12 ACTIVE ALERTS for Oct 2, 2009

ALERT From Hawk and Greg Everson (retired State Patrolman)

Hawk is a former military remote-viewer and has been a host with Steve Quayle for all the months we have been listening.  Greg Everson is a retired State Trooper. 

Both were discussing the coming Martial Law scenario.  They said the plan will go down in less than 3-6 hours from the point that Martial Law for a Pandemic is declared.  Law enforcement will block off cities from the ring roads and everything inside will be in the killzone.  They will shut off all utilities:  power, gas, water, phone lines, cell phones, etc.  No assistance will be provided inside those cities.  And nothing will come out of them. 

Troops commanders will order them to empty the grocery stores, drug stores and gas stations.  Helos will spray tanks will assist the Bio agent and when the ‘burning’ is finally done, it will be a Mad Max scenario.  Gangs inside (such as MS 13) will be given free reign from the government to wreak any havoc they desire.  The people will then lead for the Jackboots to come in and save them.  

Therefore, you need to have 3 alternate routes identified to get out at the first notice of the Pandemic/Martial Law. 

Steve Quayle and Alex Jones agree there will need to be a false flag to likely kick off all of this mayhem.  Today, we hear again from the Major of NY:

Published: October 4, 2009

A network of private and public surveillance cameras, license plate readers and weapons sensors already established in Lower Manhattan as an electronic bulwark against terrorist attacks will soon expand to a large patch of Midtown Manhattan, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said Sunday as they announced the allocation of $24 million in Homeland Security grants toward the effort.

Mr. Bloomberg said the expanded monitoring network would cover the areas between 30th and 60th Streets, from the Hudson to the East River.

“We cannot afford to be complacent,” he said, noting that Midtown includes landmarks like Grand Central Terminal, the Empire State Building and the United Nations.

Like the system downtown, the expanded surveillance network would feed streams of data for analysis to a coordination center at 55 Broadway. Mr. Bloomberg, who made the announcement at the center with Mr. Kelly, said work on the Midtown system would begin next year and be completed in 2011.

Behind the mayor, a 40-foot video wall displayed maps, incoming data from a police precinct and more than a dozen video streams, many of them showing tourists taking photographs on a sunny day.

The plan devised to protect downtown Manhattan, known as the Lower Manhattan Security Initiative, was introduced by Mr. Kelly in 2005. That raised concern among civil liberties groups, which have called for more public discussion as the police peer, with greater intensity, at more corners of the city.

Asked Sunday about criticism of the increased surveillance, Mr. Bloomberg said: “We live in a world where we have to have a balance. We can’t just say everybody can go everyplace and do anything they want.”

He added, “Do you really want to work in a building that doesn’t have security?”

Free People – Let’s ask the mayor WHO this security will work FOR?  Certainly not the American people.  We haven’t seen a good example of peace officer, aka law enforcement, behavior in months, perhaps years!!  Now, it would seem that as private security guards in the US outnumber government hired security folks by 5:1, we are increasingly coming under the control of the global bankers who are buying up all the security, aka mercenaries, across the planet.  Recipe for False Flag, Jackboots, AND a return of Nazi Germany everywhere.  Be on guard, folks, the fox is guarding the hen house.

2) PRINT THIS OUT AND KEEP HANDY!!!!OUR CALL TO ARMS: These actions are considered acts of war on American Patriots. As a result should one of these things occur consider it a call to arms and a first shot in the second American Revolution. :1) Forced Vaccinations under threat of being bused to Detention Camps if one refuses to take the H1N1/N1H1 Vaccine. Act ONLY if someone is actually sent to a detention facility, or people are sickened by the forced vaccinations.

2) The suspension of the Constitution by declaring Martial Law (See Action Statement #7)

3) Any move by any government agency – including the UN, Local Law Enforcement, Federal Law Enforcement, US Troops, FEMA, DHS – against the citizens in order to confiscate weapons. (See Action Statement #10)

4) The closing of roads, and or the setting up of roadblocks, for the purpose of searching vehicles for weapons.

5) Setting up roadblocks for the purpose of checking drivers for a valid H1N1 Vaccine recipient shackle that shows they have been vaccinated..

6) The movement against any citizen’s private home for the purpose of seizing anything the government, or its representatives, deems necessary to confiscate.

7) Breaking down any citizens door between 9 PM and 5 AM in order to enter a home to search for and/or seize weapons or contraband. (See Action Statement #12)

8) The detention of any citizen by the government, or it representatives, for ANY bogus charge, including, but not limited to, these reasons: Inciting a riot, plotting to overthrow the government, weapons charges, making a bomb, being public nuisance, causing a public disturbance, firing a weapon within the city limits, plotting to assassinate the president, murder, sex crimes, robbery, car jacking, altering a weapon’s serial number, trespassing, breaking into a Federal facility (IE. Guard Armory), hate crimes, assault on a minority and more.

