Developments Since Yesterday

If you scroll below to the article regarding the Executive Order as step closer to Martial Law, you will see our commentary beneath it.  There we outlined events that could take place to generate ‘civil unrest’ so they can implement Martial Law even at the people’s request (those sheeple who don’t know any better and have forgotten about Katrina).

Since that posting, there has been a 7.0 earthquake in Haiti.  While that does not affect us directly, it is all part and parcel of predictions usually associated with Saturn’s approaching square to Pluto.  We can expect to see many more things as well.

But the most interesting development is the posting of a new article in the German Business Journal (HERE) which questions the official story of 9/11.  THIS signals that TPTB are going after the Bush-Clinton mafia in getting this story out.  Running it in Germany is a warning for them to cooperate or they may be charged with those deaths in a public trial.

We free people need to get the story out to folks here so the blow will not be so devastating when TPTB release it at the time of their choosing.  Please forward this link far and wide so folks will see what is coming. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg of what the internationalist PTB will charge the US with.  We the people will hold partial blame making it easy for them to raise up foreign troops that will be happy to commit atrocities here against the American people.  As well, it will serve to make our own military assets easy targets of the intelligensia that have been wasting lives in the bogus War on Terror. 

What uniform will the intelligensia wear when they begin killing our deployed soldier?  Probably every imaginable kind.  This will serve to make ordinary folks around the world believe it is ok to strike back at any American, anywhere.  Break the Truth about 9/11 to EVERY international contact you have.  Let them know you know the truth and are against this bogus government.  Time is wasting for them to use this info against the American public.


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