Chemtrails, Bases, Weather

Update: Sep 6, 2009

Below is a short video advertising an entire program you can download beginning on Sep 11th.  A. C. Griffith says he has been watching chemtrails everyday for 10 years now.  He says the command and control for the operation is done out of Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio.  For someone in Northern Michigan, this is very believeable because we have seen simultaneously 2-3 jets on a daily basis since the 3rd week of June spraying in the ionosphere (high altitude jets).  We have had the coldest “summer” and rarely a clear sky this entire time (except now for the last few days).  We also have seen numerous soundwave patterns in the clouds spreading the sprays quickly for complete cloud cover.  The question has always been, whether in LA or Northern Michigan, where are these jets flying from?  Perhaps now we know.  If you know of folks working there, please find out what you can and keep us posted here. 

Griffith mentions the Woodpecker Signal from Russia.  The Russian Woodpecker:  Experiments in Global Mind Control HERE  is an article regarding it.  If you can begin to put two and two together, you can see the advancements that have been made using “scalar” and microwave signals and the non-lethal weapons technologies as well as HAARP.

Chemtrails, Bases and Weather:

What do these 3 things have in common?

If one were to triangulate between these pieces of information regarding things folks are spotting in the sky, things other folks are leaking to the public and our local weather channel, one begins to wonder what is behind these three bits of information and how might they be connected.

Let’s start with the one that seems to be the most divisive:  chemtrails.  For those who aren’t convinced please spend some time on this site: and then continue reading.  And then wait until one day when you see a plane leaving a long trail across the sky and spend 15-20 minutes watching those trails spread out creating a cloudy sky.  BTW, the government has finally admitted, via the NYT, that they are spraying chemicals, but say it is to combat “global warming.”

The fact that the chemicals they are releasing are Barium and Aluminum and these have a debilitating effect on our nervous system, has led many to believe these chemtrails are to facilitate the spreading of the “Swine Flu” virus and causing a simple flu to be more deadly.

But when you see how these trails cause the sky to cloud over, one must eventually think of the significance of this to say, the closed military bases where our government needs to position the foreign soldiers who will be used to implement martial law–because of the same flu.

What do we miss flying over our heads that we can’t see–all because the government has left these trails to cover it up?  We can see the helicopters they are using:  UD-1s, CH-47s, etc.  But planes fly above the clouds and these are the aircraft that could transport foreign troops in here. 

While the chemtrails in Los Angeles do not appear to be associated with severe weather (although this year we have only had two mornings where the temperature went above 80 degrees), my recent trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has provided a direct correlation between chemtrails and severe weather. 

My first day here was a bit cloudy and unremarkable, but the following morning started out with a brilliant blue, cloudless sky.  Then at about 9:30am, I noticed two chemtrails and within the next 20 minutes, the skies were filled with clouds and the sun was gone.  Unlike Los Angeles where the clouds would stay until the next day, the sky cleared up again by early afternoon.  Before dinnertime, they were trailing again.

With no trails the following morning, the weather was unbelieveably hot (96 degrees) all through the day (there was frost in this area the first week of June!).  With a few trails in the evening, it rapidly burned off without resulting cloud cover. 

The following morning was again clear and warm, but by mid afternoon, a wind picked up that blew open our front door and dropped the temperature by 25 degrees easy.  The speed of wind went from 0-45mph  within a few minutes.  Whitecaps formed on Lake Superior where it had been glass a few minutes before.

But within a few hours, from across all of Lake Superior came a cloud riding ON THE LAKE.  It blew onto our southside shore and into the trees before floating into the air.  After about 3 hours of this David Copperfield style illusion, we could see a break in the low lying cloud with blue sky directly above about a 100ft of cloud and criss-crossed with chemtrails in the upper atmosphere.

Since that day, even the local weather channel has been reporting this is late October weather we have not seen before occuring at the end of June.  They are at a loss to explain it.  I guess I could send them the photos off my phone.  Will try to upload here.

Why this weather?  Why here?  In keeping with the tyrannical government’s objectives of bringing in foreign troops to enforce martial law, confiscate guns, arrest “homegrown terrorists,” they need cloud cover to hide their movements. 

Did I mention there is a closed Air Force base just south of the eastern tip Lake Superior about 15 miles inland?  It is a former Strategic Air Command (SAC) base and as such has a airfield built for B52 Bombers and large underground facilities for continued operations in the event of an incoming attack.  There are 3-4 of these closed air force bases in Michigan.  Covering over Lake Superior could easily accomodate their movement to 2-3 of these bases from Canada.  Remember FEMA’s use of Canadian troops for their NLE Exercise beginning on July 27th, to practice Martial Law?

Is this happening anywhere near you?  Let’s pull together all our info so we can watch Big Brother watching us!  Fight back and outsmart them.  Its not hard to outsmart thugs who require force.


“We are massively being poisoned and brainwashed” Former mayor Peter Vereecke (53) of Evergem wants the justice department and the city council to act against planes that are according to him spraying day and night disease causing germs and chemicals all over the world. ”Rest assured I am not insane.”  NOTE: White lines = chemtrails.

“Don’t confuse this with contrails”, said Vereecke. “Those are harmless condensation trails that are only visible for a few seconds. On the other hand chemtrails are clouds of chemicals and disease causing germs that are deliberately sprayed on us to manipulate our behaviour. De councilmen and – women were stunned and listened to his every word. At last some other subject than a loose tile or a backed-up sewage pipe.

“I hope that the city council mobilizes all possible government ministries to fight this mental and physical attack. I have already filed two complaints with the local police, but they don’t to anything with it”, said Vereecke. Could it be that they had a good laugh with it?

The internet is full of conspiracy theories about chemtrails: the spray planes that are supposedly being used to conduct massive sterilisations in populated areas, for large vaccination campaigns and genetic manipulation of humans and plants, for the spread of epidemics, for the subjugation of populations, to manipulate weather and to combat climate change. Or a combination of the above.

“I find the theories all very interesting but I don’t choose a side” says alarmist Vereecke. “I’m only saying that the chemtrails have provable effects on our health en that they are being conducted by hidden power structures behind the veil of the official political world. Don’t make any illusions: what we see are merely puppets. Even Barack Obama is a puppet. De real powers are hidden under the lee.”

Read the Entire Article HERE


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