Hawaii Leads The Way!?!

People Of Hawaii Pass Resolution Against Forced Vaccination, By Dr. Mercola, Dec 29, 2009, mercola.com

Department of Health officials in Hawaii were overruled by County of Hawaii directors supporting a resolution favoring First Amendment constitutional rights and vaccination exemptions for everyone demanding them.

The nearly unanimous vote demonstrated the power of local community activists [emphasis ours] to rebuke “top down” policies advancing “mandatory” vaccinations during declared emergencies.

The Resolution urges State and Federal legislators in Hawaii “to amend vaccine laws to include medical, religious, and philosophical exemptions from any vaccine program,” including those declared urgent by health officials.

Free People – We have stated from the very beginning that a republic must be built from the bottom up.  We The People will not have decisive action from our States until our Counties are secured for the Constitution.  That requires Constitutional enforcement (the County Sheriff) and Constitutional observance (the County Planning Board, Commissioner, etc.).  Make it your New Year’s Resolution to SECURE YOUR COUNTY for LIBERTY AND FREEDOM ACCORDING TO THE CONSTITUTION!!!!! 

The county level is where the property taxes originate, where they can be collected and distributed to support ONLY the Constitution.  The county level is where you can have accountability of the people who represent WE THE PEOPLE–because you can LOOK THEM IN THE EYE from day to day!!  No media smokescreens allowed!!!  If your county is too big to do this, BREAK IT UP!! 

The County level is where your physical security and well-being can truly be affected when the SHTF!  Anything else is just pie-in-the-sky LIES!  Don’t think FEMA is there to help.  Remember Katrina!?!  FEMA blocked efforts into the city that would have helped.  Don’t think DHS is there to help.  They have only the international agenda at heart. 

Your safety, your sanity and your freedom is secured at the COUNTY FIRST!!  Make it your 2010 NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION to SECURE YOUR COUNTIES!!!  This is where WE CAN STOP fascism and restore FREEDOM!!


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