Prince of the Air – Now We ALL Hear Voices

If you didn’t see Jesse Ventura’s show on HAARP, you may want to start watching it on youtube.  The videos below are a nice compilation of my networks info:  Part 1 (see the others are

See Part 5 of this series was posted on our site on Oct 14, 2009

But the important part is understanding how this is affecting the ENTIRE Patriot movement.  Explaining why we have taken a stance of staying out of the ‘political discourse’ for several months now, may help you see what we have been seeing within the movement.  A good friend suggests we are feeling despair, which is a sin, and should keep fighting.  Despair is a sin–coming straight at you from the Prince of the Air–but rather we are staying in the shadow of the Almighty.  He will bring us the folks with ears to hear Him and NOT THESE EVIL VOICES!  Stella’s response:

“I have spoken my piece as a watchman.  Beyond that, it is God’s battle for those who believe.  You are right that despair is a sin.  But there is little that can be done to turn it around between desk jockeys across the country.  The battle I fight has always been VERY local, though I tried to set a standard for others to follow in their locality.  And I am not in despair, but am waiting on the Lord.  For unless He produces the harvest of minds, it is not efficient use of time.
“BTW, we did that campaign with SoCal Oathkeepers and Take America Back and Barbs’ radio show last year (my friend, Clive, was doing the same thing on his own before we started) sending them all letters regarding keeping their Oath–to well over half of them (3200 Sheriffs).  
“We did a huge email campaign last summer to all groups we had been in touch with to reach out to their Sheriffs.  Many did.  And I had good feedback on that, but then some of these same people slide back into less effective thinking levels.  They get distracted by the propaganda and jump on another wagon.  Like Scott Brown’s campaign.  They can’t see that this is the distraction the administration WANTS them trapped in.  Like all good elitists, it is now revealed that Scott Brown is a ‘relative’ of the Zero.  Well, you probably don’t know that one of the Google founders married (by DNA selection) a woman who created the online database for DNA tracking of people/families, etc. for ‘medical research’ and to help folks find their perfect mate.  Worked for her, right? 

“So, you can’t tell me Scott and the Zero didn’t KNOW this before the election.  That is precisely WHY he was picked.  He is in the ‘in’ crowd.  They will even orchestrate his moves to deceive the TV audience and to appease the Tea Partiers until the 2010 election rolls around at which point it will be TOO LATE for ANY ELECTION to TURN THINGS AROUND!!!  

“It can’t hurt to do ANOTHER campaign provided you can get it supported around the country AT THE SAME TIME.  No one Sheriff’s dept is likely to take on the full force aligned against them.  The Sheriff MUST BE ready to deputize the local militia in order to even hope to hold some local ground.  This will happen at a decisive moment, but it might be suicide to do it too early UNLESS IT IS A FULL-ON CAMPAIGN ACROSS THE COUNTRY.
“We tried this with quite a bit of success.  This is where I believe the fight is God’s and not ours.  Like King Jehosophat said before going into battle.  The battle is God’s and not ours.  We can win when we realize that.
“I have written lots of educational materials (for publishers) teaching critical thinking skills.  There is a definite way to detect folks thinking levels and MOST people can NOT attain a critical level on their own accord and then follow-through on it or stay with it.  It is the very sad truth.  And the reality in light of HAARP, Project Blue Beam and Psychotropic Weapons developed between US and Russia throughout the 1970-90s. 
“For this reason, most of my encouragement these days is individual and showing folks that God has the answer via His Holy Spirit.  Because you can NOT reason with sheeple who are victims of the TV (as part of Proj Blu Beem and other sound waves) which entrains their thinking.  
And WITHOUT a local currency, we are all pissing in the wind.  To stay enslaved to their money/Ponzi scheme makes all independent action null and void.
“Prayer is more powerful than the keystroke at this juncture.  Though your prayers can be active while keystroking as well.  Stay in the Spirit no matter what you do. 

“And don’t forget the two most important things:  1) Love God and 2) Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself.” 


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