What Are We Missing NOW?

Could it Be That “China [not Charles, as in ‘Prince’… yet] is in Charge?”  By Beth Bridgman (aka Stella Oakman)

If we haven’t learned ANYTHING by now, we should have learned that WHAT the mainstream media is SAYING is the distraction–all of it. Yes, every bit of it even the stuff that people say that is true (that 5% of the truth) is designed to keep us off the real mark.

So with that in mind, how do we get to the real answers? We watch the very subtle clues of WHAT they DO. As a Business Development Consultant, I quickly learned that talk is cheap and doesn’t help the bottom line. CEOs with egos easily become fascists–employing influence and control–because they lack the knowledge required to create RESULTS. If you want to turn a company around, you must look at ONLY the performance indicators: investment, manpower, productivity, cashflow and profit.

About 14 months ago, I wrote an article for my first blog titled, “Hostile Takeover.” I didn’t fully understand the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), the fraudulent 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution (with the 14th creating the corporate USA), but I did understand business mergers and acquisitions. And when companies don’t seek to ‘merge’ together willingly, they often become victims of manipulation resulting in a hostile, unfriendly, unwelcome takeover. In a nutshell, thank you, Barbara, the UCC was a way the government could structure itself in order to usurp/circumvent Common Law of which our own inalienable rights are drawn from and upon which our Constitution was initially based.

One way a hostile takeover can be accomplished, is for the company looking to acquire another company to approach the Corporate management with an offer to purchase (for a public company, they would need to own the majority of shares). If the company doesn’t want to sell, the acquiring company may decide to place a bid for shares to the public shareholders in order to acquire ownership WITHOUT management’s consent. Case in point, do you remember how the shareholders of Yahoo! were mad at the CEO for turning down the generous offer from Microsoft for purchase? That shareholder pressure, while not appearing hostile, was in effect a hostile takeover. They presented the offer to management, but the amount was leaked to the public and shareholders caught on.

Another, even more underhanded, way–the banker’s way of doing business mergers–would be for the acquiring company to strategically place a Chairman/CEO candidate within the company they seek to acquire, usually some generous investment ushers his way in. When that CEO (in politics you might call them a Manchurian candidate/usurper) is in place, terms are decided and the acquiring company finally unveils their actual takeover AFTER all the negotiations behind the scenes has been conducted. Then it appears to be a new company without any resistance being shown. The value of the acquired company never suffers from too much bad publicity as the new CEO assures everything in done to the benefit of the ‘new owner.’ You might NOW understand the intent behind EVERY ACTION Obama (I like to refer to him as ‘Zero’) since taking office last January.

Now, to get back to the topic at hand today, you might be wondering what these examples have to do with China being in charge? Well, if you haven’t totally fallen into the wormhole Glenn Beck has been selling about how the Progressives are the real enemy and Obama and the Progressives are such radical communists, then you might still be able to track with the REAL results that have taken shape.

When last I wrote, I was waiting for telltale signs of what China might be looking to confiscate with their $47 trillion Lien against the US government, signed on November 11, 2009 (Veteran’s Day, if I remember correctly). That lien, which was filed with the international courts and authorities, gave China the right (at least from an international legal standpoint) to seize US assets anywhere in the world, or as ‘feasible.’

Shortly after that move, we saw an Executive Order signed/revised granting INTERPOL full diplomatic immunity to operate within the US borders. Those who have already signed onto the Asian NWO alignment, such as Benjamin Fulford, and the folks at http://www.worldreports.org, are prepared to win big in this takeover scenario. As they are the sources revealing many things going on behind the scenes, some of which appears quite accurate. Fulford has told us that China is full of Christians and he is prepared for their rule because it will be more benevolent than our own governments have been. Really?

But I’m jumping ahead a bit. Following the INTERPOL Executive Order, we still didn’t see where the Chinese had ‘acquired’ any US assets. I had suspected that the ‘pier’ being built near Camp Pendleton, CA was for the Chinese to land their own troops and resources here while the transition of property was being conducted. How many troops would they need in order to peacefully seize $47 trillion worth of property? Would they be moving American citizens from their soon-to-be foreclosed homes? That certainly wouldn’t be their top priority. I figured it would be more likely they will seize our farmland as the control of food is far more attractive than oil in the long run. There are other energy sources, but food is a finite commodity each harvest season and not easily replaced.

Still, they couldn’t do that right away in all likelihood. So, given that the International Monetary Fund OWNS China (via their takeover and control of currency and trade), and the IMF says they own most of the US key resources and utilities (like the entire Great Lakes and surrounding operations), what else might they be on a shopping spree for over here?

Come on, think about it. We know the Rockefellers have been saying for years that the Chinese are the ideal workers for a global government in the future. And with the endless amount of human labor under their authority, they wouldn’t need us Americans to do much. What would they most covet from within the US?

