Confiscating Private Retirement Accounts

Written by Free People Steve Lynes: 

FYI (additional input to my earlier response directly below) – I will be laughing my ass off when everybody who thinks this is not a real possibility find their life savings converted to federal treasuries. Look at the current status of social security. It is now taking in less than is going out. Something drastic must be done. How far in debt is the government right now vs. how much are they taking in via taxation? Something drastic must be done. Look at Medicare, insolvent. Look at unemployment, insolvent. Look at the FDIC and how much they have expended to cover failed banks, pretty close to insolvency if not already. Something drastic must be done. They have already tried to print their way out of this crisis but that approach can’t continue forever or other unintended consequences will soon materialize. Desperate times require desperate measures. To cut spending, social programs, government bloat, and government jobs, pay, and/or benefits is unthinkable to most so called “public servants” so what options do they have left? When FDR was faced with the very same type of circumstances (depression economy) what did he do? Why he seized the only thing of value at the time which would help prop up the government and not cost it a thing, the publicly owned gold. Today private retirement savings is that gold!

Still think it can’t happen?

Don’t say I never told you so.

Worth sharing with all your non-Free People friends.  Warn them now and tell them you have the solution right HERE (Free People Money System).  Be prepared with:

  • A Local Currency Board which can/will extend time-based credit to EVERYONE TODAY (or the day its needed) for work performed in the course of making your community self-sufficient (which has been the goal of our government to destroy for over 150 years or more) by building greenhouses or hydroponic gardens, chopping wood or other items for heat for those in the community, securing water sources and other critical resources against those acting on their own personal interests or from the fraudulent federal government control.
  • This credit can be paid back over a reasonable period of time with NO INTEREST (the most important part of any good exchange currency).
  • Taxes can be withheld for the township or county (provided they are following Constitutional practices and rejecting Washington’s kickbacks for favors paid against the interest of the community’s self-sufficiency.  Otherwise you need to elect new officers and provide them local taxes via the new local currency. 
  • Local currencies do NOT inhibit any other means of currency exchange.  If you want to use gold and silver, go for it if you can find starving people who will take it. 
  • The Free People Money System is humane, justice and befitting a Free People.  It allows EVERYONE amnesty today and equality to approach the economic environment in your community.  To ignore this opportunity to do ignore those Christ asked us to look after:  “the least of His brethren.”

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