I do not trust the government to be above accusing any member of any crime in order to get them off of the street and into jail. They view anyone who opposed their agenda as terrorists.

The Call to Arms is a national call … and should take place ONLY when you have verified news of the start of any unconstitutional moves against American citizens.

Communications within your unit should be by small Walkie Talkies with ear phones, Long distance communications should be by a minimum 40 channel CB radio up to and including HAM radios. (I have a 120 Channel CB unit) We will start communications on Channel 30, but will switch around channels, so keep checking back to Channel 30 to see if anyone is on. Each Unit should purchase a mobile police/military scanner with a minimum of 200 channels.

Remember when you hear the news of any of the above attacks your Call to Arms begins. Thus you need to pull the battery and SIM card from your cell phone, do not use vehicle that has “On Star” or and directional GPS system in it without disabling it first. Also you need to scratch the magnetic strips off the back of any credit cards, drug store discount cards, grocery store discount cards, Insurance cards, VA ID cards, ATM Cards, and any other card that has a magnetic strip on it. I just finished reading a book by someone who disappeared off of the grid and he warned that these magnetic strips can be used to pinpoint your movements. So either remove the strips or cut the cards in half and leave them behind.

You have been instructed by myself on many posts to buy silver and gold. The world smart people have listen as gold has shot up from $943 oz to close today at $1,020 oz. Silver has also shot up from $13.50 oz to close at $17.30 oz today. These price jumps have occurred over the past 10 days alone. You can expect the price of silver and gold to continue to rise steadily as people recognize that this is going to be the only currency that’s will be accepted during the revolution. I advise you while there is still time to buy gold & silver coins. Your dollars will be worthless so don’t hold on to them unless it is to pay for needed supplies or weapons while there’s still time.

Free People – This was provided by a friend, source unknown.  You may have better ideas for yourself and your patriot friends, but this should get you thinking for sure.  Be ready.  And Sign the Declaration of Independence, Ver 2.0 HERE

3) On his radio show of Sep 25th, Steve Quayle says he was contacted by a military member returning from a Defense Show in London who told him they have combined the H1N1 and the H5N1 flu viruses (using unique genetic markers) to achieve a 60% kill rate.  Steve said they have released it in the Middle East (troops, we think) already and we should start to see more results soon.  Steve refers to the navy ship deaths that some sites are now trying to say were a ‘hoax.’ 

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, as a guest on Steve’s show, has mentioned that he has a vaccination ‘religious exemption from blood intoxications’ for folks who don’t want to take the vaccine.  As Free People have already decided this government is illegitimate and should be ignored, we find it difficult to  believe any piece of paper will protect us from this government, but if you think it will help you, please go to for details.  Prayer works best, as Dr. Horowitz mentions as well.

4) California Swine Flu Checkpoint Identified?
Paul Joseph Watson, ,Sep 28, 2009

The testimony of a woman who claimed she was part of a military drill in California centered around setting up roadblocks to check if people had received the H1N1 vaccine has potentially been validated with another report of a swine flu checkpoint near San Diego.


Earlier this month we reported on the You Tube video of a woman who claimed to have taken part in an Army exercise which involved setting up roadblocks and checkpoints so authorities could check who has received the swine flu vaccine. Those who have had the shots will be fitted with an RFID bracelet so they can be tracked. Those who have not taken the shot will be offered it there and then and if they still refuse, will be carted off to an internment camp, according to the woman.

Former Kansas state trooper Greg Evensen spoke of similar checkpoints recently, when he told an audience in West Virginia that preparations to enforce mandated vaccinations were being focused around preventing those who haven’t had the shot from traveling.

“I have been told by state troopers across the country that there are plans ready to be implemented that would include roadblocks and choke points as we call them, major interstate junctions around major cities and so forth where the greatest number of people can be held until they prove their vaccination by papers,” Evenson said, adding that permanent RFID bracelets would then be used to identify those who had taken the shot.

“I have been told that the plans would include buses standing by for people at roadblocks that refuse to take the inoculation,” added Evenson, saying that such refusniks would then be taken to military bases and imprisoned.

“Get your shot or get on the bus, that’s what’s coming,” warned Evenson.

Authorities in Boston have already trialed RFID bracelet technology, with the purpose of creating a “vaccination map” charting which people have taken the vaccine and which have not, or “creating a citywide registry of everyone who has had a flu vaccination,” as a Boston Globe article describes.

Participants were given a bracelet with a unique identifier code, exactly as described in the You Tube clip of the woman’s testimony.

We have now received yet another report of a roadblock staffed by armed military personnel centered around checking whether people have received vaccines.

A reader e mailed us a photo (see top of page) and the testimony of his friend who was traveling from California to Arizona after visiting friends. The man was driving through mountains east of San Diego when he came across a roadblock.

