A Call to Arms

OUR CALL TO ARMS:  These actions are considered acts of war on American Patriots. As a result should one of these things occur consider it a call to arms and a first shot in the second American Revolution:

1) Forced Vaccinations under threat of being bused to Detention Camps if one refuses to take the H1N1/N1H1 Vaccine. Act ONLY if someone is actually sent to a detention facility, or people are sickened by the forced vaccinations. 

2) The suspension of the Constitution by declaring Martial Law (See Action Statement #7)

3) Any move by any government agency – including the UN, Local Law Enforcement, Federal Law Enforcement, US Troops, FEMA, DHS – against the citizens in order to confiscate weapons. (See Action Statement #10)

4) The closing of roads, and or the setting up of roadblocks, for the purpose of searching vehicles for weapons.

5) Setting up roadblocks for the purpose of checking drivers for a valid H1N1 Vaccine recipient shackle that shows they have been vaccinated..

6) The movement against any citizen’s private home for the purpose of seizing anything the government, or its representatives, deems necessary to confiscate.

7) Breaking down any citizens door between 9 PM and 5 AM in order to enter a home to search for and/or seize weapons or contraband. (See Action Statement #12)

The detention of any citizen by the government, or it representatives, for ANY bogus charge, including, but not limited to, these reasons: Inciting a riot, plotting to overthrow the government, weapons charges, making a bomb, being public nuisance, causing a public disturbance, firing a weapon within the city limits, plotting to assassinate the president, murder, sex crimes, robbery, car jacking, altering a weapon’s serial number, trespassing, breaking into a Federal facility (IE. Guard Armory), hate crimes, assault on a minority and more.

I do not trust the government to be above accusing any member of any crime in order to get them off of the street and into jail. They view anyone who opposed their agenda as terrorists.

The Call to Arms is a national call … and should take place ONLY when you have verified news of the start of any unconstitutional moves against American citizens.

Communications within your unit should be by small Walkie Talkies with ear phones, Long distance communications should be by a minimum 40 channel CB radio up to and including HAM radios. (I have a 120 Channel CB unit) We will start communications on Channel 30, but will switch around channels, so keep checking back to Channel 30 to see if anyone is on. Each Unit should purchase a mobile police/military scanner with a minimum of 200 channels.

Remember when you hear the news of any of the above attacks your Call to Arms begins. Thus you need to pull the battery and SIM card from your cell phone, do not use vehicle that has “On Star” or and directional GPS system in it without disabling it first. Also you need to scratch the magnetic strips off the back of any credit cards, drug store discount cards, grocery store discount cards, Insurance cards, VA ID cards, ATM Cards, and any other card that has a magnetic strip on it. I just finished reading a book by someone who disappeared off of the grid and he warned that these magnetic strips can be used to pinpoint your movements. So either remove the strips or cut the cards in half and leave them behind.

You have been instructed by myself on many posts to buy silver and gold. The world smart people have listen as gold has shot up from $943 oz to close today at $1,020 oz. Silver has also shot up from $13.50 oz to close at $17.30 oz today. These price jumps have occurred over the past 10 days alone. You can expect the price of silver and gold to continue to rise steadily as people recognize that this is going to be the only currency that’s will be accepted during the revolution. I advise you while there is still time to buy gold & silver coins. Your dollars will be worthless so don’t hold on to them unless it is to pay for needed supplies or weapons while there’s still time.

Free People – This was provided by a friend, source unknown.  You may have better ideas for yourself and your patriot friends, but this should get you thinking for sure.  Be ready.  And Sign the Declaration of Independence, Ver 2.0 HERE


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