Who Are the Fascists?

Fascism is brought about by a merger of business and government.  So let’s look at the Fascists in the United States:

A) Top Campaign Contributors to Barack Obama (aka Barry Soetoro):   NOTE:  They are not Fascists because they supported a Democrat, but because now this ineligible President is granting them kick-backs for their support.

University of California $1,385,675
Goldman Sachs $980,945
Microsoft Corp $806,299
Harvard University $793,460
Google Inc $790,564
Citigroup Inc $657,268
JPMorgan Chase & Co $650,758
Stanford University $580,904
Sidley Austin LLP $574,938
Time Warner $547,951
National Amusements Inc $541,251
WilmerHale $524,292
UBS AG $522,019
IBM Corp $518,557
Skadden, Arps et al $510,274
Columbia University $503,566
Morgan Stanley $490,873
US Government $479,956
General Electric $479,454
Latham & Watkins $467,311

B)  Firms that received Bailout money and are STILL lobbying Washington for more: 

NOTE:  Through the Bailout money, the government (and Federal Reserve keeps them tied to the FIAT $) has “bought” their cooperation. 

American Express

Capital One

Goldman Sachs (in list above)

Key Corp

Morgan Stanley


Bank of New York Mellon

General Motors, and its financial arm, GMAC

Cerberus Capital Management, private equity firm that owns Chrysler

American International Group (AIG)

Merrill Lynch (took the money, but stopped lobbying for more)

C)  Companies that have received Federal Bailout Money and are under FULL Federal Government control now:

American International Group (AIG)

Freddie Mac

Fannie Mae


2 Responses to “Who Are the Fascists?”

  1. Wayne Johanson Says:

    I am getting tired of the fascist government playing the Patriotism card to keep the american people in line.

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