Hawk Eyes A False Flag

Hunger for False Flag In U.S. by Luciferian Illuminati Inside U.S. Govt. / Military / Intel Agencies/ Money Center Banks – Still Strong ?
December 22, 2009

As Americans continue to experience the engineered slide from prosperity, strength, and freedom that is better called the Planned Destruction of America,  courtesy of the Illuminati Luciferians Hell bent on establishing a Global government under the anti-Christ , their political minions , business minions, and military/ intel minions are beginning to get more than a little afraid of the coming “Crash Induced Unrest” inside the U.S. and other countries. Additionally, many independent forecasters , economists, and other officials and experts are also warning about massive social unrest that may threaten to topple governments and destroy social order. Please see “OFFICIALS AND EXPERTS WARN OF CRASH-INDUCED UNREST” at www.georgewashington2.blogspot.com and pay close attention to what the Army War College and Director of National Intelligence have to say as well as what Zbigniew Brzezinski (Obama’s Adviser) has to say about what is coming. Links to other predictions and forecasts by many notables about massive civil unrest and possible revolution are also included in that article.

Of course, it is the motto of the Illuminati and 33rd Degree Masons isn’t it… ORDO AB CHAO… order out of chaos? Did not Albert Pike in his letter to Giuseppe Mazzini detail the plan of 3 World Wars to be used to establish Luciferianism and to set the anti-Christ on the throne in Jerusalem way back in the late 1800’s? Did not Tom Horn in his very recent book “APPOLLYON RISING 2012” reveal that the Lost Symbol and final mystery of the Great Seal of the United States was solved and that the Illuminati and highest level Masons fully expect their god… APPOLLYON to return in 2012 and that they have been working toward their New World Order for over 200 years. If you haven’t read this book or Albert Pike’s “MORALS AND DOGMA” , or his letter revealing the details of the 3 World Wars I suggest you do so quickly, because you don’t have much time to understand what is likely to hit you like a freight train. Though, Ezekiel 38 -39, Daniel, Mathew 24-25 , and  Revelations might be the best places to start in the Bible.

The problem here is perhaps some of the minions are growing fearful that they might be in the sights and scopes of free Americans brandishing close to 200 million firearms after reading some Thomas Jefferson quotes about standing armies, banks, and how the Liberty Tree must be watered from time to time by the blood of Patriots and tyrants… or perhaps that wonderful speech by Patrick Henry about “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” . In that, their fears are not unfounded… even the Web Bots( Half Past Human.com)  have predicted the deaths of hundreds of thousands of bankers, politicians, and propagandists in the upcoming American revolution of 2010 and 2011 that spreads globally. When tyrants rob $Trillions from the people, take over whole segments of the economy in some totalitarian dream, shred the Constitution and Bill of Rights ,  and then start pushing people who have nothing left to lose… well what could they expect?

To whit, the more clever of the luciferians would rather use what worked so well on 9-11 a False Flag attack upon U.S. soil. They would like nothing better than to see a pretext… that would not only afford cover for the collapse of U.S. markets, collapse of the Dollar, destruction of most of the wealth of the American people held in Pensions, Ira’s , 401-K’s, and Stock and Bond portfolios… but also would still afford the best chance for them to retain the loyalty of their troops and police , and to at least initially garner public opinion more to their side or view of the world. THAT PRETEXT… THE ONE THEY HUNGER FOR… IS A FALSE FLAG ATTACK , PROBABLY WITH NUCLEAR DEVICES USED IN U.S. CITIES WHICH COULD BE BLAMED ON IRAN. EXTERNAL ENEMIES TO RALLY AGAINST AND TO GO TO WAR AGAINST… ALA “BLACK JACK SCENARIO” AND MORE IMPORTANTLY FOR THE ILLUMINATI,  ALA GOG MAGOG WAR.