“As I neared the border they had a checkpoint set up but not the usual stateline checkpoint,” he writes.

“As I approached I noticed armed military personnel had most of the cars pulled over and there were a lot of people going in and out of a mobile trailer. The people looked confused and some upset. Seeing what was going on made me really nervous,” the man adds.

He was then approached by a women in military fatigues who asked him where he was driving and “something about a vaccination.”

“I got scared and told her I was a state geologist doing field research and because I was doing so much driving back and forth I had my vaccine on campus. She didn’t say anything for a few seconds and then the car behind me started honking and she got pissed and waved me on. I was so scared!,” he concludes.

The truck with the green stripe seen in the image is undoubtedly a border patrol car, but a blow up of the picture shows men dressed in military cammo, not the usual single color green uniform of border patrol agents. One of the men on the left hand side of the car in front appears to be carrying a large firearm.

Whether this was just another of the sprawling internal checkpoints that are now popping up all over the country is open to debate, but the fact that vaccines were mentioned indicates that this was potentially another drill in preparation for a mass swine flu outbreak. The addition of mobile trailers and unhappy people being forced to leave their cars and undergo some form of involuntary procedure hints that this could have been something even more ominous. See the enlarged image below.


5) In perhaps his strongest presentation yet, Dr. Leonard Horowitz lays out the business, social engineering and psychological warfare aspects that converge to make this Swine Flu vaccine the perfect form of “GENOCIDE!”

4) City of Hardin & surrounding area is now becoming a police state!, September 28, 2009,

“Arise, shine; for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; but the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you.” Isaiah 60:1

“…We must remember: how we vote is how we will be visited.” In the Greek, the word for ‘visitation’ is linked not only with the concept of overseeing but also with casting a vote. People who live in a nation with a democratic process that forms how they are governed are allowed by a holy God who rules the earth to choose their future. We, like Israel of old, can demand a king and then wake up one morning and see that those whom we have chosen have now made choices for us that are detrimental to our future…

As the word of God says in 1 Samuel 8:18, the Lord warned the people that if they chose a king who was not His choice, the following would happen: “You will cry out in that day because of your king whom you have chosen for yourselves, and the Lord will not hear you in that day.” We can always make a choice that will be detrimental to our lives in days ahead…The factor of time causes our true hearts to be seen and the consequences of our choices to manifest.” (quote from ‘Redeeming the Time’ by Chuck Pierce)


Dear Intercessors,

Things are moving so quickly and we are out of time! The spirit of Pharaoh has entered our land! We have found out that our little town of Hardin is the ‘test town’ for President Obama’s new law to privatize the police force of local communities. Last night, the city council voted to disband our sheriff’s department and to bring in a private security company to police the town.

Interestingly, earlier in the day, the mayor when asked in an interview about the privatization of our police department completely denied it and said that would not be done with out a council meeting. Then that evening, a council meeting was held in regards to that very thing. At the beginning of this month, our local prison signed an agreement with the American Police Force which is a subsidiary of a larger private security force that the U.S. used in the Iraq war and Hurricane Katrina.

Yesterday, a convoy of twelve ‘blacked out’ Mercedes Benz SUV’s were brought into town. They were already painted with Hardin’s colors and ‘Hardin Police Force’ was already painted on them! Hardin’s sheriff’s department will no longer be in operation after the month of October. During October, the Sheriff’s Department is to train this new security force in all the logistics of running the town of Hardin. If you go on the American Police Force site, you might notice that the logo they use is actually a Russian logo. I have been told that the man who came with this new security force as the captain, has a thick Russian accent.

Earlier this month, in an interview in regards to this Hardin prison and the training center that they are planning to build, we were told that seventy five percent of the security officers that were to be trained would be ‘international’.

This private security force is already patrolling the town. They had several people stopped yesterday. Also, it appears that they are building some type of heavy duty gate at the entrances of our town.

In an interview, the American Police Force security has stated that they will stay here one month to assess the population and then they will make their permanent base here. They said they are scouting out thirty towns in the U.S. but that Hardin is the first. Also, President Obama has authorized and signed a bill for full government funding of the privatization of the police departments throughout the U.S. By the end of October, it is their plan to have all major cities locked down!

In an interview with one of the city council members, he stated that this new H1N1 shot which has not been tested will be mandatory and if a resident of our town refuses, they will be taken to our prison where they will be quarantined. A federal law has been passed that makes it mandatory that all health care workers have to take this new shot. If they do not, they will automatically loose their jobs.

The new federal law that is in place makes gives you four choices in regards to this new shot. One, you can voluntarily take it or you can refuse and be taken to a place to be quarantined, or as an alternative; if you refuse, you can have a chip placed in you to track you or a tracking bracelet which cannot be taken off. The state borders will be manned and locked down in the near future in regards to this mandatory shot.

