200 Closed Bases


If the Fascists and Global Elites must bring foreign troops into the United States in order to “Close the Deal” and assume full control–enough to seize the guns of American citizens and numerous other things–they are going to need to bring them in by air, by sea or across the borders.

Air is a high probability given the number of closed Air Forces where they could be brought into without much notice–especially when the media ignores it.  Very similar to the way they deal with all UFOs.  A few people might notice and report, but without a solid information-sharing network in place, we will be unable to know the extent of their plans.

Also, many Air Force bases have extensive underground facilities and this would make hiding the foreign troops very easy.

Ports are possible if you are talking Third World types of soldiers coming out of containers. 

Either way, it is imperative we begin to watch for these things. 

This link is a list of Closed Bases by type.  If you can coordinate some intelligence gathering in your geographic area, you can begin to plan accordingly.  Likely your local militias have been following this sort of thing.  Find out how you can assist them.

Once you know there is something up, execute a “Flyer Program” in our community.  Gather as many volunteers as you can that will blanket the cars throughout the community (in a 24 hour period) with a flyer stating the threat (movement observed), a SALUTE report (Size, Activity, Location, Unit Markings, Time and Equipment).  Give them this website to come to where we will be posting ways they can assist you and your local militia without having to contact the militia if they don’t know how.

We will post recommended actions for anyone in the community to follow so we can achieve the optimum results to advance our liberties.

Start providing information you already have to us and we will compile for those in your area.

Liberty requires vigilance and cooperation.  Let’s cut them off as early as possible without bloodshed.  We can out-strategize them as we have the will of the people behind us.

Top_200[1]  This is a Matrix of Closed Bases and Regional Airports by State






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  1. amens and amen

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