Declaration of Independence, Ver 2.0

Regarding our Declaration of Independence, Ver 2.0, Posted in May 2009, we wanted to share with you the comments of a recent signer.  His thoughts are important, powerful and affirming.  It is TRUE that our freedoms come directly from God and as such, humbling ourselves in prayer is the first step to liberty.  Here is what DiehardPatriot has to say:

“Sedition must first occur before treason charges can be levied. In this case sedition has slowly been implemented from within the federal government for at least the last 20 years and especially since congress authorized the ‘FED” in 1913 and in a time of war which is punishable by death for treason, and high crimes and misdemeanors. That was a big down turn to our present financial woes. All the actions taken by ‘The Usurper” and congress has cost jobs and subsequently people have lost their homes and many whom haven’t had the fortune to have relatives to live with were forced to live like vagrants in tent cities while this Usurper” and family as well as members of congress and their staffers stuffed their faces with good wholesome food in comfortable surroundings and enjoyed Thanksgiving and Christmas doing likewise. They are thieves and have stones in place of where their hearts were. We can no longer wait-we must act in according to all rights delegated to us given us by all constitutional means we have available to us to rebuke this illegal, unconstitutional seditious ,despot embezzlers and liars from office ASAP.

“Many states have made the first move with passing, considering, or pursuing State Sovereignity. Nullification must be added to these actions as well as informing the respective states county sheriffs of their duties to keep their oath. I have been in touch with my state’s General Assembly and governor’s office. Our Sovereignity Legislation process is a hair width from being signed by the Governor of SC.

“We can most likely expect retaliation from this despot regime and we all must prepare, if some haven’t already to stock up on food, water, and ammunition defensive weapons and medical supplies which I have already done and continue to do. We must take action to not only circulate this NEW declaration and get additional signatures but we must ramp up all our efforts that lie within our means to convince potential signers with some documented evidence they may not be aware of.. If they do not want to take a stand-then they are cowards. We cannot afford to be afraid anymore should be one message…It is simple freedom or slavery and death and be deprived of everything one possesses and the most precious of all- their children. I affirm this day that I freely, with clear conscience and with the spirit of our ancestor patriots that I affix my signature to this new document.

“I just printed out three sets of the new DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE but added more pages for signatures (594-total). I have other patriot friends in counties surrounding me, whom after calling them they said bring them (I’ll keep one set) If you have the means to make brochures with some of the facts concerning this rogue government and their offenses. make them as brief as possible but include all the information needed…CAUTION- don’t stick them under a windshield wiper blade-for some reason that irks some people. It wouldn’t hurt to make up your own t-shirts using t-shirt transfer sheets available in most WalMart stores with a brief message. They are not hard to do. The mesage could something like this” Do you know your freedoms are being stolen from you-they are!..STOP THIS THEFT NOW :Sign the new Declaration of Independence” we all can use our imaginations as to the message. Finally contact your state government and Inquire about state sovereignty and nullification unless you know is is either state law and put the push on those states dragging their feet on these issues.

“One thing I should have made a statement on first. The U.S. Constitution was a inspired document from God and if we all get on our knees and ask forgiveness for this nations sins and our own failings we will at least be addressing ourselves in the RIGHT direction. May God hear our prayers from what has become a nation of idol worship (material things and not honoring the Sabbath and have compassion on us and turn the hearts of the evils ones away from the evil they have wrought.

“Want to read something interesting?…Goggle George Washington’s Prayer Journal…very insightful and humbling.”


Free People – Any new folks to this site might want to review the 12 Free People Action Statements as well.  If we all follow these steps, we can rebuild a Republic as it is meant to start–at the county level first.  States may be working things at the same time, but unless WE THE PEOPLE, “who hold these truths to be self-evident,” remember to do the two most important things: 1) Love God; and 2) Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself; a Republic can NOT stand. 

God is at the center of ANY Republic.  Just as He must be at the center of any marriage.  It is His leadership that provides liberty.  Our 12 Action Statements support EVERY aspect of our inalienable rights.  There is power in taking these steps as they are in line with the Word of God.  No FREE PERSON can hope to live another day in freedom if we are cooperating with a government that is targeting individuals that oppose them in any way. 

Another key step to securing out liberty is lost on many patriots.  We can not hope to be free of the sin of the oppressors if we are STILL using their money system.  Free People recommends the following solution HERE.  The timing is right as folks are finally starting to realize those government checks and fiat dollars can NOT be relied upon in the very near future. 

Your input and ideas are greatly appreciated.  3200 counties to claim.  Have you claimed yours for liberty?!!

LIVE FREE OR DIE!!  Do NOT put on the chains of bondage.


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