I am also told by a reliable source that today one of the managers at a local business in Hardin was visited by this new private security force which is now the new Hardin Police Department. He is an avid hunter and they came to inform him that they had a list of all fire arms that he owned; this includes all the residents of our town, and that he would need to take his guns down to have them put a marking device on them.
Also, today, one of the main streets in Hardin was completely blocked off and they have been setting up information booths where they are passing out pamphlets with information on this new H1N1 shot.

Intercessors, I am not making up any of this information! You can go on the internet and verify most of this information from KULR 8, MSNBC or Fox news. Things have changed so quickly in the last 24 hours! Things are not and will never be the same. We are indeed going into the prophesied ‘four years of captivity for America’. I believe we are about to enter into a time of persecution that the Church in America has never known! We must prepare! The good news is that this is also the time when the Glory of God will manifest itself in a way we have never known!  In His Service

6)  VACCINE ALERT!!!  September 18, 2009
By Old Soldier (an Oath Keeper) as posted at

A lot of dangerous things are suddenly breaking loose. Canada news showing them shipping in millions of body bags, same in Scotland and the UK, due to anticipated deaths from the “pandemic,” and both there and here, we are into final preps for the initiation of Martial Law which is definitely NOW on the way to enforce this Vaccine program of death. Look, “it’s not the Swine Flu. It’s the VACCINE.” Most here know this, I’m sure. Our Secretary of Health and Human Services has announced that Vaccines will begin in Mid-October. The Soldier, in one of the videos you are going to be referred to below, says they will begin 15 OCTOBER per her Unit’s orders as of this past weekend.. 

Photo: A nurse prepares an anti-flu vaccine on September 14, 2009 at the Clermont-Ferrand hospital, central France, during a test with volunteers directed by medicine Claude Dubray as a preventive measure from the H1N1 virus (swine flu). At least 3,205 people have died of the disease worldwide since it was uncovered in April, the World Health Organisation (WTO) told in a conference in Vienna today. (Getty)

My fellow Christians, we ARE already into a REVOLUTION that is being waged against us by our own government. I do hope you at least realize this. This Flu thing is their FIRST MAJOR SHOT which once fired, will be followed by others. PLEASE be SOBER and ACCEPT THIS AS FACT. Do not wait and realize it when they are terminating us as they have been planning to do for decades. The WAITING PERIOD IS ABOUT OVER FOR GOOD. REALIZE THIS AND TAKE ACTIONS ACCORDINGLY. WE are almost into a SOLID RED Alert. It’s definitely moving from Orange to Red and it will be RED very very soon (By 15OCT09 for sure per the Secy. of Health and Human Services, CDC, our Military and LEO’s). NORTHCOM is READY, along with whatever UN FORCES exist which are now under our OWN PRESIDENT who is the Chairman of the UN’s Security Council —contrary to all other President’s who have not done this due to it being Unconstitutional. Usually the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. serves in this capacity when the time rolls around to the U.S. Wonder WHY our President is doing it himself this time? Guess!! He will be able to ORDER all he needs to “put down” any Civil Unrest. 

The Soldier in the video you are to see, confirms that the Army, Marines, and ALL Law Enforcement personnel will be involved. They have been practicing ,and this past weekend is when she was finally hit with the severity of this thing. She bravely demonstrates Super Patriotic Courage by making this video to give us her WARNING. They (TPTB–Govt)) are going to require every one of us to take this vaccine or go into an indefinite lock-up inside a “camp” and what happens then is anybody’s guess, but you can bet old Lucifer will have his sway over most events there. 

She (and Greg has done the same in previous Videos) is telling their fellow Military and Law Enforcement personnel to ABIDE BY THEIR OATHS TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION against ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC. Well, we are about to see how this works out for them. Both know some will side with The People, while others will ENFORCE the orders they are given including shooting people who bring force back against them. Especially are their OATHS to be “TESTED” to their own peril or praise, since their Oaths usually end with “..So help me God.” So, their Oaths to God are to be upheld by them, or they are going to decide to follow the god of the Luciferian’s. How our military and law enforcement people finally divide on this is important to us of course, but also for them. We would love to see most side with us (Patriotic and God’s side which strives for Life), but we know that many will side with the Anti-God side opting for “death.” We can only hope and pray that these people make the right decision. If they were to do so in sufficient numbers, then we might see this whole thing fall apart. It is not inconceivable that we will have some military and LEO personnel shooting each other at these things once the thing starts. I venture to bet this will happen for certain, but to what extent and to what success by which side, is totally unknown. We need to pray for those Christians who are involved for sure. 


