Can THEY Close the Deal?

As Fascism, as well as the New World Order, relies most heavily on money and power, their actual hold in a country as “free” as we perceive ourselves to be, can be more tenuous than in any other country in the world.

 If we look at the actual way they come into being, we can see for ourselves some of their inherent weaknesses.  Usually, in a Republic the election of a new President could not have precipitated such dramatic change so quickly, right?  This was assisted by a “Democratic Super Majority” that gave the new “President” carte blanche to propose bills that he would eventually rubber stamp in the end.  However, this new guy didn’t even bother with using that process for most of his changes except in the case of the Bailout money—can’t take that heat all alone.  But everything else he has written as an Executive Order, similar to Bush before him.  Still, he has taken things even further and much faster than Bush did.

 Why is that?  Well, because they have a narrow window to sell the entire illusion before it begins to crumble.  To move this quickly, this new guy had to appoint “Czars” for his supra-government rather than holding so many Senate confirmation hearings.  If you want to sell the illusion there is no dissenting voice in Washington, so you can force the same code of silence on the American people, you must keep Washington’s resistance out of the news.  Therefore, few Senate confirmation hearings are desirable.  But total control of the press, doesn’t hurt either.

 The Supra-government illusion was the tool the Global Elitists used to give the United Nations so much international control as well.  It’s been quite effective at that level and they have calculated it would be so in the U.S. as well.  But how does a new guy (believe me, I know he is a puppet and he has many masters behind him) so quickly gain control of an administration that has more powerful bureaucrats in each department than any other President has been able to completely bring to their side?  Well, he appoints “Czars,” which allows him to ignore the bureaucrats for the sake of the media and selling the illusion to the American people.

 Then, to keep the bureaucrats and their bureaus playing for his team, he threatens the previous President of filing criminal charges against him thereby putting his supporters on notice to play on his team or face implications in those charges.

 So with his supra-government approach of Czars and media control, he is able to silence most of the national dissent against him.  With the media, he can begin telling the American people how he intends to “rule.”  Almost every day he comes out this a new “dictate” regarding things his administration finds offensive.  How does he further the illusion down to people?  Besides the media reporting, he has to further the illusion with some form of enforcement.  What better instrument than the ultimate supra-government entity the last guy left behind—Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

 Under the guise of 9/11 and the terrible threat of terrorist attacks, his predecessor left him an instrument to execute this semblance of control and power, DHS.  While the new guy’s backers were displeased with the degree to which “43” supported this new entity (he vetoed every budget increase for them that the Democratic-controlled Congress tried to pass), the new guy could rectify that little problem with his own stroke of the pen.  Still with DHS deciding many folks were to be considered possible home-grown “terrorists” and DHS’s control over airport security, it would be enough to sell the illusion to a great extent—the no-fly list.  And besides these “terrorists,” with the help of his banks and corporations, they could further cause fear by allowing those with low credit scores to be added to the list.  These entities of control are all within the current administration’s sphere of influence.

 But it is doubtful at this point that DHS is enough to use to control the masses.  Although each State’s acceptance of the Bailout money provides some insurance to the new guy that he has bought his cooperation to extend his control down through those law enforcement channels, such as by sparing police officer lay-offs would engender individual loyalty as well.  If a State accepts the Bailout money, some already have DHS at every level (including County Sheriff’s offices) of the government already, but at that point the state has to submit to taking future money for law enforcement from the Federal government, thus bringing continued control.    

 Still, there are many law enforcement folks who will not obey orders of the new guy if they are un-Constitutional.  So how can he close the deal to convince the American people his threat is sufficient?  Can he or should he try to invoke them to a revolution so he can easily call in troops from, say Canada, to quell the civil unrest?  “43” did sign such an agreement granting the use of Canadian forces inside the U.S. in the event of “civil unrest.”  So it is easily doable.  FEMA, which falls under DHS and is not responsible to the long-standing bureaucratic control of Washington, could hold an “exercise” and invite foreign troops as a way to get them in here in the event they are needed when US law enforcement will not follow the new guy’s un-Constitutional orders.

 So if that date is already set for a national FEMA exercise to commence on July 27th, and since the administration is moving so quickly to sell the illusion they can enforce their new policies, it would seem he has mitigated any risks he might have in utilizing departments that might be more loyal to the Constitution.

 And a FEMA exercise, again, does not require Congressional approval for bringing in foreign troops onto American soil.  There are many Executive Orders, “43” signed that granted total control of almost every aspect of U.S. life and commerce to FEMA in the event it is necessary for them to utilize this control.

 In conclusion, the only way the new guy can close the deal (that brings him total control) is to bring in foreign troops.  He can do that one of two ways:

1)      He can bring them for an exercise with FEMA, which will be a “false flag” just as 9/11 was and so was the London subway bombing (meaning an “exercise” which becomes a real disaster)

2)      He can bring them in as part of a World Health Organization (WHO) level 6 alert for a pandemic, such as Flu or Ebola virus that has been found in 5 or more countries (see International Health Regulation, 2005, which Bush signed giving this authority to WHO).  Level 6 calls for martial law, mandatory vaccination and everyone in their houses under quarantine or brought to FEMA camps.  We are still currently at Level 5 from the outbreak in Mexico. 

 Still people inside the government bureaucracies may still not play along with his plan.  They may slip information to the American citizens or frustrate certain operations. 

 Don’t buy into the illusion that they have enough power yet.  Don’t believe that everyone is batting for the new guy.  If we Patriots are going to take any action, we should do one or more of these things:

1)      Become a Free People on the Land signer and disassociate with the Illusion of Washington. (

  1. This is an illegitimate government as attested to by the new guy’s ineligibility, and his treasonous acts (see

2)      You can’t really trust anything in Washington because the corporate, banking, media and other tentacles run too deep.  Starve their pocketbooks by not watching MSM media, starve their media content by not playing the illusion that the US government is doing any business that matters.  They are using day-to-day business as a distraction to keep you in the illusion.

3)      Watch your regional airports, closed air force bases and such for any incoming foreign soldiers.  If anything, set up a Minutemen patrol to watch these places so you can alert your local militia to changes in situational circumstances.

 Remember, it is NOT the militias that are calling you to Revolution.  It is the media guys, alternative mainstream (watch their billionaire backers with Bilderberg connections) and others who want to invoke you.  When we take to the streets prematurely, we may be giving him the last puzzle piece he needs to raise up ACORN and international soldiers to fight us in our own country.

 We still hold the power.  We just have to know how to disassociate from the corrupt fascist supra-government illusion.  Hold your power.  Join your neighbors and watch your neighborhoods to keep them safe.  And “Don’t Forget KATRINA!”



3 Responses to “Can THEY Close the Deal?”

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