a 100 miles of our frontdoor!  But we rarely talk to our neighbors (except about kids and dogs—they only “politically correct” topics safe enough to discuss). 

They know that we focus on the national level of our government because all our media is mostly national news throughout the day.  They know we don’t know the first thing about what is really going on in our hometowns, but are absorbed with Washington stuff.  They can create this “illusion” of power because we can’t verify that it’s not real.  They know they can listen to every call we make, track every word of every email we send, track websites we visit, etc. and we can’t even tell if the President is really in the White House.  We all know about green screens—that they can put a reporter anywhere they want them to be. 

When the reality sets in and Patriots begin to realize the Elites behind our “President” WANT them to get mad, to protest, to cause a fuss, to talk about a revolution, will there be enough time to act on the new realization—what they have really been up to while we were banging our heads against the wall?  Look, working in the capacity you are now is fine, if you don’t look for that to be the magic bullet.  But be careful, besides it being “controlled opposition” you are also pointing out to them your leaders.  They know if they just take out the leader, the small movement behind them will be disrupted and therefore amount to nothing decisive. 

Besides, having a “leader” in a liberty movement is like having a pastor in a brothel.  Liberty means all men are created equal.  Work together, but work for an idea.  Ideas can not be stopped, but leaders can be.  Think of it like this:  when groups of scuba divers see a shark coming at them, they huddle together without arms and legs sticking out that the shark can easily get to.  Because is a shark gets a hold of a stray leg, it will go after it.  Once the blood is tasted, it can’t help itself.  But if the swimmers present a “big enough” target for the shark (without loose appendages), the shark will go away and feed elsewhere.

Now that I have a few Patriots still listening, let’s look at the ways we can defeat the enemy at his own game.  While we have been looking for them to change according to our demands, they have been doing something behind their green screens that we have missed.

First, they have been consolidating their power.  They know that getting folks to agree to an idea is like herding cats.  So money is their bait—or extortion, threats, and other unseemly actions.  The Bailout Bill gave them more than enough of that.  But what does it mean if they use all their money for their own purposes and we are supposed to pay off the Chinese (we’ll look at that later).  Keep in mind it is FIAT money—just printed paper. 

But, it is has allowed them to pull the Federal Reserve together will all of Wall Street, all the Banks, all the mainstream media, major corporations (especially in the technology fields), etc.  We know what they can do with these types of resources.  Don’t forget Congress, the Supreme Court (why do you think Souter left?), Department of Defense, CIA, FBI.  There are plenty in government already on the side of the Global Elites, but a little friendly coercion (often unseemly) managed to bring the rest of them. 

And don’t forget the steps Bush did take that now help these power-hungry Elites: 1) He created Department of Homeland Security (DHS)—a sort of supra-government/umbrella entity that could be used to force all other government entities into submission; 2) He co-opted the States’ National Guards on behalf of the War on Terror so they would have access to Federal money for training purposes; 3) He signed away many freedoms to FEMA in the event of any “disaster,” etc. (see the list of Executive Orders); 4) He signed the International Health Regulation, 2005 granting the World Health Organization the right to declare martial law in our country in the event of a pandemic; but it would seem he didn’t go far enough for the Elites at the time.  Bush vetoed every bill from the Democratically-controlled Congress for additional spending for DHS.

But with a new guy in town, who can steamroll legislation through with his own pen (forget the Congress—they are too slow), there is nothing stopping the Global Elites who have solidified a powerbase of enormous magnitude.  Still that power is all at the top.  How do they sell this new “illusion” of power to the American people?  That would require enforcement actions on the ground in our neighborhoods.  And how would that best come about?  How about a bit of civil unrest and we bring international troops to quell it?  If that doesn’t seem to happen soon enough, we can unleash a flu virus, creating a global pandemic which would allow us to bring in United Nations troop.  Why the foreign troops?  Because they know our military and law enforcement won’t likely go along with such crazy (dare we say “unconstitutional?) orders.

And, if we can keep a good amount of our military halfway around the planet in a war the new “President” has, on numerous occasions during his campaign, declared he would put an end to, they won’t be home to fight for their fellow citizens.

So, for any Patriot who can follow this strategic logic, though unsavory as it may be, the question remains:  what can be done to stop their total tyranny? 

Let’s look at the “illusion” of Fascism first.  Fascism relies on money for power and fear for control.  It would only makes sense that a free people would not take part in either of these two facets of their illusion.  First, Patriots working together can starve the beast.  We can boycott mainstream media, at the very least the major networks.  We can stop buying things online from the major media and distribution companies.  We should buy locally or from “mom and pop” shops online.  We should opt out of the FIAT money system and set up our own local monetary systems.  We need to work closely with our Sheriff’s Department to enforce the Constitution at the level that ACTUALLY impacts us the most.  We should refrain from any “civil unrest” by thinking strategically and preparing for any tactics they might try to use against us. 

If we all are doing the same things are the local level, we can defeat this enemy.  It is just the head of a very poisonous body, but liberty does not rely on a strong central authority anyway—IT IS BEST TO SIMPLY IGNORE IT and their money system and their Executive Orders. 

You might wonder why the strategic thinker doesn’t suggest getting rid of them all through legal channels.  The answer is simple: until you starve the beast, it will always regenerate the try to takeover again.  Liberty relies on strong Counties that can govern themselves WITHOUT Federal money—the Federal money is ALL FIAT ANYWAY.  It is valueless.  We have been part of a Long Con perpetrated by the Federal Reserve and Global Elites who want to take over our country and institute a global currency and a global government.  To avoid the dreaded RFID, the best thing we can do right now is to establish our own Constitutional governments at the County level along with a monetary system for bartering and exchange.

You might ask, but what do I do about my house payments and such.  The strategic thinker would say that the Federal Reserve is using FIAT money to keep you enslaved to their system.  They pay you for your labors in FIAT money and they crash the economy so even the “con” comes to an end eventually.  Soon they will declare a bank holiday and take back all their “paper” slowly. 

Patriots need to find a way to be self-sustaining again.  Look for work you can do to support your local economy.  You can find more answers at

The sooner we become independent of this corrupt, ineligible, fascist government, the safer we will be.  A new Republic must start from the ground up—not the other way around.  We need to get rid of Federal Income Tax—it gives a central government too much power.  We need to get rid of the Federal Reserve.  If we can’t reach them all to remove them from their offices—we should just IGNORE THEM and NOT USE THEIR MONEY!  It’s really that simple.

So, you see, good Patriots, the real way to restore a Republic is NOT to petition your Federal and State leaders, but to start with strong local leadership and replace them as we work our way up.

Watch, though, they do plan to bring more foreign troops (yes, I said more because there are plenty here already—oh, you didn’t know that did you) in here this summer.  We should all be watching the skies above us, collecting our observations so that folks who understand their Constitutional right to defend themselves and others have the best intelligence our freedom can buy us.

Please try to see the bigger picture so that every action you take can make a difference and not be a waste of time—or worse by putting your leader at risk.  If you understand the smartest strategy to defeat fascism (see Free People On The Land’s Action Statements), you can make even your smallest efforts add up to something huge when we add them all up together.

You see, strategic thinking isn’t so hard after all.  It starts with “out of the box” thinking.  Fascism is about keeping us in a box.  When we “opt out,” we have liberty again.  Let’s all “opt out.”


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