Did Someone Say They Hope Brown Wins Tuesday?

Regarding the Senate race in Massachusettes on Tuesday, here is our thoughts:

Either way, it will not go to a conservative advantage.  There is only ONE THING fascism is good at:  covering their ass and ensuring their success using any means necessary.  They don’t care about substance, form or perception.  They can control the mechanisms that allow them to manipulate those things to their advantage.
They (the fascists) may well ensure Brown wins, but that will not hurt them.  It will hurt the patriot movement more.  Why, you ask?  With a conservative win, patriots will believe they can still affect change through the voting process.  When in reality nothing could be further from the truth.  If that were true, the Zero (“O”) would not now be president.
Between Tuesday’s election and November’s election, there will be amnesty granted to all illegal aliens.  They will automatically be registered to vote and it won’t be hard then for the fascists to give ACORN some real names to fill the ballot box with. 
One win will only serve to circumvent any progress the real patriots (who know that Washington is not the answer) have made in preparing for the inevitable. 
For this reason, a conservative loss on Tuesday would do more good to get the patriot movement solidly behind an approach that has a greater chance of success:  like resisting all fascist movements at their local/county levels.

When we remove our focus from Washington, we become free people again and regain the empowerment that comes with taking care of business in our own communities!

But under MARTIAL LAW as we have secretly been since at least Oct 12, 2008 (ref: Domestic Insurgency & Declaration of Martial Law), and have every reason to suspect they will try to implement Martial Law before Nov 2, 1010, they will undoubtedly suspend any election for reasons that it poses a risk to be in public, etc.  If they create natural disasters, they will say its to ensure no disruption of government services at a critical time. 


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