Oath Keeper Talks Survival

In response to Bones’ Bug-Out Bag Essentials HERE

I to have a similar bag and list of essentials. As many items as possible have dual usage. I can not list it all and explain function but all is light weight and back pack friendly. Dogs, for example are multi-functional as they can be used as defense, alarms, food and clothing.

Joe might do well to consider an 18 in. 12 ga. shotgun with shells of 00 buck and small game loads. A 44 magnum hand gun is also reliable.

I am always on the alert for fellow survivors, their affiliations and a realistic approach to the possible future of our society.

I and my family are alone in our beliefs, save for one or two others who speak of it and go no further.

Many essays have been written by me describing different scenarios and what I consider the best solutions. Starting at worst case to power outages.

In a worst case situation for example, I do believe in a community effort to survive although I know that I have the skills and resolve to survive alone, organized resistance and defense would be more successful.
Our people are totally unprepared for life or death survival and most will be victims before they know what went down.

I would like to know more about this website and the possible exchange of information, theory, philosophy, observations, predictions, etc:

In 1967 I swore an oath to protect and defend my country against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. The enemy is within.

I have not been released from this promise nor will I allow any one entity to absolve me from my duty.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Free People – Al, we would love to post any of your articles here.  We recommend, in our 12 Free People Action Statements, that EVERYONE take the Oath that both you and I have taken previously.  It defines our perspective in the midst of this chaos and allows us to have the resolve to do the right thing. 

This entire site is built to the perspective that Free People are their own authority and claim their individual sovereignty.  As such then, we must be prepared for any ‘tricks’ (see right-hand column for some) the Fascists might play on us.  While we don’t get into too many specifics of survival, we have posted about most of them.  Further examination is appreciated.  But all good preparation starts with winning the mental battle and that is our resolve here. 

Once you have made your stand (and know what you stand for), it is easier to stand in the face of tyranny and defeat it.

The one area that CAN NOT be discounted is the power of the Holy Spirit.  Survivors have a ‘knowing’ that what is right will win the day.  That is why we choose to live through harrowing experiences–I know because I have had to. 

This same knowing comes from a source that most of us identify as the Holy Spirit or from God.  As the evil appears to take the upper hand in the times, it couldn’t be further from the truth.  We humans will finally break free of the limiting factor of only using 10% of our brain and, through our compassion, our consciousness will be raised to ‘battle’ the evil.  This battle may be nothing more than putting down our own FEAR, or it may be very physical, but a survivor knows HE WILL SURVIVE!!  Enough said.

Let’s talk about the ways we prepare to overcome here because that will likely open many doors for many people.

An Oath is taken before God.  It is sacred.  It is binding.  It is what we REQUIRE to survive.  Without this Oath, many folks will flounder in the face of political correctness BS and outright evil.



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