Fascist Walmart

Walmart’s Tightening Noose

When I read this headline on Yahoo! a few days ago, I had a sudden revelation regarding how Walmart will be used so extensively in the near future.  The headline reads, “Walmart’s Project Impact: A Move to Crush Competition.”  Not too shocking for most.  Of course, we know that is what they have been doing for some time.

But a few bits of information I know about, being a Business Development Consultant who has been involved in global level business for many years, suddenly gelled into what is a scary scenario that is ready to be implemented virtually overnight.  And it only demonstrates how close we are to losing all of our freedoms and our culture with very little we can do about it unless we pray and ACT NOW!

Connecting the Dots to See the Big Picture:

1) Walmart is owned by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) (possibly indirectly so that we can’t easily find the link or prove it).  This I read from a very reliable source which I can’t locate for at the moment.  The same source talked about how the IMF already “owns” or controls the Chinese government and that through Walmart they have gained tremendous access to our market and product distribution system.  This we know has happened apparently since Sam Walton died, they have slowly taken over the giant corporation for their purposes (Enron ring a bell?).

2) Walmart is now expanding to a new Super, Duper size.  They just opened one near my hometown the end of July–in a town of only about 60,000 people.  Not only is it a Super Walmart, but of VERY LARGE proportions–with aisles that could facilitate 3-4 carts side by side.  Besides the food and clothing shopping sections, they have a separate Garden Store and Home Stores and their Pharmacies have been offering special programs that make it VERY tough for the other drug store chains to compete.  Around the huge lot, there are loading docks that make the Long Beach ports in California look barely big enough for big loads.  The shelving is all free-standing and could easily accommodate more growth such as additional products or larger quantities down the road.

3) But the title of the with article with, “A Move to Crush the Competition,” suddenly reminded me of Goldman Sachs.  For the last ten years, I have watched this company rather closely.  They have been the “most profitable” company on the planet for the last several years.  And I know their modus operandi (M.O.) which is: 1) to due their due diligence in a particular business sector to find the best positioned company; 2) to invest in that company with the requirement to bring in their own management team; 3) flood the company with capital to grow their backbone to expand their business; 4) offer the lowest price for their services or product in the market (remember Go Daddy, Limelight Networks or others who could offer services for a fraction of the market cost); 5) drive the competition OUT of the market and then they can raise their prices and have a market monopoly.  All sounds very capitalistic and smart if the same parties weren’t controlling the flow of money and government regulations at the same time.

4) Now the same source that said the IMF/World Bank owned Walmart said that Goldman Sachs was owned by them as well (or at least by cooperating interests such as banks owned by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds–its collusion at the highest levels). 

“So just how would they continue to do with Walmart what Goldman Sachs has done with their other companies?,” I asked myself.  They would need to control distribution of their products.  They would need to be able to keep others from accessing their markets and distribution. 

5) Then I remembered when the price of oil was over a $100 a barrel and one of my overseas business partners told me their big investment bank was interested in “turn around” offerings of small and independent trucking companies.  After researching this a bit, it was easy to see that most truckers had gone for their ‘independence’ status by buying their own trucks with the help of their local bankers (you know, the ones who were giving no-doc mortgages and such).  The independent guy usually relied on brokers to book them their jobs.  So when the truckers couldn’t make ends meet because of the high gas, the brokers could get the jobs and turn them over to entities that COULD pay for the gas and, therefore, gain the market.  I am sure this is what happened.  And the independent trucker, like the guy with the no-doc mortgage, lost his property to the bank.  The bulk of the trucking market was lost to the big investment bankers who could ride the wave of the high oil price because they were making the profits from the “speculation” of oil AND investing in the brokers gave them access to ALL the companies who needed good shipped.  They took over the driver’s seat of American trucking.  The railroad companies are already fascist and they can get from them whatever they need.  Even via Executive Orders in the event of “national emergencies.”

6) How can they keep others from getting into the distribution system?  Well that is all a part of the “Smart Grid” proposed through GE.  With a chip on each truck, a satellite (which ALL are owned by Iridium* HERE) for tracking (we know of the government using blimps to track everything), a technology company like Google or smaller players they might use like AeroAstro.com (who does this for NATO) and the Advanced Tactical Laser (ATL) made by Boeing which is “a directed-energy gunship that can destroy or disable ground targets with little or no collateral damage.”

7) Regulation with all the major manufacturers (which the investment banks already own the big ones who have bought up the little ones) and the Food Bill, HR 2749, which would put the federal government on each farm regulating every aspect of it (under the ‘indirect’ guidance of Monsanto? perhaps) would ensure that the global elites/IMF/World Bank can keep track of all goods that are produced and how they are accessed for shipping.  With Cass Sunstein now confirmed as the head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, we can be sure the future policies will NOT be in favor of the individual’s rights to have access to goods and services of this increasingly communistic, already fascist, government.

So, the article regarding “Project Impact” hits the nail on the head.  Walmart, today a largely welcomed location in most communities across America will become the greatest weapon against our welfare as the government seige takes on an entirely new meaning.  Now they can place a ‘seige’ on a town without even sending soldiersWalmart is already involved in providing space to the government to administer the Swine Flu vaccineThey are going ‘paperless’ in their payment to their employees.  Think how easy it will be for them to get folks to get the RFID chip so they can buy their goods from the “only store in town” very soon.

So how can we fight against this noose around our necks?  First, we need to see what they are already doing and start acting against it.  It would be helpful if we could all agree to boycott Walmart, but that would likely only step up their pace of regulation and “chipping” or going “paperless” for all goods sold. 

We need to look around our communities and see what we can do to continue self-sufficiency in the future.  What can you start producing that you don’t already have right now?  Get together with groups of people who are interesting in creating true sustainability of your community and NOT the type of “Sustainable Development” being touted by the fascists in Washington. 

The threat is REAL, the mechanisms are IN PLACE.  We must know what they are doing and coordinate locally for our own supply of goods and services keeping the security risks mentioned above in mind.

Just cleaning out the Congress is NOT going to stop these international entities from tightening this noose.  The American people need to work locally to reclaim their sovereignty in a way that is enforceable on the ground.  This is more than a political issue, but is an issue that touches EVERY aspect of our daily lives through legal, financial and cultural means.

The Epitome of FASCISMWalMart sells “store space” to the Government to vaccinate you while you buy your contaminated goods from the International Banker’s favorite Franchise Chain!

Wal-Mart Goes Paperless for Payments
Kathryn Elizabeth Tuggle, FOXBusiness, September 3, 2009

Wal-Mart (WMT), the largest private employer in the U.S., has decided to go paperless when paying employees and is switching to direct deposit and debit cards. For employees who refuse direct deposit, their pay will be offered in the form of a debit card.

The program is rolling out nationally in September, and is expected to be finalized by the end of 2009. Wal-Mart says the move will save 257,572 pounds of paper per year as well as an unspecified amount of money. Currently, Wal-Mart has 1.4 million employees, and half of them receive paper checks.

Wal-Mart isn’t the only organization to go totally paperless; the Social Security Administration also offers employees payment through plastic.

Transactions on Wal-Mart’s debit cards will be handled through First Data Corp, which will offer one free ATM transaction per pay period to users looking to take money out, and will charge subsequent withdrawals at $2 each. Workers can also withdraw their money from registers at Wal-Mart for free.

From SCMLA – There goes your cash!  It’s the first incremental step toward the cashless society that we’ve been screaming about all these years. There will probably be a couple more intermediate steps, but microchips in/on the body are next…. Mark of the beast.

Free People – Do you have your local currency going yet?  Or, at the very least, your bartering partners identified and ready?


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