Our FASCIST Academia

Looking at the Czars, all 32+ of them, its becoming easier to see who is a “fascist” and who “is not.”  Or more simply put:  who is working to support the Global Elitists “global governance” plan and who is not.  Put even another way:  who is “profiting” from the government’s “global governance” plan and who is not.

Many of these czars are unknown people of questionable credentials, but many seem to come from some sort of Academic circles.  Now, even without providing you a zillion links that prove the point, we think it is safe to say that the entities now comprising the “new world order” or to be more P.C., “global governance” agenda, have had a very close link to our college professors for years.

How does this happen?  Well, businesses/corporations, and their foundations, are routinely asked for “grants” for which academics can be paid to research their pet projects.  Now just as Hollywood Producers, Directors and such rub elbows with their investment bankers are the result is “tv” that mimics the real world of the government, so to might the same occur for Academics.  And it does.

For instance, when Holdren’s book (with the two Aldriches) was published, he probably was checking a block required to achieve academic tenure:  have your research published.  It is tough to say which came first:  the idea or the backing.  It is safe to say his notoriety within this “global governance” agenda (sufficient to be nominated as a Czar) undoubtedly has come from his early works.  One of those works being, Ecoscience.

So while today he tries to distance himself from his last 25-30 years of work, the reality is THIS WORK IS PRECISELY WHAT LED TO HIS BEING APPOINTED IN THIS POSITION TODAY.  Holdren has “held” the line for the eugenicists.  He has worked behind the scenes with the evil fascists (bankers, corporations and global elites) who have been workly slowly, but surely into a position of global totalitarian control.  To them, Holdren IS A HERO!!  SOMEONE WHO CAN ADVANCE THEIR AGENDA and who has proven time and again that he can check his humanity at the door and look at science with the precision of a Hitler. 

But sheeple believe he may have “changed.”  They buy the line they are selling because they know they have made mistakes and they don’t want folks to keep bringing them up.  They want to leave them in their past.

BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE!  HOLDREN APPOINTMENT IS BASED ON HIS PAST and HIS TRACK RECORD HAS PROVEN HIS TRUSTWORTHINESS and clinical subjectivity to do the dirty deed of helping to control the world’s population and, as necessary eliminate those who are unworthy for one reason or another. 

On page 837 of Ecoscience is this:  “Indeed, it has been concluded [meaning they the researchers and authors of the book] that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution  [emphasis ours] if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society.”

How simply quaint and collegiate!  They are using a document based on natural/unalienable rights to legitimize their own eugenics program.  HOLDREN WAS AN UNBELIEVABLE FIND to those “Lex Luther”-style global elites who despise America’s freedoms, America’s liberties and its variety of gun-clinging, Bible-thumping, activist-loving, flag-waving “terrorists.”

If he is able to carry out his lofty goals of saving the world for the few to enjoy and plunder, he will be deified in grand style at the next Bohemian Grove, next Bilderberg, next ultra-evil event they, the few, have planned.

Now, mind you, not all Academics have been so productive to their cause.  Some have invented ways to cure cancer, water-powered engines, and so many other helpful solutions for the world, but WEREN’T ABLE TO GET IT TO MARKET because these same thugs who financed them. 

And many other scientists have gotten in their way and have, of necessity, been punished with early “retirement” to the local cemetary or crematorium of their posthumous choice. 

But those Academics who have clung to their part of the secret plan to destroy most of mankind have reached their pinnacle and now sit at the left hand of an illegitimate government paving the way for the new “global governance” agenda.

Just pray your own children are not worshipping at the feet of these elite “masters.”  There are plenty more Holdrens where he came from.  They just weren’t as compliant  and malleable as Holdren.  

Still…yawn…try as they may, we all know how this story ends!!!  Greater is He/good that is in us than the bad that is in them.

Now ask yourself, “Why so many Czars?”  Where are the bureaucrats who usually control Washington?  What are they doing?  Hiding under a rock? 

The answer is, “Maybe.”  I mean we saw what this gang did to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.  She did her best to stay relevant, but her microphone isn’t big enough for that anymore.

So, again we see we have a “Government of the Media” and Holdren is part of the big illusion.


One Response to “Our FASCIST Academia”

  1. quakergirl Says:

    They are the Ehrliches and not the Aldriches who qrote the book Ecoscience with Holdren.

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