Regular Black Helo Flyovers? Where Have We Heard THAT Before?

Jan 5, 2010, Regarding our Martial Law alerts, a Reader left this comment:

Ok, I live in Northern Ca, Mendocino County, and lately I have noticed military jets flying just above sea leval, huggin the coast line at all hours of the day and night. They are all matt black with no markings. First of all, I thought that planes, or jets rather had to stay above a certain leval? Why are there so many of them going back and forth like this? Is there something I should be worried about? My husband is a deputy up here and retired ARMY, and he has no idea about it either.

Free People – Yes, the low level flying is considered “tactical” and not usually allowed within or near populations.  Nor is flying over a county where the Sheriff doesn’t approve it (unless cleared through them by military of FAA).  Media helicopters can NOT fly so low and so this is unusual if you are speaking about 2 years ago.  But in the last 6-8 months, it has become the norm–especially in California. 
The increased air traffic (especially all black with no markings) began in earnest in the Los Angeles area in early June ‘09.  The LAPD received so many calls and concerns regarding the helicopters that it was forced to publish at least 6 articles we saw stating there was an exercise going on with our military for ‘urban warfare training.’ 
Overnight, there were no longer ANY media helicopters flying, but rather only black helicopters. And they were older Huey style that our military had gotten rid of. From friends in the know, we were told they were DHS helos, but we also believe they were being flown by foreign troops from countries who bought these old helos from the US. The end of July was a big FEMA exercise (National Level Exercise) to practice Martial Law in the US. They brought in foreign troops from at least 14 countries into various locations across our country.
They did not leave following this exercise. The Zero has been making moves to declare a ‘national emergency’ for any number of reasons (weather disasters, food shortage, flu pandemic and every other piece of legislation this ‘administration’ has signed) and these troops will be used (as he has informed NATO recently regarding the use of Canadian troops in California following a declaration of bankrupty by the state). The way the new world order works is that folks near the bottom of any organization (law enforcement, military, government, and even religions) do NOT know what the real agenda is.
However, undoubtedly, your Sheriff knows what is going on. Does he have a DHS liaison officer inside his headquarters? In California, there is a law that is unconstitutional to begin with that says a Sheriff must have 5 years of law enforcement experience. That is so they will be indoctrinated into the system and the politics in advance of assuming that key constitutional role.
While we no longer endorse Retired Sheriff Richard Mack, because he has been taking money from Washington lobbyists to promote Sheriff elections throughout the country, his book, America’s Last Hope: The County Sheriff, was written years ago and is constitutionally accurate. You might order a copy of it and read it. However, at the same time send him a message telling him you know he has compromised his personal constitutional ethics. There should be NO national level monies involved in the County elections!!! That is how we have been sold out at every level. That is where our ‘stimulus money’ has gone–directly to the Feds to buy out the state and local governments with bribes called ‘projects.’
So to answer your question, yes, you should be worried enough to start watching what is REALLY going on. See it from the perspective of questioning WHY our military (or foreign military) are being used WITHIN our country. Why would helicopters be flying overhead without ANY markings? At all times of the day and night? What has this administration (farce that it is as it is already an international outpost) been saying about their intentions? About the need for security? When violent crime has been down considerably and the people have not even been protesting.
Something is brewing. If you keep reading on this site, you will find your answers. We try not to draw all the conclusions for you, but rather to give you the rough data that reveals a pattern and direction in which the government is heading. This is NOT about party politics, but about liberty and freedom. Two things our Washington insiders have not had any respect for in decades, but which are slipping through our fingers at warp speed.
Yesterday, there was an article in the local newspaper in a small rural area of a midwest state that said the State Police will be recruiting a “special team of State Police Hometown Security troopers,” Michigan will get three of these teams, “each funded with $2.2 million in FEDERAL STIMULUS GRANTS.” [emphasis ours] The article will be posted shortly on our site.
Stay tuned. Watch the skies, watch your 6 and pray for tyranny of this nature can not be ‘felt’ yet, but it is congealing all around us. One morning we will wake up and it will have ’set’ in place with a rigidity that will be palpable and extremely oppressive. The window of opportunity has passed us by as folks who believed, falsely, that they could petition Washington representatives wasted our valuable preparation time.
The frog is now almost boiled and the window is gone where he could have any chance of jumping out of the hot water to saftey. The warm water has lulled him into a state of complacency and a false belief that he did his best by calling out to Washington rather than securing his County Sheriff for WE THE PEOPLE’s side.

2 Responses to “Regular Black Helo Flyovers? Where Have We Heard THAT Before?”

  1. woodbutcher Says:

    No markings flying under the radar ? sounds like a potential terrorist to me . maybe a few warning shots at them will let them know they are not wanted.The FAA has strict regulations about planes in america they have to have the ID #’s if they dont and are flying under the radar then i would think they are a potential threat to the community and that they are fair game .We lived out near branscomb yrs ago and the air force did fly overs under the radar for training pilots every now and then but those jets had ID marks that made it clear that they were american planes. and the weed cops always have there helo’s clearly marked even though they repeatefly break the law by flying to low .No ID. and under the FAA cieling then they can only be one thing a foriegn invader that is up to no good or an american govt agency breaking the law by dis regarding the FAA reg’s either way better to be safe they might be terrorists better to and shoot first ask later like the govt does .

    • freepeopleontheland Says:

      It does appear as though the people are living under a government that no longer exists. In the minds of most people, the Zero is a President when the reality would say he is the international placeholder for the NWO to complete their final takeover. Ever wonder why he traveled through Europe during his campaign? Could it be he was running for the international vote? Of course he was. His campaign’s filter did NOT stop foreigners from donating. How hard would it be for international bankers to release a hold bucketload of credit card numbers with fake contributors, even posing as ‘Americans’ if desired. We know he had plenty of overseas contributions. If you follow the legal trail of bogus EOs and other precedent-setting laws, you will find the US government has been liquidated and we ARE under UN control–already!!!

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