Martial Law Plans Have Already Been Put Into Deployment Stages

As past Warnings and Talons that I have written and numerous radio broadcasts have detailed, the Command, Communications,  and Control of Martial Law forces inside the U.S. are in place and someone I have dubbed the “Martial Law Big Papa” is actively communicating with already deployed U.S. military units, foreign troops, mercenaries, and even recently some with UN markings seen by police in a certain part of Florida traveling to bivouac in the piney woods. Estimates from high level sources place the numbers of just foreign troops involved at approximately 345,000 which when combined with U.S. military forces, National Guard , Reserves, and Law Enforcement at the Federal, State, and local levels add up to a considerably large and robust force arrayed against the populace… especially if the FALSE FLAG does it work and sells the majority of the American people on the “WHODUNIT” . The Martial Law Big Papa also has the ability to supercede all HF communications of the National Communications Center at Andrews and comes up with all tones whenever he wants. That he is using the HF and also the new Interoperability Trunking system for communication is partially to keep the comms separate from regular Military Comms on satellites and hence more localized to CONUS because of propagation difficulties for some modicum of obfuscation (although it is hiding in plain sight, so to speak) and partially because not all foreign troop units have the most current U.S. compatible “High Rack” communications systems.

For the last several weeks deep background sources have detailed knowledge of continued and somewhat heavy traffic to Martial Law units in the field… and many high level meetings with command of various National Guard and Reserve units as to their readiness for possible full implementation of Martial Law have been held. Numerous drills have also been held involving combined foreign and U.S. forces… Air, Mechanized, and Infantry as well as federal agencies, State Police and  local Police, Fire , and Emergency units have been involved. Numerous reports of drills and practice runs over cities by helicopters , and even foreign fighter jets have been heard, as well as all the numerous sightings of Armored vehicles, C-130 practice runs, and infantry drills related to CONUS operations with mass civil uprising and pandemic scenarios involved that past TALONS , warnings, and radio broadcasts have provided to you.

Was a False Flag attack perhaps set for 12/18 postponed because of Blizzards?

Information from deep background sources, though unconfirmed has indicated that possibly a False Flag attack perhaps upon either NYC or Washington D.C. was set for 12/18 or 12/19. Mind you,  these were somewhat speculative as to details but nevertheless of sufficient import to at least give a warning to those with ears to hear and eyes to see. The hunger for Pretext by factions within U.S. govt/mil/intel structure and most likely within some foreign factions as well such as the City of London and Illuminati Princes was allegedly evident… even numerous U.S. Politicians and Cabinet members were in Copenhagen to perhaps  conveniently be out of harm’s way. Blizzards on the east coast and parts of the deep south, whether from God himself or from Russian Weather X capability or Constitutional U.S. factions likely scotched this plan.

However, with such hunger for Pretext and all of its benefits as discussed above it is quite likely that perhaps another try will be made. Some inklings that the next False Flag might take place during some large TV viewing audience attention upon say a Christmas Special, a major NFL game, or perhaps on the New Year’s Eve Times Square dropping of the ball at midnight have been heard. Other sources of the Q-Files and from Greg Everson have indicated that the period for Martial Law regardless of reason or cause are tentatively set , at least according to a former Northcomm Officer for 1/6/2010 thru 1/15/2010 and around mid January from multiple Law Enforcement and other Military Officers respectively. Also, information that a large buildup of U.S. air assets including fighters, bombers, and tankers has already been done at U.S. Air force Bases in Germany and that a date of 1/12/2010 has been rumored for their need to be ready for immediate aftermath of an Israeli attack upon Iran… for defending Saudi and Gulf States oil fields and tanker loading facilities , U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and perhaps Israel. The factions that are still hungering for the False Flag would like no doubt to improve the likelihood of not only defense of Israel but actually a joint attack upon all of the Target List in Iran. When Israel goes against Iran seems to be the wild card here… and regardless of what the more naive arrogant fools in D.C. are thinking about precluding Israel from attacking via extensive transfer of technology and promised future transfer of top of line U.S. fighters… (perhaps Joint Strike Fighter, Raptor, or even TR3-B’s or other XRAY spacecraft???)… Israel will have to go soon or not go at all. When they go, will be on their own time and at the least expected by Iran, Russia, and even the U.S. Lets not forget that Zibigniew Brzezinski stated publicly that the U.S. should deny Israel the right to fly over Iraq and that if they flew over anyway that the U.S. military should fire on the IAF and knock their planes out of the sky… not the most trust engendering statement by one of the current President’s advisers.  One could see how a False Flag attack on CONUS would change this dynamic greatly… especially since Russia, who has a defense treaty with Iran has already stated via Putin himself that no attack upon Iran would be tolerated, with grave implications for launch of missiles on Israel and on the U.S. more than just an idle hint. Recent Russian well publicized discussions about their right to” Preemptive Attack” and changes in their nuclear doctrine are to be found in numerous news and security oriented sites on the web.

