Free People Set OWN Agenda

Reaction to the news generated by the White House and Congress is what is tying up the time and energy of the patriot movement. 
No battle for liberty can be won through reaction.  We MUST SET OUR OWN AGENDA for the restoration of our liberties.
  In order to do that, we need to take stock of where we are now.  NOTE:  We first looked at this in our Trilogy of Commentary at the launch of this site: 
1) Can THEY Close the Deal; 2) Controlled Opposition or Progress?; and 3) Eviction, Quarantine, Seige.  A refresher of these articles might be helpful to us all. 
A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Assessment is a good way to start.
of the Administration:
1) Media –
They own it, they control it and they use it for PSYOPS against us.  If you are reacting to any news generated by the MSM (yes, even Fix News), then you are playing into their hands.  It is all disinformation.  If we listen to them, we follow THEIR AGENDA–that gives them control.  Case in point:  How many of us wasted time these last few weeks listening to Town Hall meetings about their HealthScare when all the while they had already passed the “Death Panel” component in the Bailout Bull?  This played right into their hands.
2) Money –
No doubt about it, they did everything they could to get their hands on all of it we have, will generate for the next 20 years and bought off anyone they needed to help them consolidate their power base.  If we are using the Federal Reserve Notes, we are playing right into their hands.
3) FEMA, DHS –
As the new “umbrella” entities created following the false flag attack known as 9/11, these groups were created and headed by folks on the side of the hostile takeover that occurred in our country by the Pentagon and the Federal Reserve throughout the years of the Bush Administration.  With the “Corporate Marketing Creation” of Barack Obama, as best told by John Pilger (see video HERE), they were able to coerce the left-leaning in our country to embrace their own puppet so they could CLOSE THE DEAL initiated under Bush.  FEMA now has “legislation by pen” Executive Orders given them unlimited powers in the event of an emergency (natural disaster, pandemic, civil unrest) to virtually control EVERYTHING within our borders.  DHS has authority over local jurisdiction of anything within 100 miles of a border (which represents where 2/3 of our entire population lives), they control the airports, ports, national airspace and listen to everything we do with the help of the Patriot Act and the media companies the current administration’s backers bought out during the election.  
4) NorthCom, Military and Foreign Troops (including federalized National Guard units)- Even being charged with Treason by the JagHunter has not stopped the unconstitutional use of our military on our soil.  They are now using the military (or National Guard) for training across the country (see LAPD Urban Warfare Training example).  They are planning to use them to force vaccinate our entire nation’s population.  They have used them in Katrina to take guns away from the folks by storming into their homes at gunpoint.  But there are, by some estimates, anywhere from 100,000 to 1,000,000 foreign troops on our soil hidden in underground closed military bases and hiding in civilian clothes (or plain sight).
5) Sheriff and Police Departments- With the Bailout money crippling the states (TOTALLY unconstitional appropriation), they have “bought” the allegiance of our law enforcement (formerly known as peace officers) through free military-style equipment and training and overtime pay.  The new proposed “Fusion Centers” where they will share “criminal” (that’s the hook, but it won’t stop there as we are “terrorists” according to this administration) information between levels of government and will provide additional resources in order to completely own and control our local law enforcement.
6) Communications – While they are already listening to everything that is said via their supercomputers and are able to handle unbelieveable volumes of data, they can also turn it on and off at will.  That is the plan called, “Operation Cable Splicer” for local law enforcement when the balloon goes up for martial law they will simply cut off their communications.  And before they come for you, they will take out your cell phone. 
7) Real Estate and Other Property –
Using the banks and the licensing requirements of our various government levels, they can seize your home, your car, your children and just about anything else (including your own body for a mandatory vaccine).
Strengths of the Patriots:
1) Our Guns
2) Our strategic thinking and planning (if used)
3) Our local organizational preparedness
for such things as working with our neighbors to secure our neighborhood, early warning systems, gathering local intelligence regarding troop movements, federal assets, etc.  This requires that everyone start to watch what is really going on in their neighborhoods rather than sitting in front of the TV and being led by THEIR AGENDA.   
4) Our Oath Keepers and Militias –
Militias are defensive in nature and Oath Keepers WILL NOT obey unconstitutional orders against the American people.
5) Our inside knowledge of their plans
leaked by people with integrity and moral courage to not become a brownshirt.

Weaknesses of the Administration:

1) They underestimate our love of liberty, our resourcefulness, resoluteness of our individual integrity and our faith in God.

2) They overestimate the will of foreign troops to take on an American who is unafraid.

3) They believe our money means as much to us as it does to them.  Our liberties mean more.

4) The world is watching what happens here and that us patriots are fighting for the liberties of the entire human race on this planet against the oppression of a one-world government.  The patriots have their support and that is essential.

Weaknesses of the Patriots:

1) Our only weakness is that we are following THEIR AGENDA rather than living like FREE PEOPLE NOW and living in liberty.  We should not stand for a government that talks the way this one does.  Why do we stand for it?  Because we want their $$$$s?  That is one lame excuse as they have control of that anyway and through that they can control us.  Reject it and BARTER!