Folks, this is when the “rubber meets the road” regarding Survival for you and your family, as well as your friends. YOU OWE IT TO YOU AND YOURS TO DECIDE AFTER LISTENING/WATCHING these videos. Most of you know Greg Eversen. He’s out training Christian Groups in ways to SURVIVE the days ahead and is staying on the road ready to “bug out to his retreat” position. He shut down his radio show, like SQ, and has been going from group to group to help them, and he has also attended some Law Enforcement Conferences/meetings usually as an invited speaker. He also is speaking with groups of LEO’s who want to have him in for advisement. Remember, many of our Military and LEO’s have families TOO, and they KNOW they must protect them just like we are wanting to do the same. This is a Major Mental Conflict for these people because they are KNOWN and they will be TRACKED later if they go AWOL and not report in for duty at any point. 

Everyone here needs to watch the two videos at this AJ website. AJ is devoting his show to it for the most part today and these two individuals are telling us what is coming. The Soldier is a female from CA who tells you what they experienced this past weekend in training and also gives warnings to all of us as to the intentions at CHOKE-POINT ROADBLOCKS to be implemented beginning 15OCT09 which will FORCE vaccines, then having a steel bracelet (metal shackle) permanently put on your wrist and possibly having a RFID device as well, OR going to a “Concentration Camp.” 

She even has an actual RFID device and the Instruction Sheet for it from the manufacturer which she shows at the end of the YouTube video. It is made for marking any point or thing including people. It also has a trigger device which can be turned on and off at the will of the operators for TRACKING or LOADING INFORMATION. These devices and the Bracelets will be required to pass future or other Choke Point’s. Of course the RFID device will be required at work places over time and even in grocery stores, banks, etc. The Soldier says these people (TPTB–Govt) are going to do this despite efforts to stop it legally (reference probably to Dr. Rima Laibow’s “PUSH BACK” effort via Congressional Legislation to permit one to select the OPTION to SELF SHIELDING — where you go home and stay until the authorities say you may come out). See Dr. Laibow’s website by first going to a new Tab or Window (trying to keep people from going directly from this Forum to the website creating a “trail”), and typing in the address bar: 
Then, add the following:

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: This Soldier is a CHRISTIAN who says she KNOWS she is putting her fate on the line literally and she wants to help save some of us. She also says she knows she will see us in Heaven. Greg Eversen is a Pastor and retired Kansas Highway Patrol officer. He’s been doing all possible to fight this Martial Law thing, the forced vaccinations, etc. These people are GIVING US WARNINGS WHILE PUTTING THEIR OWN LIVES AT FULL RISK RIGHT NOW. So, please let this information help you digest their Warnings. 

Death by the shot (slow suicide since taking it is your CHOICE) or by FORCE or by other Bio-weapons at the CAMPS is what is awaiting us. Avoiding these CHOKE-POINTS will be difficult. This is going to be done at once Nationwide people. NO avoiding it. Military and Police units of all types will be operating all of this. I am sure they will use Aerial Assault Teams as well around the areas of these Choke-points to capture “runaways” who try to avoid the Choke-point when they get “caught” in one. These places will be loaded with death for all trapped in one (slow by the Vaccine Cocktail) or by other means. You can expect these things to all erupt into bloody killing POINTS off and on due to resisters. I’m sure killing will be openly seen by many as some American’s start shooting back in effort to escape or avoid these places. OK has passed a law ordering every citizen to be vaccinated. How many others do this will be interesting to watch, but you can bet a number of them will be under extreme pressure to follow suit. This means that State Law is also requiring people to be vaccinated, as well as the UN/WHO, Fed Govt, Fed Agencies, etc. They are all YOUR enemies by doing this because they are ordering YOU to have them INVADE YOUR PHYSICAL BODY or Incarcerate You INDEFINITELY. All workers at these Choke-Points are empowered to have you taken to their Concentration Camps immediately for Indefinite Detention (and whatever else they want to do to you). You cannot SUE the pharmaceutical firm making the vaccine, nor can you SUE the Govt, or ANY PERSON WHO GIVES YOU THE VACCINE. You cannot go to any Federal Court to appeal on Constitutional Rights being taken illegally. You Have No Constitutional Rights Under This Government when it comes to these ACTIONS BEING TAKEN AGAINST YOU. This is PURE EVIL for Americans. PERIOD!!!!

6) URGENT ALERT!!!   Make this Viral!  From an Oath Keeper at great risk!  Our Constitution is inspired by God’s truths and that IS the real Oath!

CA – Near Los Angeles, From a military member (National Guard or Reserve) who just came off drill weekend.  Starts Oct 15 (round 1) and then Nov 15 (round 2).

