Follow-Up on Spraying

Putting together Recent News:
Feb 24, 2010:  CDC Panel Calls for Flu Vaccine For All
Mar 3, 2010:  What in the World Are They Spraying?
Mar 4, 2010:  Bill Gates Talks About ‘Vaccines To Reduce Population”
So today I am in the VA medical clinic and having some very good conversations with other vets–providing them websites and keywords to search for–when I realize they are all there with respiratory problems.  So this led the conversation from ‘unjust wars’ to ‘don’t take their shots.’  One of them just took the H1N1 last week!  He is now going to go by a vet’s office and see if it contained an RFID chip. 
When I got to see the nurse, who I have previously discussed many things with, she confirmed that they had seen a lot of people in the last week with coughs and respiratory problems.  And I told her about the low-level spraying and she believes they would not spray anything here to affect the hay crop (not in season anyway), because the hay here is so good that it goes directly to London for the royal horses.  So she immediately concluded it could be something to spread the flu.  She is watching the entire mess carefully because she will be asked to inject folks if/when it becomes mandatory to do so.
Considering the three news events below, the serious change in weather patterns around the country, it would seem we have a ‘recipe’ for a raging flu season forming.  No doubt with a little help from HAARP and other scalar items.  They are calling for rain in the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) by the end of the week.  Today it was 65 degrees at the hottest point.  This does NOT happen in the UP in March.  So to make it a really good season, now all they need to do is spray and cover their tracks with a cold front in a week or two. 
The south will see the opposite effect and, as with most drastic weather changes, it will seem plausible that the flu will hit hard.  So just be ready for more psyops along this line, watch the skies and try a few things suggested by some of you who cared enough to respond to my message with very good ideas.  I love your input.  I hope my observations can prove helpful to you as well.  I am very vigilant.  It is likely easier up here, but watch everything in your surroundings as well and share anything out of the norm.
The article above about Bill Gates is the absolute best piece of evidence I can think of to get folks thinking and questioning.  It provides so much evidence that just reading it is enough to convince folks.  How could these details be fabricated?  And the civil servants stuck in the bureaucracy of our government are SCARED of what they will be asked to do.  Do yourself and your community a favor and start planting seeds regarding local currencies so government workers will understand the local community will provide for them if they walk off their jobs.  IT IS THAT CRITICAL!!!  No SANE human being wants to carry out these orders!!!!  It is ONLY the psychopaths who will and the very scared if we do not offer them the cover of our own prior planning, forethought and anticipation of what is coming.  If they don’t think we know, they will be more likely to follow-through. 
The anguish they are feeling is palpable as they carry out their work.  Pray for them.  Talk to them and empathize with their situation.  Let them know the community will have their back.  Talk to your church members about the difficult decisions facing these civil servants. 
This nurse told me she is expected to call every vet and remind them to get their shots.  She said it must drive them crazy that she has a few hundred shots that haven’t been used!  And we think WE can’t sleep at night.  Put yourself in her shoes.  She is a lovely, good-hearted person.  
We have beat these egomaniacs at their games before so we can likely have considerable success again.  Just watch for them to seize an opportunity to resurrect the mandatory Swine Flu Vaccine with Verichip’s RFID chip in the tip of the needle. 

Input from others:

Clive (great stuff!! and he reminds us not to forget how they gassed the Kurds with chemtrails):


Read the “Smart Moth” article on the LFL site:

They also used the same helicopter gassing to take out a lady in Oregon according to William Wagner who was covering a CPS child rape case there.

Health Tip from Gary:
“Our group uses FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, from a Health food store, and OREGANO OIL IN PILL FORM which knocks it out quickly or I would be dead from upper respiratory problems by now! Get directions for the Hydrogen Peroxide, as it only takes a few drops in 8 ozs of water!”


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