Bio Attack EO and White Racists Against Obama

Good run-down of the Biological Attack Preparation Executive Order signed Dec 30, 2009.  If they are to have 1,000,000 troops ready by Jan 30, 2010, that would seem to line up with the false flag warning from Canada surrounding the Olympics there all of February. 

As that video (scroll below to find) states, the Canadian Parliament has suspended its session to end Jan 26th and moved it to March 3, 2010.  This is a convenient way of allowing their Prime Minister to declare Martial Law for a false flag attack during the Olympics without having to consult Parliament. 

Would the Zero (obama) follow suit?  Probably.  Likely it will be blamed on a white constitutionalist from America if you consider the lay-up from the new TSA Director (nominee) and the latest documentary from Al Qaeda TV just released this week.  This video basically draws the conclusion all white Americans are white supremacists.   HERE


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