This is FREE PEOPLE ON THE LAND’s Flagship Trilogy.  It was written to get folks to see that Fascism relies on an illusion of power that is used to take its top-heavy original power ties and stake them to the ground at the lowest level of government. 

We can see how this has slowly been accomplished.  Be sure to read all of these listings as they lay the foundation for the initiation of a 2nd American Republic. 

1) Can THEY Close the Deal?

Supporting:  200 Closed Bases/Regional Airports and Come One, Come All; UR Invited its Martial Law and D.U.M.Bs – Deep Underground Military Bases and Concentration Camps and Executive Orders HERE

2) Controlled Opposition or Progress?

Supporting:  Government “OF THE MEDIA” and Chemtrails, Bases, Weather and Chemtrails/Weather Control

3) Eviction, Quarantine, Seige

Supporting:  HR 645 and What FEMA Camps? and FOOD SHORTAGE and Martial Law Alerts Jul/Aug



3 Responses to “CAN THEY CLOSE THE DEAL?”

  1. […] They Close the Deal” HERE (Closed Bases, HR 645, […]

  2. […] mounds of paperwork.      To keep the illusion going with the Americans, so they can more easily ‘close the deal’ in every part of the country, they make it look like its just business.  When in fact, it is […]

  3. […] A) Can They Close the Deal; Controlled Opposition or Progress; and Eviction, Quarantine or Seige HERE […]

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