7) Masking the Numbers:

From a Free People friend in SC:

A few days ago, my wife and I went to the clinic so we could get our prescriptions renewed. While sitting in the waiting room for about an hour and 30 minutes, about ten people came in. A few sat next to my wife and I. Then the receptionist came over to all the new people and gave them a mask to put on and told them to move to the other room. This was the Lexington County Clinic on rout #1 in Gilbert South Carolina.
We were called in, talked to the doctor and he sent in a nurse to take a sample of our blood. I took this occasion to ask the nurse about the masked patients. She said that if someone comes in coughing and has a headache, they automatically get classified as having swine flu.. I ask if it could be any other kind of flu, she said it could be but they want it registered as swine flu. I said who wanted this, and she said the doctors in charge. This place treats about 60 to 70 people a day I estimate and for just the 2 hours I was there, there were over ten  with mask on. If every doctor’s office and every clinic and hospital does this, we will have our pandemic. This will cause Obama to declare Martial Law. The Czars will be in their glory. They will have no Constitution to worry about. 
Is YOUR Doctor an Oath Keeper (Hippocratic)?  Will he/she “do no harm” by refusing to administer the Swine Flu vaccine?  Some places are recommending saying you are ‘allergic’ to ingredients in the vaccine.  We are ALL allergic to mercury (listed as squalene).  Maybe with a letter from your doctor you can have some way to decline the vaccine?  Unlikely fool.
DHS has, from its inception, been the biggest tool of the Shadow Government.  Along with FEMA.  Prior to DHS existence, much intelligence was ‘compartmentalized’ and DHS was formed in order to bring the various law enforcement entities’ activities together.  With the new global government about ready to execute everything openly, from a new seat of power (where isn’t clear yet), these FUSION CENTERS are the way the new global government can reach down into each county and city to control the information flow.  And all of this from the same folks who create the wars, false flags and the ‘terrorists.’  To keep you all from visiting a ‘gov’ website, the entire article is below:
8) Activity on our Port/9 o’clock/West Coast

CA – Venice Beach, Heard from a Free People on the coast near Los Angeles:  There has been some unusual boat activity off the coast.  It would require someone to verify with their own boat to get a better view.  This concerns him because he has also noticed many foreign-looking types (and, yes, there are plenty near LA) and others wearing jackets.  This is very unusual given the heat there.  This is not an alarm, but rather something noticed that might mean something to someone else who has additional information.  Can anyone corroborate?  Stay vigilant and alert!  This is a government without our best interests at heart.  This stuff is like labor contractions–the closer they get, the more serious and stronger the information becomes.

9) URGENT ALERT!!  PATRIOTS TARGETED IN AZUPDATE – Sep, 12, 10:30am:  Some are saying we should NOT send out until we have a final report to share.  Folks, WE ARE the network to gather the information, share with everyone until a very clear pattern emerges.  Believe me, you do not want to wait until we compile a fully-documented case to start watching your “6′x” (rear ends).  This is a notice that this has been received.  We would like two things from anyone who receives it:  1) what does it mean for you?  are you ready for something like this happening? and 2) can you verify any of the info through friends you know in AZ?  or have you seen anything similar around you?  This message was sent from a Free People visiting DC via a third party because she said the NING sites (most Tea Parties and many Patriot sites) are down in DC.  This is another notice to be watching.  You need to know MORE SOONER rather than LESS LATER to be safe and one step ahead of THEM.  You are free to share or not.  No harm; no foul.  But as you share, so you may receive when the time comes in your area.  If you live near this hospital, maybe you want to recon the area and find out what is going on.

Exactly as received:


Send this to all your friends every where…I just got this from a captain of the highway patrol that if your pc goes off and your cell dont work it time to make a move ok get your stuff ready as they have shut down 11 ning sites already god bless here it comes if u live here in az and dont have a place to go email me at with your phone
number and how many people in your family.  ok thxs

NOTE:  They have microwave, sonic wave and other small, non-lethal (also known as soft-kill weapons) that are designed to take out electronics in advance of storming a location.  This way you can not alert anyone when you hear their vehicles, helos, etc.  Please prepare a bug-out bag for yourselves and family members.  It appears this notice is for gunowners, but we also know that high on the list are Oath Keepers, veterans, etc.  While they may be targeting Arizona and the southern border, everyone should be preparing for this eventuality.  Pray. Prepare.  Pray.  And know that “He who is in you is greater than He who is in the world.”  It is time for people of faith to show them the real power of the Living God and seek God’s guidance and shelter from this evil. 


You don’t need cell phones to alert others of what’s going on …

You can fire shots into the air, use either emergency flares or other flares if you have them, play extremely loud musical instruments, such as electric guitars, drums, etc, you can scream an appropriate battle cry, such as “sic semper tyrannis”, “deo vindice”, etc,  or scream like a banshee, as the rebels did against the yankee bastards the last time the people made a stand in this nation, seriously, as long as we have imagination and determination, we can fight them!
If your guns are empty, make gasoline bombs! [do this NOW]
If you’re out of gasoline, use cooking grease in a jar!
A steel spearhead, attached to a pole, could easily penetrate kevlar!


