Do You Remember Codex Alimentarius?

With so many other fronts giving way to the elites and their minions, you may have forgotten that ridiculous measure to control food, vitamins, etc. using a standard called, “Codex Alimentarius.”  To be a part of the World Trade Organization (WTO), all countries were to be compliant by Dec 31, 2009.  Yes, that date has already passed.

Like the mandatory vaccinations and Level 6 for a Flu Pandemic, these dates mean little.  They pass the policies, assign bogus dates all so that folks will stop paying attention when the real action starts to take place.

You are forewarned NOW.  Be sure to get any items in the vitamin/supplement arena that you might want to have on hand because they may be gone anytime. 

Here is a site designed to stop this Codex from passing.  Don’t know if their actions will work, but, their information and website will sure wake up more folks than currently know about CA. 

Visit HERE


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