A Clarion Call!

Part 3 of the “Free People Set Their OWN Agenda” Trilogy

The more Glenn Beck smiles lately, the more he piques my cynical curiosity.  Americans have not had much to smile about lately, especially when talking about anything ‘washington.’  Sure, Americans are some of the happiest people on the planet, but not when their freedoms are at risk.  And these Washington-related issues are becoming so pervasive they are impossible to ignore.

So, now that Watchdog Glenn has declared a “pivot point” in the battle against Washington corruption, he is smiling all the time.  Shouldn’t we be, too? 

Today on his show, he comforted those soon-to-be redeemed 56 new-Founders by showing them where they would go, how they might look and sound if they will only become a ‘whistleblower.’  Their identity is safe, so they can step forward.  Not even Glenn will know who they are. 

Could certainly be a great opportunity for some ‘staged’ theatre.  It could be we learn some really juicy things about the insidious aspects of power. 

But if we are looking for 56 redeemed leaders with new integrity to toe the line for establishing a new Republic, wouldn’t they need to “show” their faces?  I don’t remember any of our original Founding Fathers keeping their identity a secret.  Remember, John Hancock who signed his name in big, bold letters to be sure King George could read it without the aid of his glasses?  THIS is the type of person we need in our restored/new Republic. 

Because this charade, like a nightly ‘revolution’ mini-series, can so easily be just a distraction, a good analyst might ask:  “What are they distracting us from?”

They seem to want us focusing on Washington, DC.  They are going to great lengths to make us believe that even though Washington, DC is 100% corrupted, with just 56 redeemed souls, we can put the train back on the track.  My goodness, with only 56, they would like us to believe we can get this revolution/reformation wrapped up before the New Year and then return to work after the Holidays without a care in the world.  

We Free People do NOT believe in wasting time on Washington-issues.  WE have concluded this government is illegitimate for the mere fact they have completely left the Constitution and our contract with them is, therefore, null and void (not to mention the eligibility fraud, the issue of treason). 

A Republic is NOT corrected from the top-down.  A Republic is built from the bottom up with the states agreeing to Constitutional terms for the federal government.  Lincoln was wrong to fight a war to force the South to remain in the Union.  They should have been allowed to secede. 

But if the all the media, whether they are attacking the administration or revealing its flaws, are keeping us focused on Washington, then they will succeed in retaining illegitimate powers regardless of which party appears to hold the power (when we know they are all pulling for the same team–the global elites).  They are just jockeying between two elite parties who want oil to trump green.  They DO NOT care about the other issues that affect us.

So the fact they must be worried enough to go to such lengths to keep us engaged in all things Washington may very well point to the fact that the Patriot movement is much larger, much more powerful and much more cohesive than they would like.  THE MEDIA KNOWS THAT WE ARE A FAR LARGER MAJORITY THAN EVEN FOX NEWS WILL REVEAL and if WE ALL ACTED TOGETHER, THERE WOULD BE NO STOPPING US!!!

I think their dirty little secret is that they can BARELY contain the chaos they have created and that the Patriot movement has MORE SHARED GOALS than differences. 

Glenn is always referring to his “boogie man” that might kill him or his crew for saying the outrageous things he is saying.  What is outrageous about revealing the crimes of 4 low-level employees?  This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg sinking the U.S. S. TITANIC. Yet, why haven’t they discussed the Birth Certificate issue, pushed any discussion on the truth behind 9/11, talked openly about the unConstitutional forming of the Federal Reserve, discussed the violations of Posse Comitatus, the unConstitutional Internal Revenue Service with a permanent income tax that goes from the people directly to the US government (without stopping at the county level first) or talk about how easy it is to form our own currencies locally . 

I think I know why.  If they talked about these things, Americans would see how UNBELIEVEABLY corrupt the system is and would not just audit the Federal Reserve, but leave their money system once and for all. 

What would that do to the fat cats behind Glenn Beck, and even Glenn Beck?  If we learn the truth about the “gold” that WAS backing our dollar years ago, the truth about 9/11 and the other wars, there would be NO ONE looking at Washington to find 56 redeemable souls.  We would realize that Washington has become Sodom and Gemorrah and we must LEAVE THEM and NOT LOOK BACK for fear of being complicit in their evil as well.

There is no way we the people can assume the responsibility for the fraud these bankers have perpertrated on the citizens of the world, except for the fact we did not heed our Founder’s warnings.  There is no way we can continue to live with the threat of their pulling the plug on the life-support system to the US economy.  We Americans would stop the madness–at whatever cost–and start over again.  Our conscience would DEMAND it.  And Washington would lose ALL power as would the United Nations. 

Every billionaire behind this bogus government would be penniless along with the rest of us and that would feel too good for us to worry about how we might make it without them.  We, Americans, just know that we COULD.

With a no-interest money system based on the usage of “time,” we can extend credit to folks TODAY and keep the economy rolling while they earn their next week’s pay to pay off the loan.  Its not rocket science.  But NO INTEREST is the key to ending debt slavery.  We can start with NOTHING and instantly be in business.  Overnight there would be no one paid by the corrupt government to perpetrate a crime on the rest of us or forcing them to commit some unConstitutional act for the mere sake of their next paycheck.

I think Glenn’s staged drama, along with his huge ego-driven need to co-opt the entire Patriot march on Washington is all part of the Washington-insider’s plan to keep the people distracted until they can pull the rug out from under us. 

We don’t NEED one of their kind to get our country and our freedoms back.  We need to follow our own hearts and decide NOT to settle for anything less than our natural/inalienable rights for ourselves and our neighbors (global citizen neighbors as well).  We need to all continue to reside in our HOMES without fear of eviction (until we can reestablish local market standards) and keep our cars and begin a credit/currency system that can start from zero and keep us all paid and without poverty.

Just keep all “taxes” at the county level and starve (NOT QUARANTINE) Washington.  Starve the beast!!  Feed our families.  Don’t let these fraudulent bankers, politicians and others take over the ‘properties’ they bought for pennies on the dollar AFTER THEY collapsed the market last fall.

Let this be our YEAR OF JUBILEE.  Let our natural inheritance granted by our Divine creator be restored to each living, breathing human being on this great planet rotating in God’s palm and NOT under the false authority of the royal lineage that has corrupted the world’s monetary and exchange system costing countless lives needlessly.  Will we yet let them do so again with this bogus Swine Flu Scare?  Or their HealthScare?  Or their plot for World War III?  Or their E-Bomb?  Or their RFID chip?

Are WE people who attribute our laws to the laws of corrupt men or the laws of an indisputable divine God who has endowed us all with inalienable rights? 

I don’t know about you, but I won’t be watching any charade carried out by a bunch of media shysters when I can be on my knees thanking God for each day regardless of the state of my material wealth if I can do this praying in total freedom rather than slavery.

Since we are the vast majority, will you stand with the Free People and restore a just society based on each one’s inalienable rights?  Will you stand with us and break the yolk these bankers have on our right to earn a living and to feed our families?

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