Yes, that’s right: our ‘Superpower’ status is what they are after. Destroy the dollar, transfer the replacement currency to China (the Amero and $800 billion was sent to them several months ago) and let them come and seize the prized possession of the US ‘corporate’ government structure: the Military Industrial Complex.

So how do we know this is what they are after? Well, today, another little piece of the puzzle fell into place. I happened to hear it while surfing on the radio. It came from Glenn Beck: “Obama has removed China from our ‘spy list.'” They WERE in the top position there, though I think that was just a CYA for the Bushes and the Clintons to get folks to fear the country they have been selling us out to for decades.

But, today Zero showed his cards for anyone smart enough to watch actions over words. Why would he do such a thing? When did they STOP becoming a national threat (at least on the surface)? When they came over here ready to prosecute 168 of our former administration members? Once they decided to place an offer of $47 trillion down on the table in exchange for our ‘superpower’ status, they had completed the second example outlined above of a hostile takeover via a ‘planted’ Chairman/CEO.

If we are to follow the UCC to its final conclusion, we will see that this is the last play. The US has been fully acquired by China. The US is now merged with the global government. End of story. There will be no bankruptcy declared (we dodged THAT bullet), as we were sold-out just before that could happen. But now, like all employees who realize the boss is playing for the other team, we must simply watch what the RESULTS of this charade of corporate law over common law will be.

You can, like Benjamin Fulford, believe we are in better hands with the Chinese than with the European side of the NWO. But I can’t see how there is ANY difference. If the London-based control of the NWO subsumed China via their currency control, aren’t they the new ‘owners’ of the corporate USA?

And if patriots decide to fight this ‘legal’ farce through available tactics, procedures or militias, what are the risks that might be encountered?

Will our military now follow the orders of the Chinese at the helm of our MIC? Will the Chinese be able to shut down any weapon system they seek to employ against them using their supercomputer management and ‘espionage’ over the last few decades to highjack our technological weapons? They did shut down Dick Cheney’s plane one time and forced him to land in Singapore (if I remember correctly). This ongoing Chinese ‘espionage’ was simply a cover for the Bush/Clinton teams providing them access in preparation for this final move of a ‘hostile takeover’ of the USA corporation.

So who do you NOW work for? Who is writing your paychecks, retirement checks and disability checks? Can you see how your retirement has already been negotiated through with the new ‘owners?’ Healthcare, too, they just need to rubberstamp it, but it serves as just a great diversionary topic they didn’t want to do it too soon. All the while YOU didn’t have ANY say in the matter. Oh, and don’t forget, amnesty will be so easy because, well the Chinese can control Mexico and Canada with very little effort, too.

Where do we stand now, my fellow sovereign people? If we can find any quarter with which to fight this legal farce of a takeover, we need to seek that remedy NOW. Because if the global media can sell it to the rest of the world, any blowback by the people formerly known as “Americans” will be met with very swift military action.

Now, just imagine what the global media will be playing over and over again to the global audience? All of the American autrocities over the years so there will be no chance of the old structure resurfacing. The American people will be hated, loathed and persecuted.

But when you realize the Zero was a British citizen at birth. Born to parents who were ‘regime changers’ for our government over the years, is it really any surprise that he doesn’t salute the American Flag, or did not allow a military jet fly-over just recently for an event where this has taken place for 42 straight years? The Pentagon approved the fly-over, but he disapproved it.

Why are we still caught up in seeing ourselves as citizens of a country that hasn’t existed in financial reality since 1922 when the IMF seized control of the US Treasury?

If you believe in inalienable rights that come from our Creator, you surely MUST be able to see the reality of what is going on around you. If you do NOT, then let me suggest you seek the face of the Living God by repenting of your sins and asking for salvation.

When you hear God’s warning of the destruction of America, you will be FREE to seek His glory and to find liberty wherever He leads you.

China may be in charge of the bogus USA corporation, but they will never own our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. That is reserved for the Living God. Don’t forget who you are and who paid the price for this most important status you enjoy. Say good-bye to the ‘American Idol.’

Free People – No guarantees this will work, but its the smartest, most spirit-filled solution we have seen for a FREE PEOPLE to restore a government without fretting over educating the sheeple who are under mind control.  When they wake up, they could miraculously find themselves in the Garden of Eden before the ‘fall’ of the American empire.

Thank you, RJ, for the links:
To all those interested in Restoring America… send an email to TheRestoreAmericaPlan@gmail.com
…in the subject line type “wish to join
This is not a joke!  We can restore our republic, in a non-violent manner.  
This plan has to do with 28 USC 3002 Paragraph 15.

…& holding “officials” accountable to their Covenant of Office.
…Why not check it out?


HOOVEN & ALLISON CO. V. EVATT, 324 U. S. 652 (1945)

DOWNES V. BIDWELL, 182 U. S. 244 (1901)


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