About Free People On The Land



This is a movement of shared thought.  It belongs only to those who share the same beliefs.  Liberty starts in the hearts and minds of each one of us.  Join your heart and mind to your fellow countrymen living free on the land. 

Nobody owns us or this message.

Check back here often for new links with information to support your new action statements for free living.

People who have chosen to LIVE FREE (add yourself and your groups here).  Together we are FREE again.


One Response to “About Free People On The Land”

  1. William W. McGraw Says:

    My brother, sister and I have 90 acres in S. Mississippi and 128 acres for myself and a partner in a shooting range in N. Mississippi, enough room for growing food and plenty of firewood (132 acres mostly of woods) and for construction. I would suggest members buy some land with trees, water and row crop or pastures, enough for a family to support them, 5-20 acres at a minimum. Buy up medicines, bleach, salt and other spices, comfort food, canned and dry goods supplies you will need for a year, hand tools, saws, axes, knives, sharpening tools, solar cells to charge batteries and maybe a minimum to operate 100 watts of power and what is needed for protection–guns, ammo and a little or big dog. Chickens and small animal live stock may be useful if you know how to keep them fed and healthy. Even in good times all of this can be utilized. A few barrels of gasoline, diesel, motor oil, some grain alcohol, kerosene, propane and mineral spirits with oil lamps (Aladdin, Coleman) will be needed and may become good barter materials. Gold and silver is too expensive now (keep any sterling silver) but common US coins are worth having as pennies (prior to 1982 were copper-zinc), nickles and quarters have zinc, copper and nickle content and are worthy as real money. Buy or save bags of coins and convert your fiat US currency as fast as you can with anything useful. Even then, US currency may still have value if all other world currencies default. Swiss Franks, German Marks, the Euro, Japanese Yen, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand dollars may have value as well in a world wide inflation. I could add more but I believe I have your attention.

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