2) If you haven’t taken the Oath, you may not be prepared to put your life on the line for the future liberty of your children.  Our Founding Fathers, upon the signing of the Declaration of Independence, pledged to one another “their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.”  This was no simple commitment.  1/3 of them paid for it with their lives, the lives of their family or the their fortune within a very short time.  Read about that HERE

3) We don’t have OUR OWN MONEY!!  Though we can barter, we require a more elaborate way to exchange goods and services.  Bartering is usually a one-for-one exchange.  But if you have can’t trade your product for their product, you must use a third party–that’s all a local monetary exchange system should do–WITHOUT INTEREST CHARGED FOR LOANING MONEY!!!  Visit BerkShares for an example of By-Laws for form your own non-profit local currency board.  When they declare a Bank Holiday, the resulting chaos will prove very debilitating to the Patriot community.  Head it off now with a local currency so folks can see how to keep themselves going when they announce soon that the FDIC is bankrupt or that the US is bankrupt, etc.

4) We don’t have our own Communications– This can be overcome by getting some CB radios or Hamm radios in your town.  You might also want to write down the IP addresses of the folks you want to talk to.  They can take down parts of the net, but there are folks who will rebuild it in no time, but you will need to know how to reach folks after that.  Set an emergency plan for your family is cell phones go down.

Opportunities for the administration:

1) Everyday you watch THEIR TV, they have an opportunity to control you mind and keep you from working on solutions that REALLY improve your liberties and freedoms.

2) Civil Unrest– This is what they long for and are trying to create!!  Don’t give it to them.  DON”T USE VIOLENCE–ONLY DEFENSE when really needed.  If we riot, they will pull out troops from everywhere and rain down on us hard and the world will be told it was because the Patriots were acting like “terrorists.”  They will try to make it look this way anyway, but don’t believe it.  Stay home, plan together and outthink them!!  Be strategic.

3) Swine Flu Vaccination – They want to make their supporters afraid of YOU refusing the vaccine.  This will further divide us and could lead to unrest.  If you forced to take the vaccine, follow these instructions, but resist with everything you can think of. 

4) Bank Holiday – This will be coming soon.  Don’t neglect it.  Take 3-6 months of disposal income out of the bank and turn it into the items you need TODAY!  This will allow you the opportunity to avoid the chaos.  And set up your local currency now.

5) Too many to number.  The ones are above are the most likely though everything is on the table.  You can find lots of info on our site here.

Opportunities for the patriots:

1) Dissasociate from everything Washington and LIVE FREE NOW.  Practice makes perfect!!  Then when the time comes, you know you will not be afraid to resist with everything that you have.

2) Organize locally for every eventuality.  Even if your neighbors think you’re nuts, start talking to them.  The minute something happens, they will rethink their assumption. Or they likely will be change their thinking much sooner than you think.

3) Pray and clean your arms.

Threats to the administration:

1) People won’t take them seriously –What if we all just started to ignore the changes they are talking about, would it keep them from being successful?  In many ways it just might.  They know they can’t CLOSE THE DEAL entirely yet.  There are too many military and law enforcement that won’t go against the American people.  During Katrina, many law enforcement just went home to look after their families.  If we don’t care what they do about money and start living by bartering and local currency, they have less to control us with.  And we can smile all the way to our piggybanks!!

2) Foreign governments listen to their own folks and decide to stop working with our own government on issues they need.  We have heard, but can’t confirm, that Poland sent their US Ambassador home due to the Swine Flu issue and Baxter’s bad Vaccines from March. 

3) Foreign groups like Adrian Salbuchi target the NWO folks directly – this will reveal give those in the government who are being held hostage by this administration the chance to break free.

Threats to the patriots:

1) Martial Law would be our worst-case scenario – If they can get us in our homes, locked-down and unable to leave, they will not only collapse the economy in two weeks, but they will make folks more susceptible to the flu due to loss of sunlight (source of vitamin D) and they will be better able to take our guns.  If they DO get us under martial law, we need to fight back like the women do in Bolivia: (beat your pots and pans incessantly until they go mad.  Taking action like this shows we are not afraid and are organized.  Spread the word. 

2) The other half of the American citizens who will blindly follow this administration to their own destruction after they turn you in.  They will used as the civilian paramilitary force to police us. 


There are many “tricks” the Fascist/Tyrannists can play on us, but time is on our side.  If we prepare smartly for the seige that is ahead, we can endure and fight an assymetrical non-violent war against them.  That means we use every arrow in our quiver to frustrate, reveal, resist, etc. until we can turn the tide and restore our republic.

In the meantime, if you don’t buy their horrific “news” of how bad it is (although it is in some places right now), and just live free today and plan for what they might do, we are winning each day we live in greater liberty.

Don’t surrender your guns, don’t take the vaccine and don’t GIVE IN.  Their goal is your slavery.  Most will not stand for that.  But your actions so far are still reactionary.  We can only defeat these fascists by understanding them, watching them and out-thinking them.  That is true liberty.  KNOW that you can BEAT them.  Everything in our Universe speaks to the need for choice and freedom in order to be happy.  Don’t settle for anything less.

Use your eyes and ears to watch your community.  Report what you see here so we can share it with others.  Things have been rather quiet since the National Level Exercise at the end of July, but make no mistake, they have not left their plans.  The HealthScare issue is just to divert your attention and to lull you into a sense of normal political debate.  These are NOT normal times. 

These are times to minimize their threats and strengths and make their weaknesses our strengths.


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