ALERT – Foreign Troops in NORTHCOM Uniforms

Foreign Troops Wearing NORTHCOM Uniforms Seen in Mississippi

Dec 17, 2009, By Freedom Fighter, Source:  MS Militia

A source inside the MS Militia that is also in the US Army has confirmed that several buses with blacked-out windows delivered approx 250-300 troops, some in NORTHCOM uniforms others in Pakistani, Turkish and Russian uniforms, to Camp Shelby in MS on Dec 17, 2009.  Another witness asked why they were here and he was told he did not need to know.  We are working on getting photos of them and their uniforms.  (Note: It is not uncommon for foreign troops to be at Camp Shelby.)  It does seem out of the norm that foreign troops have on NORTHCOM uniforms.  Now as long as they stay on base, that is fine, but the moment they are on our streets they will viewed as a threat to our sovereignty.

Free People – We hope to get this information much sooner in the future.  We have been able to in the past, but this group is a new one to our knowledge.  Would like to find out what foreign troops are doing at Camp Shelby on a routine basis.  Have been there for training years ago and can’t imagine what the specific need would be.  Must be either related to helicopter training, training for operations regarding Caribbean needs, etc.  Can’t find a NORTHCOM uniform anywhere, but was thinking they must be talking about a shoulder patch specifically (but on a US-style uniform).  A bit vague, but worthy of note.  Be watchful.


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