Martial Law Alerts – CA

Paso Robles, CA – 4 British Royal Marines at the Local PD,  SCMLA, Feb 25, 5:00pm PDT

San Francisco, CA – Drone observed by Johnny on February 26, 2010 at approximately 6:00 p.m.:

this evening, just after sunset, i saw a plane flying over my neighborhood with very odd looking headlights. from underneath it looked just like a commercial passenger plane at first…the problem is that it was flying very low, and after a moment i could tell that it was not as big as a commercial jet. then i noticed that it was actually going very slow and flying with the tail angled downward kind of like a wasp or a bee as it lands on a flower. it was fluctuating in speed, and a couple of times it looked like it was kind of just hovering…it didn’t make as much or the same kind of noise as a commercial jet either.

has anyone else seen anything like this?? it was very strange indeed…has me thinking it was a drone. the weirdest thing to me is that it had the appearance of a large passenger plane, but it was clearly smaller but it was flying lower in the sky which gave it the appearance of a bigger plane flying higher in the sky. i didn’t have my camera, and even if i did i’m not sure that the camera would have seen exactly what i saw since it was getting dark. keep your eyes out, and keep looking up. there’s always some strange shit going on up there.

San Francisco, CA – Follow-up to Johnny’s by Darryl on February 26, 2010 at :

Yep. The same type of aircraft you mentioned has been flying low over Pacific Heights all day. Back and forth probably 15 times or so. I’ll try to get video tomorrow. Small passenger jet. Real quiet. Sounds like a Lear jet on approach to landing.


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