They have been saying they can put the RFID chips in the syringe.  Could it be in powder form?  Apparently it is possible.  ALL THE MORE REASON TO NOT GET THE SWINE FLU VACCINE!!

Fore more information please Google search – RFID Powder

US Patent Application for the RFID Bracelet HERE

VeriChip Corporation to Fund Development Partnership with RECEPTORS LLC to Market New Triage Detection System for H1N1 Virus HERE-

Your Worst Nightmare: RFID Powder, 31 October, 2007

RFIDpowderTechdo – The world’s smallest and thinnest RFID tags were introduced this year by Hitachi. Tiny miracles of miniaturization, these RFID chips (Radio Frequency IDentification chips) measure just 0.05 x 0.05 millimeters. 

The previous record-holder, the Hitachi mu-chip, is just 0.4 x 0.4 millimeters. Take a look at the size of the mu-chip RFID tag on a human fingertip.


 Now, compare that with the new RFID tags. The “powder type” tags are some sixty times smaller.  More HERE

 The new RFID chips have a 128-bit ROM for storing a unique 38 digit number, like their predecessor. Hitachi used semiconductor miniaturization technology and electron beams to write data on the chip substrates to achieve the new, smaller size.

Hitachi’s mu-chips are already in production; they were used to prevent ticket forgery at last year’s Aichi international technology exposition. RFID ‘powder,’ on the other hand, is so much smaller that it can easily be incorporated into thin paper, like that used in paper currency and gift certificates.

  But Kodak has gone one step further and has recently patented digestible tags that are harmless and intentionally fragile.  The tags would be covered with soft gelatin that takes a while to dissolve in the stomach. After swallowing a tag a patient need only sit next to a radio source and receiver. They stop working when exposed to gastric acid for a specific period of time, providing a subtle way to monitor a patient’s digestive tract.

Kodak says that similar radio tags could also be embedded in an artificial knee or hip joint in such a way that they disintegrate as the joint does, warning of the need for more surgery.


From “Bones”:

This is just one example of several approaches that have been taken by
researchers around the world…and the example enclosed below is from a
report from over two years ago.

Scottish Scientists Develop “Spray-On Computers” for Healthcare
Filed under: Telemedicine , Monday, April 9, 2007

Why is the time frame important? Well, over the last decade, depending on
it’s marketability, new technology has taken an average of two years to go
from an idea on the back of someone’s envelope and into mass production.

Some technologies reach a certain stage and disappear into black budget
programs. You’ll read about them today and two years later the only place
you’ll find any mention of them is on somebody’s blog, saying, “Whatever
happened to…”

Wrt the technology mentioned in the article enclosed below, it’s just a
matter of scale, not of whether it works or not. It isn’t even a matter of
whether or not it’s possible. They can already do it.

NOTE:  According to Bones’ Assessment, the two year window has closed on these spray-on computers.

Scottish ingenuity has graced the world with some of the world’s greatest
inventions. First there was the game of golf, which was quickly followed by
the development of Scotch whiskey, and last but not least, spray-on
computers. Yep, entirely self-powered, self-networking digital “specks” which
will be capable of collecting volumes of data on patients.

Speckled computing – some of the most advanced computing technology in the
world – is currently being researched and developed by a group of Scottish

The individual appliances, or ‘specks’, will form networks that can be
programmed like ordinary computers.

Spraying them directly onto a person creates the ability to carry out
different tests at the same time, for example muscle movement and pulse rate.
This allows a complete picture of the patient’s condition to be built up

The computing innovation, being developed by scientists at Edinburgh, Glasgow,
St Andrews and Strathclyde universities, will be displayed at the Edinburgh
International Science Festival next Friday as part of a talk by Damal Arvind,
leading speckled computing professor and director of the Scottish consortium.
Arvind said: “This is the new class of computing: devices which can sense and
process the data they receive. They also have a radio so they can network and
there’s a battery in there as well, so they are entirely self-powered.

The Scotsman….
(hat tip: The Raw Feed)

11)  Regarding our President assuming the role at the head of the U.N. Security Council, a supporter of beginning the 2nd American Republic (as we Free People do as well, see Declaration of Independence, Ver 2.0 HERE) says here:


 12) DHS Announces New Information-Sharing Tool to Help Fusion Centers Combat Terrorism

The UN is an unlawful body because it is not a treaty. And treaties are the only thing that the federal government can participate in. The UN is a governing body that has a legislature, an executive and a judicial branch. It is another government. No nation can join this body without dissolving itself, for none of the people that formed the nations agreed to place any of their authority in a UN or United Nations. No one can delegate any authority to someone that the people have not placed it. Therefore even the participation of the United States in the UN dissolves the United States.
The president of the United States, if he were eligible in the first place, cannot serve as a President of the United States and serve in another government with three branches of government without further dissolving the United States. Please see John Locke on the means of dissolving a government.
Financial Times: Posted Sep 9, 2009