What Might be Expected … Events That Could Happen Rapidly

If Israel unilaterally attacks Iran or even if the U.S. goes with them… Iran likely already has a Russian S-300 System if in fact not a clandestine S-400 System (hence truthful denials by Russia that no S-300 system had been set up yet ?) and can track many multiples of inbound targets and engage multiples of those targets instantly via system control of various anti-missile, anti-aircraft, and anti-ship missiles and guns. Iran already has 110 Super Sunburn (onyx) missiles and 100 Exocets for anti-ship action against U.S. carrier groups or Israeli naval assets. They also have various types of short range, mid range, and even Long Range missiles which can hit Israel, U.S. forces in Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwaiti logistics hubs… Afghanistan… Saudi Oil Fields and Terminals and ships in near Indian Ocean as well as Red Sea and Suez Canal.


Coinciding with any attack upon Iran… a U.S. attack upon Venezuela from 7 leased bases in Colombia and from the U.S. 4Th fleet as well as prepositioned U.S. forces mixed in with alot of Royal Dutch Marines on Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao would take place in an attempt to seize the Venezuelan oil fields and refineries as well as airports. That is what Ranger Battalions do . Question is whether Venezuela just has Russian TOR-M1 system and portable IGLA-S sams or whether the S-300 system they contracted for may already be in place as well along with other Russian hardware and warheads not discussed in public. Q-Files sources from years ago also alerted that the previous Bio-Wep Lab once in Cuba (and not taken out by SAS) was transferred lock stock and beaker to Venezuela. Russian made Su-30’s , tanks , Hind Helos , are also in Chavez’s arsenal and it would not be a cake walk either… particularly since the Russians and Iranians have defense treaties with them and likely the Red Chinese as well who do have long term oil agreements they would not want interrupted. I also believe it likely that an attempt to seize the Bolivian gas fields and the Ecuadoran oil fields would also take place during this time frame. In the U.S. probable commandeering of all Valero refineries (owned by Venezuela) would also take place… possible race against time vs. any Venezuelan mil pre-planted explosives to scuttle those refineries and remove huge gasoline making capacity from U.S. . Along this same line you could expect numerous gasoline stations owned by Pakistani, Iranian , and other Muslim groups inside the U.S. would likely be set on fire and blown. This is just the action in a few places on the globe… this war will likely consume a large part of the world… but China and other Kings of the East will try and sit it out… because their time is yet to come prophetically, though they will defend their territory and will no doubt take advantage of all opportunities to grab any raw materials, weapons, food, precious metals etc… ONE THING FOR SURE IS THAT THEY WILL NOT BUY ANY MORE U.S. TREASURIES… THEY WILL WANT AMERICA FOR THEMSELVES AND WILL AT SOME POINT COME TO INVADE IT AS IS THEIR DEAL WITH RUSSIA… PER DIMITRU DUDUMAN AND ALSO FROM OTHER SOURCES.

As to what to expect when Martial Law is fully implemented in the U.S. for whatever reason… much warning has been given to you on Q-Files broadcasts and in warnings and TALONS still located on this web site. Suffice to say, there will be Civil War inside the U.S. The Army War College Docs mentioned above, the recent Army Staff and General Officer School reports about how Millennial Christians are the real threats to world peace, the DHS Domestic Terrorist reports, the MIAC report , and the documents on Operation Garden Plot, Cable Splice, Rex 84, and others like “Domestic Insurgency and the Declaration of Martial Law dated 12 October 2008 and of course the Executive Orders plus the PDD’s available to read will show you all you need to know. Yard Farming, Red List assassinations, and concentration camps are all part of this long dark night of suffering Illuminati End Game Plans.

REPENT AND ASK LORD JESUS TO COME INTO YOUR HEART. Prepare by stockpiling as much food, water purification, firearms and ammo, NBC gear, camping equipment, boots, clothing, tools, medical supplies and gold and silver as possible… ON AN IMMEDIATE BASIS. Get out of all paper assets, make your plans for either bugging out or defending your castle finalized… and get into prayer. Watch for all signs and even great deceptions to be occurring as well. Do not go willingly into their evil dark night of blood sacrifice or slavery.  May you fair well and be protected by the Lord.




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