Obama to Chair U.N. Security Council

For the first time, a sitting American president will chair the 15-member U.N. Security Council when Obama heads to the September 24 summit on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament. The U.S. envoy to the U.N. said that the council had “a very important role to play in preventing the spread and use of nuclear weapons,” the Financial Times reports, signaling a change from the Bush-era attitude that the UN was principally out to endorse its own unilateral policies. During the week of the summit, Obama may have occasion to run into Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whom he gave until September to respond to the U.S. offer of negotiations. Likewise, Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi is due to address the General Assembly on the same day as Obama, and could attend the nuclear summit Obama will chair.Read it at Financial Times
Posted at 9:32 AM, Sep 9, 2009
Free People:  The reason that was likely given to the inner circles in Washington is that when the US signed the UN Charter, they had ALREADY surrendered their sovereignty (as per the objective of the Council on Foreign Relations, Soro’s “Open Border” policy, etc.). 
Not much was said in the US regarding Obama’s overseas donations except that they were ignored and they said they had scrubbed their donor list.  But this acceptance of international funds was a signal to all those in the ‘know’ globally that the UN had installed the US’s ‘president.’  The Mason’s ‘capstone’ was in place (as I can surmise it). 
Since Obama moved to the White House, we have seen unbelieveable releases of intelligence/strategies/equipment, etc. that were all a part of the US’s national security.  But the bulk of the bailout money went offshore as well.  Many believe Hillary has promised the Chinese either California or the right to imminent domain of any assets within the US if we ‘default’ on their fraudulent ‘Bailout’ scam.  As the above End-the-Fedder has said, “We didn’t HAVE to End the Fed, they did it themselves by transferring everything over to the IMF per their plan!”
All that remains to be seen is the ceremony and the NWO/Global Governance Gurus/Illuminati do love their ceremonies.  And they especially love the fact that only those in their inner circles can fathom the depth of the meaning.  Which is to say both the depth of the deception and the depth of the power they have usurped in the process. 
Say, “good-bye” to America.  Wash your hands of the fraud of the Federal Reserve and resolve to NEVER AGAIN support such unConstitutional, anti-inalienable rights programs as the Federal Reserve and the IRS. 



Release Date: September 14, 2009    For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary, Contact: 202-282-8010

The Departments of Homeland Security (DHS) and Defense (DoD) today announced an initiative to grant select state and major urban area fusion center personnel access to classified terrorism-related information residing in DoD’s classified network.

Under this initiative, select fusion center personnel with a federal security clearance will be able to access specific terrorism-related information resident on the DoD Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet)—a secure network used to send classified data. This classified data will be accessed via DHS’ Homeland Security Data Network (HSDN). DHS will be responsible for ensuring that proper security procedures are followed.

“This initiative reflects the federal government’s strong commitment to improve information sharing with our state, local, and tribal partners,” said DHS Acting Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis Bart R. Johnson. “Fusion centers are a critical part of our national security enterprise, and this new tool enables federal agencies to share information with these partners while utilizing our advanced technical capabilities for secure information sharing.”

“With this action, DoD continues its work in supporting states and localities who are leading our efforts to secure the nation from domestic terrorism attacks, said Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Americas’ Security Affairs Paul N. Stockton. “We look forward to exploring other opportunities where DoD can help our state and local partners effectively defeat terrorism.”

This joint initiative will promote collaboration between DHS, DoD and other federal departments and agencies, enabling the trusted and secure exchange of terrorism-related information in order to detect, deter, prevent and respond to homeland security threats.

State and major urban area fusion centers provide critical links for information sharing between and across all levels of government, and help fulfill key recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. This initiative will serve as a valuable resource to enhance situational awaeness and support more timely and complete analysis of national security threats.

Increasing the breadth of law enforcement that have access to terrorism-related data will further improve the ability of fusion centers to prevent, detect, deter, and respond to terrorist attacks, and advance the combined missions of DHS and DoD to protect the nation’s security.

DHS and DoD remain committed to protecting privacy and civil liberties as well as data and networks in an increasingly vulnerable cyber environment.


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  1. Let’s get real here folks. The bottom line is we need all AMERICANS to say enough is enough. The real truth of the matter is, no federal government is going to face up to 2 hundred million people or better. No state government is going to face up to the majority of people in the state going in and clearing out the monsters. No city or county government would be a match to very angry citizens. What we really need is people who are NOT afraid of what the consequences may be if they revolt. Our founding fathers had no bones about doing what needed to be done even risking their lives for something they believed in. We are the ONLY ones who can stop the madness in government.

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